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ArlingtonPD #Tweetalong 09/29/2012 – Night Shift

I have gone through and lengthened abbreviations, however everything below is based on actual tweets from the Arlington PD.  Be sure to follow them on twitter at:  @arlingtonpd  and on FaceBook:  ArlingtonPolice.

Just a reminder:  The time-stamps are based on time that tweet were received and not time of actual call.  For officer safety tweets may be delayed


08:34 pm:  Walking in the front doors of the Ott Cribbs Public Safety Building in North District  pic.twitter.com/0E1Fez6g.   This is our front lobby area at the North Police District. pic.twitter.com/8fV6Vq72

08:35 pm:  Sgt. Christopher Cook & Officer Zhivonni McDonnell walking in front doors going to get a Police Tahoe pic.twitter.com/u7IjPMYq

08:36 pm:  Front Desk Officer Charles Hanks greeting us as we walk in the door. pic.twitter.com/F4uXLizR

9:00 pm:  Ok. We checked our car and lights and logging on. We are unit 860 tonight pic.twitter.com/ye21ikLu

9:01 pm:  Officer. McDonnell will be tweeting from passenger seat. Light rain still falling in North Arlington pic.twitter.com/ERAb48hP

9:11 pm:  we are backing Sgt Piña on a traffic stop in North Arlington.

9:19 pm:  On scene with Sgt. Piña on traffic stop in North Arlington  pic.twitter.com/7srqNsO7

09:26 pm:  This traffic stop has now turned into a DWI investigation. We can’t say it enough…don’t drink & drive pic.twitter.com/fSu6ijhe

09:27 pm:  DWI Officer Nathan Bishop conducting the DWI investigation tests.  pic.twitter.com/SwyKrdJT

09:29 pm:  The subject is performing a portion of the field sobriety test.  pic.twitter.com/FeCUrYY1

9:30 pm:  Officers record DWI investigation stops on dash camera for evidence.  pic.twitter.com/q3psS1GA

09:34 pm:  Driver is continuing the sobriety tests. pic.twitter.com/rWwY6hcF

09:35 pm:  Subject is bring placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated.  pic.twitter.com/e9LgtUQh

09:42 pm:  About every 20 minutes in Texas, someone is hurt or killed in a crash involving alcohol according to TX Dept of Transportation.

09:43 pm:  You can read more at dot.state.tx.us/safety/tips/in… which outlines the law in Texas.

09:46 pm:  On our way to a tree falling in roadway and that is possibly affecting power lines

09:55 pm:  Large tree fell over but power lines appear to be ok. It’s blocking driveway.  pic.twitter.com/2JLH3vVG

10:04 pm:  we are currently on a bar check in North Arlington. Officers routinely perform checks to make sure they r in compliance w/TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission)

10:18 pm:  DWI Officer Stacie Brown, McDonnell, & Sgt. Cook checking permits and ensuring no over serving of patrons  pic.twitter.com/7idLOwts

10:24 pm:  the rain has not dampened the crowds here in North Arlington. Please remember don’t drink and drive! pic.twitter.com/b72wp5YU

10:37 pm:  we just initiated a traffic stop. Sgt Cook making contact with driver. pic.twitter.com/eZud9Ows

10:39 pm:  we requested a DWI unit en-route to our location. pic.twitter.com/TLcsKoAf

10:43 pm:  Field sobriety testing being conducted on driver.  pic.twitter.com/lyVHV54N

10:45 pm:  A picture of the in car camera system and computer. Green lights at bottom are siren/light controller  pic.twitter.com/1gO8VBcE

10:51 pm:  View of traffic stop scene. Finishing sobriety testing.  pic.twitter.com/4gc88qL6

10:52 pm:  Driver being arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  pic.twitter.com/T5XCZsl9

10:53 pm:  This is our 2nd DWI contact we have had in less than 2 hours. Again, have a designated driver pic.twitter.com/RPUCGdfG

{it’s class B offense but by the time u add up the fines, lawyer fees, etc, it can add up to $17,000 according to TXDPS}

11:26 pm:  en-route to a suspicious person call.

11:31 pm:  We were disregarded..it was the owner of the property

11:42 pm:  Did anyone feel an earthquake? A lot of social media reports are claiming there was one close by? Sgt Cook and I didn’t feel it

11:44 pm:  Our COP Mobile out and about on this rainy night. Thank u for being our extra eyes and ears! pic.twitter.com/m31E8VcW

11:46 pm:  we hope our neighboring communities are ok

11:47 pm:  Roads are very slippery. We just had 2 crashes that went out on north side of town. Please drive careful!

12:01 am:  on-scene on a ‘fight’ call. We checked the parking lot &could not locate the fight. Everything quiet at location pic.twitter.com/0JMAkMZy

12:14 am:  On-scene at a suspicious vehicle call on east side.

12:19 am:  we were disregarded…

12:30 am:  Rain still coming down. This car just hydroplaned off East bound 30 near SH 360. Slow down. pic.twitter.com/2bR0Rcue

12:44 am:  Rolled up on a minor accident in East Arlington. pic.twitter.com/JXdY6kWt

12:45 am:  Officer. McDonnell speaking with one of the persons involved in a minor crash on Pioneer near 360  pic.twitter.com/8Lkq91C9

01:29 am:  Rolled up on a disturbance in East Arlington where females alleged someone trying to fight them #tweetalong pic.twitter.com/QijMVPGV

01:40 am:  Ended up being a party w/underage drinking. Remember you can receive a minor in consumption citation & b mandated alcohol class

01:42 am:  En-route to a disturbance call

01:59 am:  Disturbance at bar where several people (were) fighting. Traffic stop on a car fleeing location. 3 suspects detained pic.twitter.com/z7lTC1UG

02:20 am:  All 3 suspects going to jail based upon the outcome of disturbance call. Officers briefing the Sergeants pic.twitter.com/T2o0BK9H

02:35 am:  taking a quick break to eat at a late night establishment with Sgt McDonnell pic.twitter.com/YgbPrHvS

02:40 am:  Report of someone throwing empty beer bottles from a car wash in North Arlington on radio

03:34 am:  En-route to an assault in progress call!

04:10 am:  it was determined that the suspect will be receiving a citation for Offensive provocative contact pic.twitter.com/WgNwc7Db

04:15 am:  Well it is about that time for us to go home. Thank u so much for hanging with us tonight! Be safe out there 🙂

04:16 am:  Our next tweetalong will be on Tues, Oct 2 for National Night Out! If u have a party plz let us know so we can stop by and say hi! Night!+

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