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Arlington PD #tweetalong 05/03/2012

The following is a transcript of the @ArlingtonPD  Tweetalong Friday 05/03/2012.  Everything is written verbatim as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]

[Today’s tweetalongs follows officers on day shift (7am – 4pm) Note: Times listed are times when tweets were posted – Not actual times of response.]

7:08 am:  North side briefing starts at 7 am sharp. Officers are getting briefed by Sergeant Richard Grimmett. pic.twitter.com/1KreS4eW

7:09 am:  Lieutenant Mike Holguin makes several announcements to the Officers before hitting the streets pic.twitter.com/XwxZqKLr

7:12 am: Typical patrol day includes briefing, getting keys to assigned car, checking equipment, and going “in-service” which we call 10-8 on radio

7:13 am: Officers getting their keys to their vehicles for the day pic.twitter.com/f0UvI1LZ

7:17 am: Officer Armstrong and Police Service Assistant Cortez issuing keys. pic.twitter.com/aXtew54P

7:23 am: Field Training Officer Kantzos training Officer Robles this morning. He is in his last training phase. pic.twitter.com/zqDGoqdu

7:25 am: Sgt. Cook and Officer McDonnell heading out on the Tweetalong today. Hope you enjoy the ride. pic.twitter.com/xwdvRC7V

7:26 am: PSA Cortez has been w/the dept for over a year. Her duties include traffic control, offense rprts, etc. pic.twitter.com/f3G3BQT2

8:12 am: Remember ‘click it or ticket’! Passenger received citation for not wearing his seatbelt. pic.twitter.com/LXaG9NPB

8:26 am: We stopped a veh reference an expired inspection. Driver was cited for no valid driver’s license pic.twitter.com/MUz5DPGr

8:29 am: Motor Officer Garcia stopping violator for alleged 49/35 on Collins. We just stopping by checking on him. pic.twitter.com/Q6NWxOeT

8:52 am: Vehicle was stopped for exp inspection and driver was issued a warning pic.twitter.com/U758IkmK

9:26 am: Dispatched to a suspicious person call, possibly smoking marijuana. When officers arrived there was no one at loc

9:27 am: After the call we were flagged down by apt mgr ref a suspicious male walking around complex. Made contact w/male- no offense

10:07 am: Assisted officers on a domestic call ref a female arguing with a male. No offense

10:12 am: We were enroute to an investigation call where a gun was possibly involved. Officer determined it was a Grand Prairie offense

10:25 am: We were redirected to apartment complex on West side where a 4 YOA and 2 YOA child were found walking unattended.

10:27 am: Officer McDonnell talks to the kids. The Apartment manager located the children and they are safe in the office pic.twitter.com/jCyQhJ2y

10:27 am: West District Officers will continue to investigate this call and locate parents.

10:41 am: West District Officer briefing supervisors on this child call. pic.twitter.com/iYBk3ApJ

10:55 am: Preliminary details… 4 YOA little girl found by resident walking common area of apt. complex. When we went to where child….

10:57 am: …lives, we located a second little girl age 2. The 4 year old said she was babysitting. We are attempting to locate parents.

11:21 am: We are still at this call with the kids. The officers are in contact with the mom and are still investigating.

12:32 pm: Children are safe and CPS just arrived on scene. They will determine the welfare of the children

[Good Job Officer McDonnell & Srgt Cook]

12:47 pm: Officer McDonnell did several interviews with @FOX4 @NBCDFW @wfaachannel8  pic.twitter.com/WZbVfVDR

12:54 pm: Taking a quick lunch break at Spring Creek.

[Officer McDonnell and Seargant Cook on Lunch Break]

1:55 pm: Sent to 911 hang up at suite at Cowboy Stadium. The tenant said he misdialed with his fingers pic.twitter.com/jYzQsXtk

[if you do misdial, always stay on the line to inform dispatcher. We still have to respond but details are better – via @arlingtonPD]

2:06 pm: Motor Officer D.Sheriff getting the 411 on Twitter. He just signed up to be our 3,000th follower. pic.twitter.com/s7ws7oCd


2:35 pm: Doing a community contact with Principal Erma Nichols at Turning Point High School pic.twitter.com/ck9tWulG

3:38 pm: We R investigating a call that came out as a kidnapping call however trying to determine if it’s an assault call or kidnapping

3:39 pm: East District officers interviewing a witness to determine what exactly is going on.

3:43 pm: location where the incident occured pic.twitter.com/eFFzwfQB

3:46 pm: Officers gathering details about what took place pic.twitter.com/EcYrhoBb

4:16 pm: Ofcrs loc the Vic. It was determined it wasn’t a kidnapping but it was a domestic, possibly a dom assault pic.twitter.com/NRCwCoEL

[Did you know that domestic assault calls are one of the most dangerous calls officers go on?]

4:19 pm: Good job Officers for thoroughly investigating the call pic.twitter.com/o7NBYHN2

4:25 pm: Well, it’s about time for us to go 10-7 (end our shift). Thank u for following us on our tweetalong! C y’all on our next one, May 22

[Thank You to Officer McDonnell and Seargant Cook of the ArlingtonPD for providing this tweetalong]

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