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Dallas PD, Arlington PD and DFW Alerts all sent out warnings about being extra careful about where you park during the March Madness and Final Four events. Did people listen? READ TO FIND OUT


If you are going to the Final Four, and are driving, you need to park. Make sure your vehicle will still be there when its all over.

Arlington PD has provided us with information that will help you make sure you are legally parked : CLICK HERE

Alcohol and High Rate of Speed Believed to be Factor in Fatal Crash in Arlington, TX

According to @ArlingtonPD  The Arlington Police Department worked a fatal accident that occurred early on the morning of January 01, 2013.  It is believed that “speed and alcohol were factors in this accident.

The driver was driving South Bound on Park Springs at a high rate of speed when she lost control and slid into a signal light pole.  The driver was not using a safety built and was pronounced DOA.


Arlington PD also worked another Car vs Pole accident  this morning (January 02)

East Bound Abrams at Collins.  In this case an overturned car struck a telephone pole.  Only one car was involved and driver was transported to hospital.  No known information on condition of driver.

Photo property of Arlington PD



#Arlington man to spend 40 years in Jail after killing Ex-Wife

An Arlington man used a sledgehammer to break down his ex-wife’s door before fatally shooting her.
Read the stories from:

WFAA Channel 8:

Fatal MVA in Arlington, TX

Arlington PD Worked a fatal MVA in the early hours of Sunday September 02.

At approximately 12:45 am witnesses reported a major crash on north bound Watson Street between Division & Six Flags Drive.  The actual crash site was at Watson Street & Abrams Street

An immediate investigation showed that a pickup left the roadway and struck the concrete pillar to a railway bridge between Watson and the on ramp to SH 360.  There was a confirmed 2 people dead at this single car MVA.  The driver was pronounced deceased at the scene while the passenger was pronounced deceased at local hospital.

Investigators will try to determine why the pickup left the roadway and see if speed or other factors contributed to this crash.  The Tarrant County Medical Examiner will identify the deceased once next of kin notification has been made.

Watson St NB at Galleria was closed  at Galleria due to this fatality crash.

(story courtesy of tweets by @arlingtonpd)

(photos courtesy of @ArlingtonPD)

More info can be found by reading WFAA‘s story:  Two Killed in
Arlington Crash

ArlingtonPD “Tweetalong” Award Acceptance

Arlington PD was chosen to receive the 2012 Best of Texas Award for the “Most Innovative use of Social Media”  See our short blog Here


Assistant Police Chief James Hawhorne,  Officer Zhivonni McDonnell, and Seargant Chris Cook headed down Austin, TX to receive this prestigious award.  Read the tweets below:

3:27 pm: We made it to Austin! pic.twitter.com/f93hFMBY

3:53 pm: Ast Police Chief James Hawthorne, Ofc Zhivonni McDonnell & Sgt Chris Cook anxiously waiting for the ceremony to begin pic.twitter.com/gchdiHDb

4:20 pm: Todd Sander director for Center for Digital Government addressing the Award Ceremony crowd. pic.twitter.com/o0t63TsK

4:24 pm: APD was chosen to receive the most innovative use of social media award out of Texas with our tweetalong concept pic.twitter.com/CHNQqpYM

4:40 pm: We are almost up….. Drum roll please. 🙂 pic.twitter.com/9nocApwz

4:47 pm: Officer Zhivonni McDonnell accepting the 2012 Best of Texas Most Innovative Use of Social Media Award – Tweetalong pic.twitter.com/sK6dwbqt

4:53 pm: Thank you to all our followers. Our next tweetalong is Saturday the 21st from noon- 6 pm pic.twitter.com/uAwQhwTZ

5:04 pm: Heading back to Arlington with award in tote. Thanks again for the continued support and following! pic.twitter.com/npFqwirR

Arlington Texas 4th of July Parade, 2012

A good time was had by those who came to those who came to enjoy the festivities and watch  the July 4th parade  in Arlington, TX this morning

The Vanaceks enjoy their first parade.  Keith is owner of the Down Town Arlington  McDonald’s

Five year old twins, Jack & Joel said there favorite part was the “motorcyclists”

Motor officer Ray McDonald of the APD enjoys the parade & festivities with his family

Arlington’s Citizen on Patrol were apart of the parade

Fore more photos of today’s parade and Festivities in Arlington check out the photo album on the ArlingtonPD FaceBook page.

A Huge THANK YOU to Arlington Police officers for safeguarding the public during today’s festivities

Arlington Police would like to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the barbecues, fireworks, family and friends!

And Remember STAYSAFE!!!

(photos courtesy of ArlingtonPD)

Major Accident shuts down Division Street in Arlington, TX

A Major Accident involving  a train and an 18-wheeler shut down Division street between West Fork Drive and Dottie Lynn Parkway at about 6:00 this evening.  The tractor of the 18-wheeler, said to be transporting grass pellets, was pushed of the track onto the grassy area.

(source: ArlingtonPD)

Pictures courtesy of @ArlingtonPD


Accident Scene 18-wheeler vs Train

Arlington PD gives press release on Graffiti Crime

{NOTE!!  We at @DFW_Alerts do  not take sides, but simply report what we see/hear.}

{In posting the below article, we are neither speaking for nor against Gay Rights, Gay Pride, or related but simply reporting on the act of graffiti}


@Arlington PD gives press release in response to hostile messages left in an Arlington Neighborhood on June 10, 2012.  In attendance was: Will Johnson – Acting Police Chief,  Thomas R. Anable – President of Fairness Fort Worth , &  Chris Cook – ArlingtonPD Seargant.

A video surveillance capturing suspects in the act of the vandalism was obtained. This was key in identifying the suspects.   All suspects will be charged with graffiti 1,500-20,000 which is a state jail felony in Texas.

According to Sgt Chris Cook (of the ArlingtonPD) the criminal episode was reported as a “hate crime” to the FBI using the UCR process.

Says Acting Police Chief Will Johnson:

Nothing is more disturbing to a police chief, to a police dept and community than Experiencing a crime that was committed for no reason than hatred.  Our commitment from the initial stages of this investigation was to provide equal protection to all 13 of our victims. The evidence allowed detectives to identify 5 suspects and obtain arrest warrants for those involved in this criminal act these suspects range in age from 16-18 years of age and are a mix of female and male suspects.

The cornerstone of Arlington’s crime fighting strategy is community engagement. We are committed in Arlington to preventing crime, especially crime directed toward an individual for no reason than hatred.  This type of behavior will NOT be tolerated. They will be fully investigated & to the extent possible prosecuted to the full extent of law

Says  President of Fairness Fort Worth Thomas Anable:

The citizens of Arlington should be proud of the police dept.  We are looking forward to working with our dept and with the city of Arlington.  The way the Arlington Police Dept. handled this situation is text book perfect, I can’t stress it enough.
Links to photos via @arlingtonPD

APD  preparing for a Press Conference at 10 am in reference an update on the graffiti offenses pic.twitter.com/9bfk6zHJ

Media setting up for the press conference pic.twitter.com/hJgSnuV2

Sgt Chris Cook welcoming the media and giving them background of the offense pic.twitter.com/23pijIiS

Acting Police Chief Will Johnson: pic.twitter.com/KFdhol7d

The president of Fairness for FTW, Thomas Anable: pic.twitter.com/fQIervSJ

Read the story from @StarTelegram   Here

#ArlingtonPolice Looking for help to solve #Murder of Elderly Couple

Arlington Police Department @ArlingtonPD asks you to step forward if you have any information on the death of an elderly at an Arlington Apartment Complex:  3600 Waverly Street.  The couple is said to vietnamese business owners.

If you have heard or seen anything between the hours of 10:00pm Saturday June 09 till 7:30 Sunday June 10  Please contact: APD 817-459-5600 or Homicide Detective Byron Stewart directly @817-459-5691 (legitimate information only please).  You can also remain anonymous by contacting Crimestoppers at 817-469-TIPS.

Read the Story from @WFAAChannel8 here: Elderly Arlington Couple Found Dead  (@jebetz)

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