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Dallas PD, Arlington PD and DFW Alerts all sent out warnings about being extra careful about where you park during the March Madness and Final Four events. Did people listen? READ TO FIND OUT

Fourth Anual “Over the Edge” Benefit for Special Olympics via @DallasPD

Source via @DallasPD

4th Over the Edge benefit 4 Special Olympics. SWAT belaying those brave enough 2 rappel over side of bank bldg. pic.twitter.com/yqZTcIS

SWAT assisting rappeller. Going on now @ Bank of America on 12th Street. pic.twitter.com/NinUF0z8

Over the Edge fundraiser going on until 5:30 pm. pic.twitter.com/rOi3OaEy

89 people expected to rappel BOA building. yfrog.us/5fco8ymwzpsucr…

High winds make the rappelling a challenge. pic.twitter.com/hmdHNWB3

SWAT assisting rappelers on the roof. pic.twitter.com/AUZOkjgY

news station interviewing one of the athletes pic.twitter.com/NZofJFT0

Constable Beth Villarreal is going over the edge around noon.

Teaching rappel basics to folks about to rappel from building. pic.twitter.com/rqdd3qB9

Demo of rappel positioning pic.twitter.com/6jK1gs4J

From the roof of the BOA building, rappelers are going 16 stories down. pic.twitter.com/YLZvUm52

Over the Edge is biggest fundraiser 4 Special Olym. Exper. Rappelers and 1st time rappelers are participating. pic.twitter.com/Lb1in4az

Chief Dye of Grand Prairie PD is about to rappel. pic.twitter.com/knySsjWA

Chief Dye and Josh prepare to rappel pic.twitter.com/8wsF2pRO

Chief Dye going over. pic.twitter.com/9RE1QWGS

Staging area where each person outfitted. pic.twitter.com/1WNnLfmV



Click HERE for updated information on this story.

Please, let’s show our support for this wounded officer .

One Person Dead After Shooting at in a Dallas Apartment Complex (story by @KeatonFoxNBC5)

At 4:53am @KeatonoxNBC5 of @NBCDFW was on scene at the Dallas Apartment Complex shooting that occurred approximately 3:30 this morning. The apartment complex was at the 7600 block of Antoinette. Keaton reported one person shot and killed.

5:00am: “Police tell me this shooting was likely a domestic incident between family members.” ~ @KeatonFoxNBC5

Read the Full Story by Keaton Fox HERE:


Will try to update as more information is available:

“Baby for Sale” ad reported to Dallas PD

Yesterday, a Dallas, TX women reported a baby listed for sale in a newspaper ad to the DallasPD, after changing her mind about buying the baby. FBI was brought in to locate the women & child.

Read the full story HERE at NBCDFW

According to tweets from  Ellen Goldberg (an NBCDFW reporter) DallasPD pulled in to Shadow Ridge Apartments, off of I-635, this afternoon (pic.twitter.com/BVJjIlXd)  and the mother was taken into custody with blanket covering her head.  Ellen stated that the alleged “Baby for Sale” was still at the apartment complex with DallasPD while mother was being taken to jail.{Note I will try to keep this post updated as further info becomes available}Credit for picture & source info goes to @nbcdfwellen

2 Drownings while saving lives @ Joe Pool Lake – Lynn Creek Park

There were 2 incidences of drownings at Joe Pool Lake – Lynn Creek Park on Sunday.  In each incident the victim  was trying to save a life or help another out.   In both they succeeded.  In both they paid the ultimate sacrifice.

In one the man was trying to save the lives of his wife & children.  In the other the man was helping a friend into the boat.

Read the story from both:

NBCDFW:  Two Possible Drownings at Joe Pool Lake

WFAAChannel8: Twin tragedies at Joe Pool Lake


Update:  Video:

Boy saved from drowning at Joe Pool Lake remembers dad as hero


CLICK TO SEE PHOTO From this tweet: Here’s a look at the stuff that was inside this truck. Told its electronics. TxDOT has closed the Dolphin Street exit. http://p.twimg.com/AvHOhiZCAAIu2pQ.jpg Via @KeatonFoxNBC5 on Twitter

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I-30 and Dolphin Road may still be closed during the morning rush hour. #dfw #dfwtraffic

If you have to travel the area of I-30 and Dolphin in the morning, you may want to consider an alternate route. I-30 at Dolphin and the Dolphin Rd bridge may be closed during the morning rush hour. TxDOT is attempting to repair the Dolphin Rd bridge after a fatality accident.

A big rig loaded with plastics and electronics struck a support on the Dolphin Rd bridge traveling between 60 – 70 MPH. The cab of the rig was destroyed and the driver died on impact.

UPDATE: Photos via Keaton Fox & NBC5




HOV lane and one lane of I-30 is getting through the scene. It is going to be slow going.

The closer is expected to last several days as repairs to the Dolphin RD bridge continue.

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Further Info Related to “Officer Involved Shooting” June 02, 2012 in Dallas, Texas

Update on Officer Related Shooting (June 02, 2012)

Press Conference with Chief Brown regarding the June 2, 2012 Officer Involved Shooting held on June 6, 2012.  video #1 fb.me/1zJzC8NZM

Press Conference with Chief Brown regarding the June 2, 2012 Officer Involved Shooting held on June 6, 2012. video#2 fb.me/1NtkvA67a


This information is as provided by @DallasPD based on tweets from today (June 04, 2012)

[times listed are based on the time that tweets were received]

11:48 am: We appreciate the public’s patience as the investigation into the officer involved shooting which occurred on June 2, 2012 progresses.

11:48 am: The department anticipates releasing more information regarding the investigation within the next few hours.

Read Here for more information (from Dallas PD) re: Officer Related Shooting.


Fromm DFW ALERTS CAC (@DFW_ALERTS on Twitter™): “UPDATE: Officer involved shooting. One person shot. 5900 Blk of Keeneland Pkwy. Undercover drug buy gone wrong.” Reports are that the suspects attempted to rob the undercover officers. One officer was forced to discharge his weapon. His shot struck one of the suspects. No information on the suspects condition. However, reports are that his wound may be critical.

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