Alerts & News for DFW (& surrounding areas). Comments not necessarily opinion of DFW Alerts

Twitter Hashtags used by DFW_AlertsTC

DFW_AlertsTC hashtags

NOTE:  These are hashtags that I have personally decided to use in some of my tweets as@DFW_AlertsTC.  They may be, but are not necessarily, used by other members of the DFW Alerts Network:

#sfwwx = South Fort Worth Weather (including Crowley, and Burleson areas). This will include live visual reports from my home and nearby areas.
#txwx Texas Weather (used for major weather events).

Traffic: I will roughly be using divisions as used by Fort Worth Police  Patrol
#sfwtraffic (South Fort Worth)
#nfwtraffic (North Fort Worth)
#cfwtraffic  (Central Fort Worth)
#wsfwtraffic (West Fort Worth)
#efwtraffic (East Fort Worth)

#dfwalerts is used by all DAN members and is generally (but not always) used for major alerts or things that we want to be sure to be Retweeted by other members of DAN.

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