Alerts & News for DFW (& surrounding areas). Comments not necessarily opinion of DFW Alerts



DFW ALERTS NETWORK (DAN) is a network of volunteers who report, blog, tweet and ReTweet News Events and Alerts (including Weather, Traffic, Breaking News, Amber/Silver Alerts, and Public Interest)

DAN is funded by the community of people who find the information we provide useful. If you would like information on how to make a donation or become a sponsor , contact: dfwalerts@live.com SUBJECT: DONATION / SPONSORSHIP

If you would like information on becoming a member of DAN, contact: dfwalerts@live.com SUBJECT: DAN Membership

DAN Members are open to all comments and suggestions. Please let us know how we are doing and let us know how you think we could do better.

Thank you,
Jamie Schatten – “The Head Guy”






Head Guy: @DFW_AlertsJS

Admin/Reporter: @DFW_AlertsTC

Reporter: @DFW_AlertsJJ

23 thoughts on “DFW ALERTS NETWORK

  1. WOW The sign of Progress! Everytime someone gets pissed off at a Media organization it generally means they are doing a damn fine job! I would also suggest that RB yoyo check out 501 C 3 rules which clearly state a Non-profit can ask for donations to pay for overhead and part time employment you just can’t show a profit at the end of the fiscal year. You CAN break even all day long however … Nice page DFWAlerts and Really love the Badge logo!


  2. No, I do not find your (DFWALERTS’) WP or Twitter posts to be racist in any way, shape or form.


  3. “Racists are simply TOO DUMB and EVIL full of HATE & RAGE to know or LEARN the LAW. ” — Direct quote from ‘RealBrother.’ A more accurate self-description of the man has yet to be crafted.


  4. Pozzy2 on said:

    Somebody needs to stand up to that bigot Real Brother. All he does is bully and harass people on twitter all day. Then he blocks people who don’t agree with him. Real Brother is a vile racist.


  5. It will be thrown out of Court. You can’t sue me for opposing RACISM are you crazy you stupid Idiot? You will LOSE your non-profit status for engaging in political activity and for profit.



  6. You are a bunch of vile racists. I don’t hate you but the fact that you think you can bully, threaten and intimidate people based on their race? Its wrong its sick. I will counter sue you for racist harassment and for impeding my Business with your defamation. Think twice before you take legal action I will fight your racist behinds with every fiber in my being.



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