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Fromm DFW ALERTS CAC (@DFW_ALERTS on Twitter™): “UPDATE: Officer involved shooting. One person shot. 5900 Blk of Keeneland Pkwy. Undercover drug buy gone wrong.” Reports are that the suspects attempted to rob the undercover officers. One officer was forced to discharge his weapon. His shot struck one of the suspects. No information on the suspects condition. However, reports are that his wound may be critical.

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Arlington PD #tweetalong 05/22/2012

The following is a transcript of the @ArlingtonPD  Tweetalong Friday 05/22/2012.  Everything is written verbatim as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]

9:24 am: Sgt Cook & Ofcr McDonnell are all set to go for our Tweetalong! Enjoy! pic.twitter.com/25z04SAL

9:47 am: Dispatched to Bowen Square Apartments reference a male slumped over the steering wheel.

9:48 am: Upon arrival, person was located actually sleeping in the truck but does not belong in this complex pic.twitter.com/IeEMunRk

9:50 am: Suspect was taken into custody for several misdemeanor warrants out of Arlington pic.twitter.com/kKXrlQYO

10:11 am: Backing up Motor Officer Heisel who made traffic stop for speeding. pic.twitter.com/9VrjwOaK

10:15 am: we are enroute to a disturbance on west side.

10:27 am: on repos it is a civil matter. When officers arrived there was no disturbance & repo service left the loc pic.twitter.com/tMN9Td3Y

11:06 am: Dispatched 2 residential alarm in South Arlington neighborhood. Homeowner left his back door slightly open pic.twitter.com/5IIgm0p8

11:07 am: when a door is unlocked or left open, officers will make entry into the house to make sure there is no one at the loc.

11:08 am: homeowner arrived after officers cleared the home. Homeowner left the back door open by mistake.

11:09 am: China, the dog, greeted us as we made entry into the home. pic.twitter.com/5NppH44s

11:26 am: Quick lunch at a local Arlington cheesesteak shop. Be back in a few. pic.twitter.com/9vsvLeOc

12:38 pm:  Just performed a traffic stop on I20 and gave them a warning for speeding.

12:58 pm: Dispatched to a theft in progress at local Walmart. Loss prevention provided suspect description along with suspect vehicle desc

1:04 pm: Officer located the suspect vehicle leaving the scene and stopped it on Little Road pic.twitter.com/ZMBrmQuO

1:11 pm: Based on investigation both suspects arrested for theft. Ofcr. McDonnell securing one suspect pic.twitter.com/xJ5y7e5l

1:15 pm: Sgt. Cook explaining suspects took several items without paying and refused to stop for loss prevention pic.twitter.com/xlakQwxl

2:04 pm: Sgt. Cook & Ofcr. McDonnell getting tour of Moritz Animal Wellness Center. pic.twitter.com/S8EqdE8n

2:05 pm: Arlington has a beautiful animal facility. We will highlight one community aspect each tweetalong pic.twitter.com/PkBUUI34

2:06 pm: Ofcr McDonnell receiving information on what happens when an animal is found or abandoned. pic.twitter.com/7AtRSLK2

2:10 pm: anyone interested adopting a ball python? Contact Animal Services at 817-459-5898 pic.twitter.com/jzfyu5GA

2:10 pm: a golden brown rabbit will be ready for adoption tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/SIfTruYs

2:12 pm: they have all kinds of animals! There’s even a ferret ready for adoption later on today! pic.twitter.com/8pYW4bi9

2:13 pm: Even a 22 lb cat 🙂 pic.twitter.com/l3DPJLb6

2:15 pm: Luke needs a home. He was adopted twice already. He is full of energy and is a big lap dog! pic.twitter.com/PaMILPqP

2:16 pm: a kitten hanging around waiting to be adopted. pic.twitter.com/SlbkW2fw

2:18 pm: Jackie & Brittany meet their potential dog they may want to adopt. pic.twitter.com/eTb2Zmvp

2:19 pm: super cute! One brown eye and one blue eye dog for adoption. pic.twitter.com/OFTBYqp8

2:20 pm: animal services is running a special until May 27…adoption fee for $45.00 pic.twitter.com/9Dul1wvd

2:21 pm: we are enroute to a disturbance on east side off of Matlock.

2:23 pm: we were disregarded from the disturbance.

2:31 pm: just rolled up on a major accident on Pioneer/360. Minor injuries and clearing roadway now. pic.twitter.com/anvVXC2Z

3:15 pm: we are currently on an investigation off of Truman on north side.

3:19 pm: Driver received citation for expired inspection, registration & no insurance. pic.twitter.com/1ubDVLAU

3:20 pm: In Arlington if u r stopped and have no insurance w/prior convictions we will tow ur car.

3:22 pm: Sgt Cook is performing an inventory of the veh before it is being towed to safe guard personal property. pic.twitter.com/nLkph7bb

3:26 pm: The vehicle will be taken to the pound. He will need to provide current insurance to retrieve the veh. pic.twitter.com/WtZrAMhG

[Word is the Driver pulled into someone’s driveway and pretended “he” knew them]

3:49 pm: Thanks everyone for joining us on our tweetalong! We had fun and we will keep u informed on when our next one will be!

[Thank you to Sgt Cook & Officer McDonnell]

#FWFD #Station26: Standing Ready to Serve



And Night

They stand ready to serve.

To go where ever they are called

No Matter what the time

Ready to “Protect The Wood”

Ready to provide a “Safe Place”


#AmberAlert Canceled for the 2 missing #McKinney children

The children were found safe with their father  Sunday May 20 at 8:30 pm in Memphis, TN…

view the story at these sites

Missing McKinney Children Found Safe (via @NBCDFW)

McKinney Children Found Safe, Amber Alert Canceled (via @CBSDFW)

RT #AMBERALERT Active Amber Alert 05/19-20/2012

The McKinney Police Department is searching for Camren Anthony Guresh. The McKinney Police Department is also searching for Kaitlyn Amber Guresh. Police are looking for Craig Allen Guresh, in their abduction. The suspect is driving a Black, Honda Accord with Texas License Plate Number DL7J605. The suspect was last heard from at 3517 Copper Ridge, McKinney, Texas. Law enforcement officials believe this child to be in grave or immediate danger. If you have any information regarding this abduction, call the McKinney Police Department at (972) 547-2809. News Media Point of Contact is McKinney Police Department at (972) 547-2700.

More Info:

(via @Amber_Alert) www.amberalerts.com



The children have been reported found and safe with their father…  http://wp.me/p2epql-aP


The motorcade for the Fort Worth Stockyards Corvette Rally happened to come through while I was in the Stockyards. So, I shot this VIDEO of alot of the Corvettes as they came down Main Street.


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Apologies: no USAir/AA hearing transcript today…

8:22 am: Flight attendants to call at least two of their three witnesses today. Adam Condrick will talk about the retirement plan.

8:25 am: Daniel Akins, an air transport economist, also to testify saying AAs problems stem from mergers by its competitors.

[unfortunately @JasonWhitely will not be covering the USAirways / American Airlines merger today as he returns home to DFW.  It is not yet known if he will be returning to NYC to cover more at a later date, but I’ll do my best to keep up-to-date]


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