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2015 I-30 Rollover Accident – DFW Alerts Dashcam

This video was taken by the DFW Alerts News Dashcam as our  vehicle passed the rollover accident on I-30 near the Beach Street  exit.


A Fort Worth Police Officer is in critical condition at this time after receiving 4 gun shot wounds (3 to the chest). We are unsure, at this time, if the officer was wearing a bullet proof vest.
One suspect was killed by officers and one suspect is still attempting to flee officers on foot at this time.


Scene from the air.


Scene from the air.



4:48 UPDATE: Via Fort Worth Police: Outstanding suspect from OIS – armed/dangerous
MCIVER, Ed Russell JR


MCIVER, Ed Russell JR WANTED in connection with Fort Worth Police Officer shooting.

5:08 pm UPDATE: It was the suspects father who was killed.
The fugitive task force had been tracking the father and son through Navada and Idaho, as well as several other states. The warrant that was being served was for the father of the suspect that officers are now searching for.
Officers warn that this suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.

6:12 pm UPDATE: The officer wounded is expected to recover from his wounds. Condition is currently unknown.
Fort Worth Police state that the search for the suspect on foot will continue until he is found.

UPDATE: Suspect is in custody.

We will update as we receive more info.
Please pray for the wounded officer, family and friends.


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Dallas PD, Arlington PD and DFW Alerts all sent out warnings about being extra careful about where you park during the March Madness and Final Four events. Did people listen? READ TO FIND OUT

NBC5 Investigates: Distractions While Driving for Police Officers in N. Texas

According to an investigation done by NBC5 – Investigates, There are have been 18 crashes with the Arlington PD and 15 with the Fort Worth PD in the last couple of years.  Other departments across North Texas have also shown a relatively high number of crashes.  These crashes have been mostly due to distractions in the Police Cars – mainly there on-board computers.  Policy changes have been made that severely limit the use of these computers while driving.  One button responses are allowed, but anything more requires that the officer pull over.  In the past many departments simply urged officers to pull over for when texting more than one button responses; Now, it has become enforceable policy for many departments.
Scott Friedman, Eva Parks, Peter Hull, and Shane Allen contributed to the investigation report
Read the Three Part Series:

Distractions Lead to Frequent Police Crashes in Texas

Arlington Police Changing Driving Policy Following NBC 5 Investigation

Fort Worth Police Ban Typing While Driving



Posted on September 30, 2012 at 11:21 PM

Updated today at 11:26 PM

2.1 magnitude earthquake

Map data ©2012 Terms of Use


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DALLAS — For the third time in two nights, North Texas has been shaken by an earthquake.

The epicenter of Sunday’s 2.1 magnitude tremor was near the intersection of Fort Worth Avenue and Interstate 30 in West Dallas, striking at 10:41 p.m.

The Sunday quake was centered 3.7 miles east of a 3.1 magnitude quake in Dallas on Saturday night. That one came just four minutes after a 3.4 magnitude event in Irving.

Within minutes, the WFAA Facebook page received dozens of comments, many from people who did not feel anything… but others who did.

“Felt it out here in Irving again between Story and Beltline,” wrote Samantha Newton on WFAA’s Facebook page. “A lot weaker than last night’s … feels like I am back in Cali, LOL!”

“Felt it in Las Colinas,” added Lillian Winfoeld. “It was a light shake; nothing like last night.”

There were no initial reports of damage or injuries.

3.4 Mag. Earthquake Strikes DFW

At approx. 11:05 PM on Sat. Sept. 29th a 3.4 Mag. earthquake struck approx. 2 miles north of Irving,Texas. We were relayed reports that residents in Coppell,Texas were shaken awake by the earthquake.

Hundreds of reports rolled in from Euless, Irving, Coppell, Dallas, Bedford and other cites that were within the range of the shockwave as it traveled out.

We thank everyone that provided reports from your city.

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