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The snow is creeping in on us!!

Copy of eMail recieved by Alexandra Allred

Below is copied from an eMail sent out by Alexandra Allred, author of Damaged Goods.  She recently attended a meeting  to discuss environmental health risks in Texas.

We look forward to having Alex on our show in the near future to discuss her book as well as her recent trip to Washington D.C.

You can find Alexandra Allred FaceBook Page at Alexandra Allred – Author


Dear Friends –
If you know someone who has cancer, asthma, autism, upper respiratory issues and/or care about children’s health and air quality … here you go.
Tonight I went to a much-dreaded ATSDR meeting.  Those new to this …after the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) failed the people of Texas and health issues peaked, the federal branch ATSDR stepped in.  Tonight was the first of a three-part study.
It was a two + our meeting and I’ll make it really short.

  1. Final conclusion was there are health risks.  But the studies were also clouded with “no data provided” as until very recently the cement plants were actually allowed to provide the data.  (huh?)  So, in the neighborhoods where one environmental expert called a “sacrifice zone” because of all the cancers/leukemia’s/birth defects and autism, there was NO DATA.
  2. However, the cement plants (who showed in big numbers and tried to pretend to be regular concerned citizens), lobbied hard to make the point that sick people could happen anywhere.  True …
  3. At one point a cement rep stood and said that they’ve “turned off outdated” kilns and implied better technology was on the way… until someone in the know asked what the technology was … well, we just turned the kilns off.  Ahhh.
  4. We were told no more hazardous waste burning … now it is just “industrial waste” but when we asked to know the specifics of what is in industrial waste, they would NOT give answers.  We persisted and asked ATSDR and they did not know.  We then asked the ATSDR – the feds – to demand to know as its public health and were told that probably “wasn’t going to happen.”  Asbestos will be one of the things burned.  Holy crap.
  5. No data was provided for many of the “tests” so it was frustrating to have non-information about public health when we were there for information but the ATSDR is working to get new and current data.  It doesn’t help for those hurt in the past but it is good to hear that more tests will be conducted.  Following the meeting, several people contacted me to say they have high levels of lead in thier blood … so this information WILL be passed along to the proper authorities.  The biggest problem is the ATSDR doesn’t have information to make a fair and proper assessment.  In due time …
  6. One conclusion: “Sensitive people” are susceptible to heart issues, heart attacks, asthma, cancer, other issues … when asked who is sensitive, it is unclear.  Children, pregnant women and elderly are obvious but this is still undetermined since we know that many people do not know they are “sensitive” until a cancer diagnosis comes.
  7. On national average – 1 in every 100,000 has cancer.  In Midlothian, 1 in every 5,000 and that is not an accurate number because we know the numbers are now higher.
  8. Greatest co-exposure (a term we learned means being exposed not just to one chemical but multiple, like lead, mercury, benzene, arsenic…all burned together in Midlothian) to those who live in Cement Valley, possibly around Holcim and Ash Grove cement plants.
  9. Issues of concern to Federal Govt in Midlothian: thick white dust, which is reported on cars, in houses, everywhere. Asthma, Cancer, autoimmune disease, eye and skin issues, respiratory diseases, and sinus problems are above normal.  These issues were noted problems in Boulder, CO and Chanute, KS where there are also cement plants and data was collected.
  10. ATSDR found that surrounding neighborhoods have children with LOWER I.Q.s due to excessive lead and mercury exposure.  This is verified by a school official who talked about the number of high school student who barely score above mentally retarded.
  11. ATSDR hopes to look at what the cement plants called “fuel choices.”  Translation: what they CHOOSE to burn and expose us to.
  12. Finally, when a resident asked the ATSDR why they didn’t come out in 1994 when first asked before the HIGH number of children/adults were exposed and harmed – many in cement valley all dead – the lead scientist said, “I can’t change the past but hope to move forward.” We do know that families who lived in Midlo between 1997 to 2008 had the most harmful exposures.  No surprise – children born here or babies/toddlers developing during those years were exposed and at greatest risk for autism, mental retardation, physical disabilities, asthma, cancer, upper respiratory diseases, heart disease, tumors, learning disabled, lower IQ, seizures, skin issues, eye issues.

There were great moments of frustrations as the scientists are severely limited in providing more information because for decades no data was collected or it was “negatively biased.” How many times did we hear, no data provided … leaving many to ask then how they can speculate or ensure health.  On the flip side, the cement plant reps were so obviously (and repeatedly) trying to make the point that people get sick anywhere. (They really don’t care about children or adults, public health or quality of life.  This is a game to them.)  Meantime, I did stand and asked if the ATSDR could stop Ash Grove from building a quarry site 500 yards from an elementary school and they said …. No.  It is a state decision.  How nice.

These are just three reports that came out in the last 30 days and Midlothian is discussed:



Michelle went with me and was so frustrated but I have to say, despite the non-answers and/or negative news, I am glad I went.  Each time I go, I learn more about data gathering, how bad things really, how fragile the human body is and to what lengths big industry will go to make $$$.

We have to keep demanding that the EPA, TCEQ, ATSDR, politicians (at local and national levels) and industry dedicate themselves to public health, education and giving a rat’s ass about your neighbor.  That eye cancer or loss of life could come closer to home than you want.

As for me … another reminder of why I need to get out of this town.



Photos of accident on N.E. 28th Street bridge just East of Main Street.


CREDIT: Jamie Schatten


CREDIT: Jamie Schatten


CREDIT: Jamie Schatten

The accident occurred at aprox. 1:00AM on December 8th, 2012.

When the driver of the pictured vehicle was questioned by us, he was unable to tell us what had happened. However, it appeared this vehicle was traveling West bound on N.E. 28th street when it was rear ended and spun 180°.

There also appeared to be at least one secondary impact to the front of the vehicle.

A dark colored Ford pick-up was also crashed into the cement of the bridge and a Blue Dodge pick-up, with what appeared to be rear end damage, was also on the scene. However, these two vehicles left the scene before police arrived. DFW ALERTS reporter JJ (Twitter: @DFW_AlertsJJ) was able to provide Fort Worth PD with the license plates from the Dodge pick-up.

Posted by: Jamie Schatten
Lead Reporter – DFW Alerts



Posted by: Jamie Schatten
Lead Reporter – DFW Alerts



Posted by: Jamie Schatten
Lead Reporter – DFW Alerts

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First Responder Appreciation At Cowboy Stadium – A Collage of Tweets

first_responders_image-e1318974834388  Real_Heroes_logoA Collage of Tweets from Police and Fire Departments at the First Responder Appreciation Day at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX


From @ArlingtonPD

First Responder Appreciation Video Shout-Outs

Arlington PD Welcomes all First Responders to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium today.  Over 50 agencies & 600 personnel. youtu.be/ZMD2Ga3NeeA

An @ArlingtonPD  Twitter Shout Out  youtu.be/MbuxOdhrhJI

See APD K9 video Dallas Cowboys First Responder Appreciation Day   youtu.be/KqNeuDtP-yA

APD Motors Unit welcomes you 2 First Responder Appreciation Day. Go Dallas Cowboys  youtu.be/8lnF8xQHkks

Arlington PD North District Officers say Go Dallas Cowboys  youtu.be/wv-yyQWr_fY

The Plaques

These are the plaques that Interim Police Chief Will Johnson will present to Fallen Officer. Families at 7 pm.  pic.twitter.com/INvoGzk6

Interim Police Chief Johnson speaking with the families of fallen Officers Jillian Smith & Craig Story  pic.twitter.com/6F0As0ox

Jillian Smith’s family & Craig Story’s family being honored on field.  pic.twitter.com/JRwN8Irs

True Heroes being honored Dallas Cowboys Stadium.   Jillian, Craig & Don We miss you all pic.twitter.com/sAKs0cj7


Hundreds of police & fire arriving at Dallas Cowboys Stadium for First Responder Appreciation Day  pic.twitter.com/xbPWH69m

Rehearsing for the Cowboys half-time presentation! Don’t forget to watch over 600 officers/50 agencies on field pic.twitter.com/3sjQ25HK

Assistant Police Chiefs welcome all First Responders youtu.be/efJXBN86CV4

Sergeant Cook &Officer McDonnell with Dallas Cowboys – Rowdy. ‘Stay tuned  for updates throughout game tonight’. pic.twitter.com/lLtxzZLJ

Look at these hundreds of First Responders at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Lets go Cowboys!  pic.twitter.com/rmbi07xm

Joint Honor Guard made up of Arlington PD Arlington FD and Customs Border Patrol Officers & Fire presenting Colors  pic.twitter.com/Dt0QJtuf

All 600 participants are gearing up for show time! Watch our half time performance honoring First Responders pic.twitter.com/BGDSotuf

Hundreds of Police Officers & Firefighters take the field on First Responder Appreciation Day  pic.twitter.com/hPLWKcrH

Thank you Dallas Cowboys for inviting all First Responders two the stadium. It was truly an honor to be a part of #Heroes pic.twitter.com/jbEfxBGJ

Here’s a preview of the Half Time Show First Responder Appreciation Day from one of our sergeants in stands youtu.be/8MtHKuvKhwo


Thank You

Thank you @DallasPD @fortworthpd @CustomsBorder @carrolltontxpd @LewisvilleFire @ArlingtonTxFire @CorpusChristiPD @tarrantcountyso for today

Thank you @IrvingPD @DENTONPD @GarlandPD @gppdtx @GrapevinePolice @HurstPoliceDept @richardsonpd for coming out for First Responder Day


From @DallasPD

Dallas Police Department Officers and several agencies gather for a briefing for Law Enforcement appreciation. pic.twitter.com/ECIwKyNzDallas Police Officers assemble on the star in the end zone at Dallas Cowboy Stadium. pic.twitter.com/Z1TARbk4Bagpipes gracefully rehearsing, in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. yfrog.com/5vh27nnlsmxsordghvrtlhcqzDallas Police Officers waiting there turn at Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. fb.me/1pJMMvJto

Great rehearsal for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at Cowboy Stadium. pic.twitter.com/YkSEiwvZ

Lunch time for officers at Cowboy Stadium for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. fb.me/2mjx0ChY

Lunch time for officers at Cowboy Stadium for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. fb.me/220oEfAAb

If you wish to join the fine men and women of The Dallas Police Department the recruit team are at Plaza East. pic.twitter.com/qvwPk2ud

The Dallas Police Department Recruit Team are at Plaza East at Cowboys Stadium until the 3rd quarter. pic.twitter.com/QV2vdbb5

Rowdy visiting with the Recruit Team at Plaza East at Cowboys Stadium. pic.twitter.com/kdCiU3Nn

Rowdy and The Dallas Police Department Recruit Team at Plaza East at Cowboys Stadium. pic.twitter.com/xBIWRFNg

First Responders in staging area before heading out to the field for the halftime show. pic.twitter.com/Cd2kQ5M2

Members of the Dallas Police Department Honor Guard after halftime appearance. Great job from everyone involved. pic.twitter.com/s1aRWoHo


From @ArlingtonTXFire

Enjoying First Responder Appreciation Day at Cowboys Stadium.  pic.twitter.com/Pt1UErgY

Family of Don Hogg. AFD Firefighter lost in the line of duty. They will be honored tonight at pregame ceremony. pic.twitter.com/iavWbY9g

The plaque awarded to the family of fallen Firefighter Don Hogg.  pic.twitter.com/IK6aPnkr

Fire Chief Don Crowson with the Don Hogg family, Jennifer and Dylan on the big screen!  pic.twitter.com/vElPvuVZ

Awesome job tonight. Thanks to all Public Safety represented. Pipe and Drum teams…very,very nice! GO Cowboys! pic.twitter.com/umMaTTiT


From @Carrolltonpdtx

Carrollton PD Honor Guard members are at the Dallas Cowboys game today for First Responder Appreciation Day. They will be participating in opening and halftime ceremonies. fb.me/MocQYnbt

More Carrollton officers are joining hundreds of police officers and firefighters from across Texas to be recognized. fb.me/1XjQhmE0k

From @LewisvilleFire

Lewisville FD participating in First Responder Appreciation Day during Cowboy game pic.twitter.com/71Jaxlt0

Lewisville FD Pipes and Drums preparing to play halftime at Cowboys game  pic.twitter.com/nKHkdzGJ

Thanks to @dallascowboys and @ArlingtonPD and @ArlingtonTxFire for a great event

From @DentonPD

Headed to the Cowboy game tonight? You will see 600 1st Responders from 50 different agencies. DentonPD will have officers there also.

Two of Denton PDs Honor Guard during practice pic.twitter.com/5X7MXna5


A Couple Others

@gppdtx:  Pre-game practice for the First Responder Appreciation Day at Cowboys Stadium tonight vs. the Eagles GO COWBOYS!!! pic.twitter.com/76Nifirf

@RichardsonPD:  Richardson PD represented at First Responder appreciation night – Cowboys Stadium. Thank you to all First Responders. pic.twitter.com/WMP3KkMm


And from the @DallasCowyboys

Honoring first responders at tonight’s game. Thank you for your service pic.twitter.com/cALP2ca8


Video: Fort Worth Stockyards

Our apologies….  The link for the video didn’t seem to show up. – Tena Carr Admin/Reporter DAN

Video from Fort Worth, TX Stockyards

Posted by: Jamie Schatten
Lead Reporter – DFW Alerts

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