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ArlingtonPD #Tweetalong 09/15/2012 – #Midnight Shift

Sergeant Cook and Officer McDonnell  take us on another midnight Tweetalong.   Times listed are the times in which the tweet was received, not the actual times of calls.  For Officer Safety Tweets are often delayed!!

To learn more about the ArlingtonPD  check out their website at http://www.arlingtonpd.org/  You can also find them on twitter @ArlingtonPD,  on FaceBook at ArlingtonPolice, and on You-Tube at ArlingtonPoliceMedia

10:25 pm:  North Midnight Patrol Sgt. David Rahman assigning vehicle keys to Officer Koshy. pic.twitter.com/BzX0KKvA

10:36 pm:  we always inspect our vehicle before we go out on patrol. pic.twitter.com/B0CislfP

we have Chevy Impalas and tahoes, Dodge Chargers and a few Ford Crowne Vics. Chargers are car of choice.

10:41 pm:  making sure all of our lights are operational. pic.twitter.com/VBae3nYT

10:55 pm:  One our most important tool in our equipment bag- our mapsco! pic.twitter.com/rhBv814r

10:59 pm:  Interesting fact… Arlington PD responds to almost 200,000 calls for service a year. They range from minor incidents to major calls

11:01 pm:  Interesting Fact… Arlington PD has an authorized strength of 640 sworn officers serving a population of est. 380,000 residents

11:09 pm:  en-route to an unknown alarm.

When an officer is running ‘CODE 3’, do they have absolute right of way?

they have exclusive right to the streets but required to drive due regard for safety of others.

11:23 pm:  Just arrived on scene to unknown alarm with Arlington FD Engine 11 pic.twitter.com/5l4vbm9B

11:25 pm:  Gittings with Arlington FD and Officer McDonnell looking for source of Fire Alarm. No reports of fire. False alarm pic.twitter.com/mSWaglH6

11:34 pm:  On-scene on a wrong way driver call. Caller stated that vehicles were driving southbound in northbound lanes.

11:36 pm:  officers checked area and no offenses seen

11:38 pm:  headed to west side near the lake for a major accident ref a struck pedestrian.

11:53 pm:  Just arrived on scene of crash that occurred driveway. pic.twitter.com/LMZ9RMDC

11:55 pm:  Female driver was getting out of car and forgot car was in neutral and started rolling backwards. pic.twitter.com/MXcVxGAN

11:57 pm:  Accident Investigator Cuerta explaining female suffered minor injuries and going to local hospital pic.twitter.com/ze55PlAw

12:18 am:  Our MDC (Mobile Data Computer) provides call information and allows officers to check for stolen cars pic.twitter.com/OAndmTXz

12:58 am:  En-route to a stolen vehicle.

01:10 am:  Just arrived on scene of possible stolen car pic.twitter.com/tVr51Zv2

01:11 am: Black mustang possibly stolen out of Grand Prairie.  Officer was behind car and it came back stolen pic.twitter.com/Ty2YUaHi

01: 12 am:  Sgt. Huggins telling Officer McDonnell & Sgt. Cook they have two suspects in custody. Owner will be called pic.twitter.com/D3hRA19e

01:38 am:  On-scene on a welfare call.

01:39 am:  Upon arrival we met a teenager who said her mom would not open the door. She was concerned for her welfare pic.twitter.com/oBKDfHDI

01:41 am:  Sgt. Cook went to the apartment door & started banging on the door and mom woke up from sleeping. She is okay. Glad we could help

01:41 am:  We are back in-service and ready for next call

02:04 am:  Officer on a traffic stop requested a backup unit. Swinging by to check on the Officer. pic.twitter.com/KbbdR4As

02:09 am: we just received a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for a fresh stolen black 2007 Chevy Tahoe on east side

03:19 am:  sorry for delay, we were tied up in a traffic stop that we initiated on I20.

03:21 am:  while driving e/b on I20, we noticed a vehicle not maintaining a single lane. We made contact w/the driver pic.twitter.com/dkskRz8X

03:24 am:  We requested another unit due to it being a possible DWI.Officer Long arrived On-scene & interviewed driver pic.twitter.com/yMZgfP8D

03:25 am:  Officer Long performing a field sobriety test on the driver pic.twitter.com/hHxFDgRc

03:27 am: driver was arrested for DWI. We cannot stress it enough, ‘DON’T DRINK and DRIVE!’ pic.twitter.com/Rkq05m7v

03:36 am:  this glass of a cold beverage was in the center console area. pic.twitter.com/JRsdUFIc

03:38 am:  this will be a felony DWI due to his prior convictions of DWI

03:43 am:  Sgt Cook handing over the pull card to James from Kelly McKnight Wrecker. The driver’s vehicle will be towed pic.twitter.com/7UcfM1gN

03:46 am:  we cleared DWI and headed to a major accident!

03:54 am:  Just arrived on scene at Pioneer and Browning. West bound Pioneer closed at Browning. pic.twitter.com/TUO8K30O

03:54 am:  Sgt Swoope briefing Sgt Cook on the details of the accident. pic.twitter.com/u2KdvASW

03:56 am:  debris in the roadway. pic.twitter.com/COaXy2io

03:56 am:  Minivan vs. SUV. driver of mini-van being transported to local hospital for non-life threatening injuries pic.twitter.com/sFsHZuSN

03:57 am: Fire Engine 2 assisted in blocking the intersection of the accident. pic.twitter.com/kj5yOQ51

03:58 am:  No alcohol involved. This was a running a red light violation.

04:19 am:  en-route to an assault in progress call

04:31 am:  It was a disturbance between two males and a female. Officers still investigating. pic.twitter.com/j87lVBLk

04:37 am:  As a reminder please meet Sergeant Cook & Officer McDonnell Sept 22, 10am-6pm at Ecofest. We would love to thank u in person for following

04:37 am:  Ecofest will be held on Abram St across from City Hall at Levitt Pavilion. Lots of fun for families and kiddos. We have prizes!

04:39 am:  We will do giveaways each hour for those who register 2 follow us or if U are already following us by drawing names from hat

04:41 am:  Dont forget to sign up for National Night Out on Oct 2. Contact Curtis Ervin at 817-459-5732. pic.twitter.com/GWCDRqyM

04:41 am:  Well our tweetalong has come to an end. We had fun and hope y’all did as well! Thank u so much for staying awake w/us 🙂 as always, be safe

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