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ArlingtonPD #Tweetalong 10/15/2012

Sorry this is late getting out.  Was on a camping vacation for a couple weeks then came home to a “down” computer….


@ArlingtonPD Tweetalong Transcript

09:38 am:  Good Monday morning followers. We will start around 915 am this morning to see what’s going on around the City

10:31 am: Who’s ready for a tweetalong?! Join Sergeant Cook & Offcer McDonnell right now as we hit the streets! pic.twitter.com/15cNmXbe

10:35 am: Officer. McDonnell is logging on the computer and we are heading out. We will be unit 860A today primarily in North Dist. pic.twitter.com/SeZtCVR0

10:43 am: On our way to a criminal mischief in progress call on north side.

10:53 am:  Just arrived on scene of a criminal mischief/broken window at a local motel. pic.twitter.com/qiAknFjv

10:54 am:  Looks like a hard object struck the window causing it to shatter pic.twitter.com/xcMrEn7x

{The possibility was mentioned that it could have been from a large object on the inside}

10:59 am:  Cpl Shelly Bateman issuing a criminal trespass warning to a possible acquaintance to the suspect w/manager pic.twitter.com/gxVHtgi5

11:01 am: Cpl Bateman explaining to Sgt Cook that a CT warning was issued & a report will be generated for criminal misdemeanor  pic.twitter.com/ewktWoPh

11:13 am:  on-scene at an investigation where a female flagged down an officer for help pic.twitter.com/dvoo7etf

11:15 am:  Ofcr. Burton is taking a stolen vehicle report near the same place where APD was flagged down. pic.twitter.com/yjDxTtAy

11:31 am:  We need 2 make quick stop 4 our presentation. Feel free 2 send comments about our social media & will share with group

{Did you know that the Arlington PD got an award, in 2012, for best use of Social Media? Find them on the internet}

Web: www.arlingtonpd.org

Twitter: @ArlingtonPD

FaceBook: Arlington Police

YouTube: Arlington Police Media

11:47 am:  Sgt Cook getting ready to speak at the conference about our social media operations pic.twitter.com/82ls39uV

12:08 pm:  presentation is going very well….to our followers- thank you for all of your support! pic.twitter.com/UdFheSqN

12:48 pm:  Ok. We are finished with presentation and back in-service. pic.twitter.com/7lsfhc7B

01:18 pm:  on-scene at a major crash at Cooper/Arbrook. Expect minor delays northbound Cooper.

01:21 pm: Crash involving 3 cars traveling north bound in center lane  pic.twitter.com/HZZZ9tkI
01:22 pm:  Sgt Al Boulom giving the details of the accident to Sgt Cook pic.twitter.com/5vVr0zFH

01:25 pm:  It appears that there was a 4th vehicle involved which left the scene of the accident.01:25 pm:  A reminder to always allow sufficient distance between you and car in front of youpic.twitter.com/Jh4teLec

01:29 pm:  Northbound Cooper is shut down to 1 lane at Arbrook. Expect delays on southbound Cooper as well.pic.twitter.com/lyWinPzw
01:37 pm:  Dispatched to a fight call.
01:44 pm:  Cpl Stuart talking to the complainant. Suspects left the scene. Ofcrs checked area and unable to locate pic.twitter.com/FwVyeD7g

02:00 pm:  Backing Motor Ofcr. Heisel on a seatbelt traffic infraction. pic.twitter.com/QqrbxnmM
02:15 pm: {Lunch Time}: It’s time to grab a bite to eat at a new pizza restaurant at @utarlington College Park Center. pic.twitter.com/C85YvcXo
02:50 pm:  While eating lunch Officer. McDonnell providing directions to a lost motorist. Officers wear many hats pic.twitter.com/qn9vnTo9
03:18:  We are on-scene at a suspicious person call in north Arlington.
03:29 pm:  We were assisting the Texas AG’s office in trying to locate a male who had a warrant for failure to pay child support.
03:30 pm:  We made contact w/the resident who stated he no longer stays at the residence.
03:35 pm:  we need to head in early today so please join us In 2 weeks for an evening shift. Thanks for following….Be safe!

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