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Arlington PD #tweetalong 05/22/2012

The following is a transcript of the @ArlingtonPD  Tweetalong Friday 05/22/2012.  Everything is written verbatim as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]

9:24 am: Sgt Cook & Ofcr McDonnell are all set to go for our Tweetalong! Enjoy! pic.twitter.com/25z04SAL

9:47 am: Dispatched to Bowen Square Apartments reference a male slumped over the steering wheel.

9:48 am: Upon arrival, person was located actually sleeping in the truck but does not belong in this complex pic.twitter.com/IeEMunRk

9:50 am: Suspect was taken into custody for several misdemeanor warrants out of Arlington pic.twitter.com/kKXrlQYO

10:11 am: Backing up Motor Officer Heisel who made traffic stop for speeding. pic.twitter.com/9VrjwOaK

10:15 am: we are enroute to a disturbance on west side.

10:27 am: on repos it is a civil matter. When officers arrived there was no disturbance & repo service left the loc pic.twitter.com/tMN9Td3Y

11:06 am: Dispatched 2 residential alarm in South Arlington neighborhood. Homeowner left his back door slightly open pic.twitter.com/5IIgm0p8

11:07 am: when a door is unlocked or left open, officers will make entry into the house to make sure there is no one at the loc.

11:08 am: homeowner arrived after officers cleared the home. Homeowner left the back door open by mistake.

11:09 am: China, the dog, greeted us as we made entry into the home. pic.twitter.com/5NppH44s

11:26 am: Quick lunch at a local Arlington cheesesteak shop. Be back in a few. pic.twitter.com/9vsvLeOc

12:38 pm:  Just performed a traffic stop on I20 and gave them a warning for speeding.

12:58 pm: Dispatched to a theft in progress at local Walmart. Loss prevention provided suspect description along with suspect vehicle desc

1:04 pm: Officer located the suspect vehicle leaving the scene and stopped it on Little Road pic.twitter.com/ZMBrmQuO

1:11 pm: Based on investigation both suspects arrested for theft. Ofcr. McDonnell securing one suspect pic.twitter.com/xJ5y7e5l

1:15 pm: Sgt. Cook explaining suspects took several items without paying and refused to stop for loss prevention pic.twitter.com/xlakQwxl

2:04 pm: Sgt. Cook & Ofcr. McDonnell getting tour of Moritz Animal Wellness Center. pic.twitter.com/S8EqdE8n

2:05 pm: Arlington has a beautiful animal facility. We will highlight one community aspect each tweetalong pic.twitter.com/PkBUUI34

2:06 pm: Ofcr McDonnell receiving information on what happens when an animal is found or abandoned. pic.twitter.com/7AtRSLK2

2:10 pm: anyone interested adopting a ball python? Contact Animal Services at 817-459-5898 pic.twitter.com/jzfyu5GA

2:10 pm: a golden brown rabbit will be ready for adoption tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/SIfTruYs

2:12 pm: they have all kinds of animals! There’s even a ferret ready for adoption later on today! pic.twitter.com/8pYW4bi9

2:13 pm: Even a 22 lb cat 🙂 pic.twitter.com/l3DPJLb6

2:15 pm: Luke needs a home. He was adopted twice already. He is full of energy and is a big lap dog! pic.twitter.com/PaMILPqP

2:16 pm: a kitten hanging around waiting to be adopted. pic.twitter.com/SlbkW2fw

2:18 pm: Jackie & Brittany meet their potential dog they may want to adopt. pic.twitter.com/eTb2Zmvp

2:19 pm: super cute! One brown eye and one blue eye dog for adoption. pic.twitter.com/OFTBYqp8

2:20 pm: animal services is running a special until May 27…adoption fee for $45.00 pic.twitter.com/9Dul1wvd

2:21 pm: we are enroute to a disturbance on east side off of Matlock.

2:23 pm: we were disregarded from the disturbance.

2:31 pm: just rolled up on a major accident on Pioneer/360. Minor injuries and clearing roadway now. pic.twitter.com/anvVXC2Z

3:15 pm: we are currently on an investigation off of Truman on north side.

3:19 pm: Driver received citation for expired inspection, registration & no insurance. pic.twitter.com/1ubDVLAU

3:20 pm: In Arlington if u r stopped and have no insurance w/prior convictions we will tow ur car.

3:22 pm: Sgt Cook is performing an inventory of the veh before it is being towed to safe guard personal property. pic.twitter.com/nLkph7bb

3:26 pm: The vehicle will be taken to the pound. He will need to provide current insurance to retrieve the veh. pic.twitter.com/WtZrAMhG

[Word is the Driver pulled into someone’s driveway and pretended “he” knew them]

3:49 pm: Thanks everyone for joining us on our tweetalong! We had fun and we will keep u informed on when our next one will be!

[Thank you to Sgt Cook & Officer McDonnell]

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