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More on the USAir/American Airlines hearings

For those of you who’ve been following the US Airways / American Airlines merger  (Tweets are courtesy of @JasonWhitely from @wfaachannel8)

June 20:

7:24pm: UPDATE: AmericanAir says it’s “disappointed” the board of its pilots union did not let AA’s 10,000 pilots vote on AA’s final offer.

7:25 pm: UPDATE: AA’s final offer included pay increases, furlough protection, profit sharing, a frozen pension and an equity stake in the new AA.

8:07 pm: UPDATE: Pilots say they’re close to a deal w/ AmericanAir but need clarity on scheduling. They hope to keep negotiating.

June 21

5:16 pm:BREAKING: Two sources tell WFAA that AmericanAir and its pilots asking bankruptcy judge to delay canceling union contracts for another wk.

5:22 pm: BREAKING: Sources say AA, pilots talked to bankruptcy judge in NYC this afternoon. He was supposed to rule on canceling contracts in the AM.

5:24 pm: More than 7,000 union jobs at AA remain at stake in ruling. Pilots say they’re close to an agreement. AA wants to talk to TWU, flight attendants (APFAunity)

5:49 pm: BREAKING: AA bankruptcy judge has postponed ruling on American’s Section 1113 motion for all unions until June 29.

5:50 pm: BREAKING: AmericanAir says the extension will not change the terms of our final offer to the pilots union.

6:54 pm: UPDATE: Pilots union will vote again on @AmericanAir’s final offer on 6/27. AA not renegotiating but will answer questions & clarify.

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