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05/15/2012 US Airways/ American Airlines Merger continues…

Tweets are courtesy of @JasonWhitely from @wfaachannel8


9:48 am: Cross-examination of Allison Clark is beginning. She testified to a lot of the proposals pilots made to AA.

951 am: AA STATEMENT: 5 TWU workgroups accepting agreements will save 1,300 jobs, get Early-Out pkg, future pay increases, & 401(k).

9:52 am: AA STATEMENT: “We realize this was a very difficult decision for our TWU-represented employees.”

9:56 am: AA STATEMENT: @AmericanAir disappointed the biggest TWU group opposed offer. AA to ask a judge to cancel their contracts.

9:59 am: UPDATE: If judge lets AA cancel TWU maintenance contracts, 4,600 jobs would be eliminated. AA says its offer would have saved almost 2,000.

11:13 am: TWU UPDATE: If Judge lets AA cancel contracts, these are projected job losses. #TULSA: 2,100 ALLIANCE FW: 1,200 And 1,300 others scattered.

11:16 am:  Lawrence Rosselot testifying now for pilots. He’s an AA pilot and w/ the union. Will talk about airline stats, efficiency, and work rules.

11:57 am: Judge breaking for lunch. Cross-examination of Lawrence Rosselot continues in an hour.

[Breaking for Lunch hearing to resume in approx 1 hour]

12:44 am A NEW DEAL? AA tells me it will still try reach “consensual agreements” with two TWU groups that rejected its “final offer.” Talks continue.

12:46 am: UPDATE: The 5 TWU groups that accepted AA’s final offer still lose 2,900 jobs. Would have been worse. AA’s “final offer” offer saved 1,300.

01:16 pm: Back in court awaiting the judge to return from lunch. Most everyone is back. Fortunately the rain is moving out.

01:17 pm: …Tweeted too soon. Court is back in session. Lawrence Rosselot is back on the stand for cross-examination.

01:35 pm: UPDATE: AA revised job losses for TWU maintenance, store clerks if the judge lets the airline cancel contracts. Not 4,600. But about 4,475 .

2:28 pm: Rosselot done. James Eaton testifying now. He’s a Boston-based pilot. Testifying about outsourcing, codesharing. Saving mainline pilot jobs.

02:51pm: PICS: Here’s the NYC Bankruptcy Court in Lower Manhattan where AA hearings are underway. ow.ly/i/D1N7 ow.ly/i/D1Oa

03:40 pm: Direct testimony on Eaton continues – deep discussion on codesharing. Uncertain how soon cross-examination will begin – if at all today.

03:46 pm: Eaton is defending APA’s stance against add’l codeshare flying. There’s also comparisons of how other airlines handle it.

03:50 pm: AA pilots have one more witness to call. It’s Christopher Heppner – exec from The Segal Comp. discussing pilot medical benefits.

03:53 pm: But AA objects to Heppner’s testimony as an expert on medical benefits. Judge to decide in the AM whether to let him testify.

03:54 pm: It now appears likely that AA flight attendants (APFA) will begin presenting their case to save contracts, jobs by tomorrow afternoon.

04:09 pm: Court recessed early. Cross-examination of Eaton continues in the morning. Heppner might go tomorrow. Flight attendants likely start Wednes.

04:10 pm: Flight attendants said their case will take about two days. TWU Maintenance and Store Clerks likely present cases Monday.


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