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Cowboy injured at Stockyards Rodeo

May 25, 2013 9:43 PM


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DFW ALERTS is helping the ZOMBIE TACTICAL TEAM to build a prototype ZHV.

A website has been created at gofundme.com for those of you who may be interested in contributing to this project.

Businesses that contribute a reasonable amount to the project will be listed on the tailgate of the ZHV. The largest business contributor will be listed on both sides, over the rear wheels of the ZHV. If there are enough business contributions (in excess of $60,000 total), we will also create a Zombie Hunter Chase Vehicle ( ZHCV) that will also list sponsors on the rear quarter of both sides.

Once the vehicle/vehicles are completed, a video will be posted on YouTube and you can see what you have helped to create.

In addition Zombie Tactical Team (ZTT) will post up dates (possibly with YouTube videos) on gofundme.com to let everyone know the progress of the project.

If you would like to make a contribution to this project via credit card CLICK HERE.

If you prefer PayPal, you can do so by making a payment to: dfwalertsjs@live.com In the memo area simply type ZHV PROJECT.

Posted by: Jamie Schatten
Lead Reporter – DFW Alerts

Accident Fort Worth Stockyards.

Rodeo over

Rodeo over


Fort Worth, Texas Stockyards Car Show

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY VIDEO from the Fort Worth,Texas Stockyards.

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