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Photos of accident on N.E. 28th Street bridge just East of Main Street.


CREDIT: Jamie Schatten


CREDIT: Jamie Schatten


CREDIT: Jamie Schatten

The accident occurred at aprox. 1:00AM on December 8th, 2012.

When the driver of the pictured vehicle was questioned by us, he was unable to tell us what had happened. However, it appeared this vehicle was traveling West bound on N.E. 28th street when it was rear ended and spun 180°.

There also appeared to be at least one secondary impact to the front of the vehicle.

A dark colored Ford pick-up was also crashed into the cement of the bridge and a Blue Dodge pick-up, with what appeared to be rear end damage, was also on the scene. However, these two vehicles left the scene before police arrived. DFW ALERTS reporter JJ (Twitter: @DFW_AlertsJJ) was able to provide Fort Worth PD with the license plates from the Dodge pick-up.

Posted by: Jamie Schatten
Lead Reporter – DFW Alerts

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