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First Responder Appreciation At Cowboy Stadium – A Collage of Tweets

first_responders_image-e1318974834388  Real_Heroes_logoA Collage of Tweets from Police and Fire Departments at the First Responder Appreciation Day at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX


From @ArlingtonPD

First Responder Appreciation Video Shout-Outs

Arlington PD Welcomes all First Responders to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium today.  Over 50 agencies & 600 personnel. youtu.be/ZMD2Ga3NeeA

An @ArlingtonPD  Twitter Shout Out  youtu.be/MbuxOdhrhJI

See APD K9 video Dallas Cowboys First Responder Appreciation Day   youtu.be/KqNeuDtP-yA

APD Motors Unit welcomes you 2 First Responder Appreciation Day. Go Dallas Cowboys  youtu.be/8lnF8xQHkks

Arlington PD North District Officers say Go Dallas Cowboys  youtu.be/wv-yyQWr_fY

The Plaques

These are the plaques that Interim Police Chief Will Johnson will present to Fallen Officer. Families at 7 pm.  pic.twitter.com/INvoGzk6

Interim Police Chief Johnson speaking with the families of fallen Officers Jillian Smith & Craig Story  pic.twitter.com/6F0As0ox

Jillian Smith’s family & Craig Story’s family being honored on field.  pic.twitter.com/JRwN8Irs

True Heroes being honored Dallas Cowboys Stadium.   Jillian, Craig & Don We miss you all pic.twitter.com/sAKs0cj7


Hundreds of police & fire arriving at Dallas Cowboys Stadium for First Responder Appreciation Day  pic.twitter.com/xbPWH69m

Rehearsing for the Cowboys half-time presentation! Don’t forget to watch over 600 officers/50 agencies on field pic.twitter.com/3sjQ25HK

Assistant Police Chiefs welcome all First Responders youtu.be/efJXBN86CV4

Sergeant Cook &Officer McDonnell with Dallas Cowboys – Rowdy. ‘Stay tuned  for updates throughout game tonight’. pic.twitter.com/lLtxzZLJ

Look at these hundreds of First Responders at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Lets go Cowboys!  pic.twitter.com/rmbi07xm

Joint Honor Guard made up of Arlington PD Arlington FD and Customs Border Patrol Officers & Fire presenting Colors  pic.twitter.com/Dt0QJtuf

All 600 participants are gearing up for show time! Watch our half time performance honoring First Responders pic.twitter.com/BGDSotuf

Hundreds of Police Officers & Firefighters take the field on First Responder Appreciation Day  pic.twitter.com/hPLWKcrH

Thank you Dallas Cowboys for inviting all First Responders two the stadium. It was truly an honor to be a part of #Heroes pic.twitter.com/jbEfxBGJ

Here’s a preview of the Half Time Show First Responder Appreciation Day from one of our sergeants in stands youtu.be/8MtHKuvKhwo


Thank You

Thank you @DallasPD @fortworthpd @CustomsBorder @carrolltontxpd @LewisvilleFire @ArlingtonTxFire @CorpusChristiPD @tarrantcountyso for today

Thank you @IrvingPD @DENTONPD @GarlandPD @gppdtx @GrapevinePolice @HurstPoliceDept @richardsonpd for coming out for First Responder Day


From @DallasPD

Dallas Police Department Officers and several agencies gather for a briefing for Law Enforcement appreciation. pic.twitter.com/ECIwKyNzDallas Police Officers assemble on the star in the end zone at Dallas Cowboy Stadium. pic.twitter.com/Z1TARbk4Bagpipes gracefully rehearsing, in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. yfrog.com/5vh27nnlsmxsordghvrtlhcqzDallas Police Officers waiting there turn at Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. fb.me/1pJMMvJto

Great rehearsal for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at Cowboy Stadium. pic.twitter.com/YkSEiwvZ

Lunch time for officers at Cowboy Stadium for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. fb.me/2mjx0ChY

Lunch time for officers at Cowboy Stadium for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. fb.me/220oEfAAb

If you wish to join the fine men and women of The Dallas Police Department the recruit team are at Plaza East. pic.twitter.com/qvwPk2ud

The Dallas Police Department Recruit Team are at Plaza East at Cowboys Stadium until the 3rd quarter. pic.twitter.com/QV2vdbb5

Rowdy visiting with the Recruit Team at Plaza East at Cowboys Stadium. pic.twitter.com/kdCiU3Nn

Rowdy and The Dallas Police Department Recruit Team at Plaza East at Cowboys Stadium. pic.twitter.com/xBIWRFNg

First Responders in staging area before heading out to the field for the halftime show. pic.twitter.com/Cd2kQ5M2

Members of the Dallas Police Department Honor Guard after halftime appearance. Great job from everyone involved. pic.twitter.com/s1aRWoHo


From @ArlingtonTXFire

Enjoying First Responder Appreciation Day at Cowboys Stadium.  pic.twitter.com/Pt1UErgY

Family of Don Hogg. AFD Firefighter lost in the line of duty. They will be honored tonight at pregame ceremony. pic.twitter.com/iavWbY9g

The plaque awarded to the family of fallen Firefighter Don Hogg.  pic.twitter.com/IK6aPnkr

Fire Chief Don Crowson with the Don Hogg family, Jennifer and Dylan on the big screen!  pic.twitter.com/vElPvuVZ

Awesome job tonight. Thanks to all Public Safety represented. Pipe and Drum teams…very,very nice! GO Cowboys! pic.twitter.com/umMaTTiT


From @Carrolltonpdtx

Carrollton PD Honor Guard members are at the Dallas Cowboys game today for First Responder Appreciation Day. They will be participating in opening and halftime ceremonies. fb.me/MocQYnbt

More Carrollton officers are joining hundreds of police officers and firefighters from across Texas to be recognized. fb.me/1XjQhmE0k

From @LewisvilleFire

Lewisville FD participating in First Responder Appreciation Day during Cowboy game pic.twitter.com/71Jaxlt0

Lewisville FD Pipes and Drums preparing to play halftime at Cowboys game  pic.twitter.com/nKHkdzGJ

Thanks to @dallascowboys and @ArlingtonPD and @ArlingtonTxFire for a great event

From @DentonPD

Headed to the Cowboy game tonight? You will see 600 1st Responders from 50 different agencies. DentonPD will have officers there also.

Two of Denton PDs Honor Guard during practice pic.twitter.com/5X7MXna5


A Couple Others

@gppdtx:  Pre-game practice for the First Responder Appreciation Day at Cowboys Stadium tonight vs. the Eagles GO COWBOYS!!! pic.twitter.com/76Nifirf

@RichardsonPD:  Richardson PD represented at First Responder appreciation night – Cowboys Stadium. Thank you to all First Responders. pic.twitter.com/WMP3KkMm


And from the @DallasCowyboys

Honoring first responders at tonight’s game. Thank you for your service pic.twitter.com/cALP2ca8


Blog Talk Radio – Swingman with Alex Allred & Captain Marshal Allen

Today we had, Alex Allred and Captain Marshall Allen (of the Fort Worth Fire Department), the authors of the book Swingman on our Blog Talk Radio Show.  You can listen to the show Here.

The book highlights  Captain Allen’s early years and how he was shuffled from home to home with in the foster care system when, time and time again he was rejected due to ethnicity.  It talks of his struggle with depression and how an accident, that left him a quadriplegic, changed his life forever.  The book also talks about how Captain Allen & Alex Allred came to meet and how Ms. Allred (who knows a good story when she sees one) came to write what would become a book about Captain Allen’s life.

Captain Allen is truly an amazing and incredible guy who reaches out to help others,   through his own difficult experiences.  He continues to work with the Fort Worth Fire Department and to motivate others.

Swingman is a book that you will definitely want to read.  It is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and can also be gotten on Kindle .

Alex Allred and Captain Allen are currently working on another book called “How To Be A Man” which is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2013.

Authors of Swingman to be on DFW Alerts Blog Talk Radio November 07 at 2pm

Come join us at 2pm: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dfwalerts/2012/11/07/dfw-alerts-news-weather-and-traffic


Captain Allen hasCaptain Marshall Allen and Alex Allred the authors of the book “Swingman” (also made into a documentary about the life of Captain Allen after a “freak” bike accident left him paralyzed) will be on  our Blog Radio Show (November 07, 2012) at 2pm.

been with the Fort Worth Fire Department since about 1970 working as a swingman (a person who goes from station to station as needed).  He says that not everyone likes to do the job as swingman, but for him – He Loved It.  After his injury, Captain Allen continued to work for the Fort Worth Fire Department making it up the ranks to captain.  He is also a motivational speaker.  he hopes to be an an inspiration, particularly to young men, on how to conduct oneself and “How to be a Man”

If you would like to call into the show to speak to Captain Allen or Ms. Allred or ask a question you may do so at:  646-716-8898 (Because of limited space on phone lines, we ask that you only call this number if you wish to speak to the authors or ask a question).

Corpus Christi Battalion chief visits Fort Worth Fire Department

Corpus Christi Battalion chief Mickey Flores visited the Fort Worth Fire Department to learn more about a program that may help those who frequently need to call Emergency Services for help, but don’t actually need an ambulance

Solution In The Future For Frequent 911 Callers (via KRISTV News)

Fort Worth Firefighters rush to aid of fallen Oncor worker after 2 – alarm Fire

Oncor worker injured while trying to restore power after stubborn 2-alarm fire in Fort Worth, TX on Monday October 22.  Fort Worth Firefighters run to aid.  Read the stories via WFAA  and NBCDFW

Worker Hurt After Apartment fire Knocks out Power Lines (via WFAA channel 8)

One Person Injured While Trying to Restore Power After Fire (via NBCDFW – Amanda Guerra

Photograph: FWFD – Fire Station 29

I posted this short blog on my personal weblog Jottings and Writings, but seeing as how it highlighted FWFD Station 29 I figured I should post the link to the story here.

Project 366: Photo-A-Day July 11, 2012 – Fire Station 29

#FWFD #Station26: Standing Ready to Serve



And Night

They stand ready to serve.

To go where ever they are called

No Matter what the time

Ready to “Protect The Wood”

Ready to provide a “Safe Place”


Fire Department photos

Check out these Fire Department photos: http://db.tt/ixyGEZOm

Follow us on Twitter: @DFW_Alerts

FWFD station 5 Grand Opening/ Open House

The New  Station 5 was officially opened Yesterday (04/28/2012).

Speakers in attendance were Chief Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Jackson, Mayor Betsy Price, Council Women Kathleen Hicks, County Commissioner Roy CHARLES Brooks, As well Station 5’s Captain Brunson.  (Link Here for blog on the speaking event)

The ceremony started off with the official flag raising:  http://youtu.be/Zf-h5zDWYlw

Getting ready to raise the flag

Flag going up

Honor Guard (?) Saluting the flag

following was a presentation by one of the local school choirs singing:  “I’m a possibility”

"I'm a possibility"


Also at the open house event:

Hands Only CPR

Hands Only CPR “Push Hard, Push Fast, Switch Often”

Did you know that even trained Firefighter/Paramedics get worn out quickly doing this = make sure you get Emergency help on the way IMMEDIATELY!!!


Would your kids "Know What To Do"?

Is your family "Fire Safe"?

FW Public Arts & the FW Fire Department

*Watch for the new Mural on the E. Wall (facing Evans Street) of the new Station 5, coming sometime in the late fall of 2012*

Equipment from surrounding Fire Stations were also at the grand opening:

Squad 2

Ladder 8

Also known as "BigV"

Swift Water Rescue Station 32

and Fire Command

They sure do start young!!

As well as MedStar

Think they might just have a message??



The new Fort Worth Fire Station #5

Meet the friendly firefighters of Fort Worth Fire Department  Station #5 – Emphasis on the word friendly.

and their apparatuses:

The newly dedicated Engine 5 “Top Gun”
And sidekick EMS 99

Walk through of the new Station 5 Bay:  As you can see  I started in the back of the building and made my way towards the front.  Parked in front of the building is the newly dedicated Engine 5 also known as “Top Gun”

Station 5 covers from  Hwy 121 on the North to Berry Street on the South and from University Street on the West to Interstate 820 on the East An approximation of the service area is shown here:   http://g.co/maps/w4xku.   They cover roughly 1/4 of the city and due to it’s location + ease of highway also covers all highway call in the area.

There are 15 Firefighters working at Station 5, 5 per shift.  Four ride on the engine (including either a Captain or Lieutenant) and one is assigned to the EMS truck.

Working "A" Shift is:
Lt. Alrcantan
FF R. Jones
FF Becerra
FF Vega
with FF/EMT Khouns on the EMS truck

Working "B" Shift is:
Capt. Brunson
FF Fowler
FF M. Jones
FF Babich
with FF/EMT Warren on the EMS truck

Working "C" shift is:
Lt. Knox
FF Clark
FF Cessum
FF Cadman
with FF/EMT Brown on the EMS truck

A Little History:

The first Station 5 was built in 1890 (near 400 block of Bryan Avenue) and was also a Community Hall.  There, began a long history of its association with the community

The second Station 5 was built in 1911 (near the same location), was no longer a community hall but was still an integral part of the neighborhood it served

The third Station 5 was built in 1965  (at 1000 Evans Street), where it would be housed till 2012, and continued the tradition of community involvement helping neighborhood kids with their bikes (incuding repairs) and even giving them to kids who didn’t have one.

Now Fire Station 5 has a new home  on the corner of Irma St & Evans St. At 850 Irma Street; Fort Worth, TX 76104 (as of posting google maps does not show the new Fire Station)

* Thank you to PIO Tim Hardeman of Fort Worth Fire Department for providing me with a brief history of FWFD Station 5*

Construction for the new station has been in the works for two years and the actual construction has taken about one year, costing in the neighborhood of 3.5 – 4.5 million dollars.  Friday April 27, 2012 marked 3 weeks “in the house” and the official grand opening / open house took place Saturday April 28, 2012 FWFD station 5 Grand Opening/ Open House

At 5 or 10K SF (information sources vary & I am awaiting confirmation) the station is  3 times the size of most other stations and is said to be the largest (or at least one of the largest) stations in the city and is completely ADA compliant. The price tag was said to be in the neighborhood of 3.5 to 4.5 million dollars.

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