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DAN Needs Donations, Sponsors, and Backers!

I know how much everyone hates getting those “Please Donate Money”  messages and believe me I hate sending them out just as much.  Begging people for money certainly is NOT something that makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.  But we at DAN can’t continue to get out there and report on news in the area without funds, without backing!

Perhaps you think that doing this is all free.  After all twitter doesn’t cost anything and isn’t all we do Retweet the news & alerts that others provide?  Yes, we do Retweet news from others, but to hear some speak that’s ALL we do.  DAN is about more than just sitting at a computer (or on a phone) and “retweeting” all day.  We do our best to go out & report “Live” on things happening in the area: Recently one of our reporters was reported on Fort Worth Fire’s new Station 5 (read here) and awhile back another reporter was on-scene when troops came home to DFW Airport (read here).  The thing is getting out there and “reporting” costs money!!  Gas! Wear & Tear on the  cars!  Not to mention the need for proper equipment (ie: phones, computers, video cameras.

At times, it may seem that DAN is slow and that there isn’t much in the way of news or alerts is being posted.  But when something major happens (Severe Weather, Amber Alert, etc) we (as the Fort Worth Police say) “Step it Up”.

We also do our best to give to local organizations (ie: RedCrossDFW) who help the community in times of need and those who help the community (ie: Fire Departments, Police Departments etc).

Please check out the rest of our blogposts as well as our “about” page

If you would like to be a sponsor or backer please contact Jamie Schatten at dfwalerts@live.com  To make a Donation: Send via PayPal to digitalscribe@dapenguin.net (Note: DAN) or to dfwalerts@live.com (Note: DFWAlertsTC)





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