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Dallas PD, Arlington PD and DFW Alerts all sent out warnings about being extra careful about where you park during the March Madness and Final Four events. Did people listen? READ TO FIND OUT


Nine Vehicles Set on Fire Overnight , get the full story: CLICK HERE

#DallasStandOff UPDATE

UPDATED 3:20PM: From DFW: MYFOXDFW: Shooting suspect holed up in Dallas house http://kdfw.m0bl.net/r/1h809p

From DFW: MYFOXDFW: Man leads Dallas police on high-speed chase http://kdfw.m0bl.net/r/1h7wvx

UPDATED: 1:53PM NBC 5 Confirmed that the girlfriend has passed away.

The suspect is barricaded in a vacant house that is believed to be empty. The ower of the house verified that the house has been vacant for at least a year.

1:33PM: What we know: It is reported that a 26-year old male suspect has barricaded himself in a house following a chase with Dallas Police & AirOne.

The suspect is reported to have shot his pregnant girlfriend killing the unborn child.

The condition of the girlfriend is currently unknown. However, there are unconfirmed reports that she has passed away as well.

The suspect is reported to have shot a police officer in the stomach. Reports are that the officer was wearing his bulletproof vest and will make a full recovery.

Hamilton Park Elementary is on lockdown. Parents are asked to NOT attempt to go to school.

Please check back for updates as they become available.



Look like the rain is trying to work its way up to the metroplex. Don’t forget that you can check weather forcasts,radar and Oncor power outages right here on this blog.


Oncor is showing quite a few power outages in the DFW area. Check the Oncor Power Outage Map.

Posted by: Jamie Schatten
Lead Reporter – DFW Alerts


Mall Shooting “Could Have Been Much, Much Worse”: Police NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth The shooter, armed with a rifle, was dressed in dark clothing and wore a hockey-style face mask. As panicked shoppers fled for cover, workers ushered some into hiding places within stores, or helped them to the exits. The first officers to arrive … See all stories on this topic:

Fatal shooting after Texas wreck still a mystery WFAA HOUSTON (AP) —Investigators are trying to determine who fatally shot a suspected drunken driver after the man allegedly killed two brothers who were helping their father push the family’s pickup truck down a rural Houston-area road. Neighbors say … See all stories on this topic:

Dallas police: 1 dead, 1 hurt in midnight shooting abc13.com … Now; Email · Print · Report a typo. ShareThis via email, AIM, social bookmarking and networking sites, etc. AP. DALLAS, TX — Dallas police say a meeting allegedly set up for a drug deal ended with one person shot dead and another in critical … See all stories on this topic:

Posted by: Jamie Schatten
Lead Reporter – DFW Alerts

Fourth Anual “Over the Edge” Benefit for Special Olympics via @DallasPD

Source via @DallasPD

4th Over the Edge benefit 4 Special Olympics. SWAT belaying those brave enough 2 rappel over side of bank bldg. pic.twitter.com/yqZTcIS

SWAT assisting rappeller. Going on now @ Bank of America on 12th Street. pic.twitter.com/NinUF0z8

Over the Edge fundraiser going on until 5:30 pm. pic.twitter.com/rOi3OaEy

89 people expected to rappel BOA building. yfrog.us/5fco8ymwzpsucr…

High winds make the rappelling a challenge. pic.twitter.com/hmdHNWB3

SWAT assisting rappelers on the roof. pic.twitter.com/AUZOkjgY

news station interviewing one of the athletes pic.twitter.com/NZofJFT0

Constable Beth Villarreal is going over the edge around noon.

Teaching rappel basics to folks about to rappel from building. pic.twitter.com/rqdd3qB9

Demo of rappel positioning pic.twitter.com/6jK1gs4J

From the roof of the BOA building, rappelers are going 16 stories down. pic.twitter.com/YLZvUm52

Over the Edge is biggest fundraiser 4 Special Olym. Exper. Rappelers and 1st time rappelers are participating. pic.twitter.com/Lb1in4az

Chief Dye of Grand Prairie PD is about to rappel. pic.twitter.com/knySsjWA

Chief Dye and Josh prepare to rappel pic.twitter.com/8wsF2pRO

Chief Dye going over. pic.twitter.com/9RE1QWGS

Staging area where each person outfitted. pic.twitter.com/1WNnLfmV



Click HERE for updated information on this story.

Please, let’s show our support for this wounded officer .



Posted on September 30, 2012 at 11:21 PM

Updated today at 11:26 PM

2.1 magnitude earthquake

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DALLAS — For the third time in two nights, North Texas has been shaken by an earthquake.

The epicenter of Sunday’s 2.1 magnitude tremor was near the intersection of Fort Worth Avenue and Interstate 30 in West Dallas, striking at 10:41 p.m.

The Sunday quake was centered 3.7 miles east of a 3.1 magnitude quake in Dallas on Saturday night. That one came just four minutes after a 3.4 magnitude event in Irving.

Within minutes, the WFAA Facebook page received dozens of comments, many from people who did not feel anything… but others who did.

“Felt it out here in Irving again between Story and Beltline,” wrote Samantha Newton on WFAA’s Facebook page. “A lot weaker than last night’s … feels like I am back in Cali, LOL!”

“Felt it in Las Colinas,” added Lillian Winfoeld. “It was a light shake; nothing like last night.”

There were no initial reports of damage or injuries.

3.4 Mag. Earthquake Strikes DFW

At approx. 11:05 PM on Sat. Sept. 29th a 3.4 Mag. earthquake struck approx. 2 miles north of Irving,Texas. We were relayed reports that residents in Coppell,Texas were shaken awake by the earthquake.

Hundreds of reports rolled in from Euless, Irving, Coppell, Dallas, Bedford and other cites that were within the range of the shockwave as it traveled out.

We thank everyone that provided reports from your city.

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