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February 01, 2013 #TweetAlong w/ @ArlingtonPD

#TweetAlong – A Virtual Ride-Along with @ArlingtonPD

7:31 pm:  Hey everyone. We will get this thing going at 8 pm. Checking out our Tahoe, grabbing equipment, and logging onto computer.

07:59 pm:  While we are getting ready to drive out of the parking lot, make sure you watched “InsideAPD” today youtu.be/WZSOz4N8wcc

8:08 pm:  As we start tonight we want to welcome 22 new Police Officers to APD who graduated from Class 45 today pic.twitter.com/REzpzdjW

08:29 pm:  On-scene on a suspicious person call at a convenience store up north.

08:30 pm:  for those following on the scanner, we are 860A tonight.

08:31 pm:  suspicious persons left the location. They apparently were handing out flyers to people in the parking lot.

08:32 pm:  on our way to a welfare check

08:46 pm:  Neighbor concerned when she could not get a hold of her elderly friend. we were able to get her to open door pic.twitter.com/jweT4uFY

08:47 pm:  We brought @ArlingtonTxFire & EMS with us in case we had to force entry.  She is ok and will be checked out

09:14 pm:  here comes the ‘Q’ word…..it’s ‘q’uiet so far…let’s see what we can get into….

09:31 pm:  we are checking the area for the suspects on an armed robbery in an apartment complex.

09:32 pm:  Apparently, two suspects stole cell phone from victim by displaying a weapon.

09:59 pm:  On scene strange call… Male called us saying he’s locked in his bedroom and can’t get out after having an argument with brother

10:02 pm:  Upon arrival, he was really locked in his room with the door bulging outward from door frame. pic.twitter.com/osanEQAe

10:02 pm:  We assisted in opening the door. He was ok and said he shouldn’t have slammed door so hard. Onto the next call

10:27 pm:  We are taking a quick break to eat. Take a look at “Inside APD” where Officer McDonnell talks about First Responder  Appreciation Day  youtu.be/KJ6W-o9t9Pw (Warning Note:  Tear jerker towards end)

10:58 pm:  Ready for a call!

11:03 pm:  On our way to a suspicious person call

11:10 pm:  There was a vehicle parked at a local park. When officers arrived they contacted a young man who was wrapping a birthday present for his wife since he forgot her birthday yesterday. He also had flowers and balloons.

11:34 pm:  Officer Henze, Sargent Vorpahl, Officer Baskin & Sargent McDonnell leaving west side briefing and ready to work! pic.twitter.com/IQjVH5Is

12:13 am:  on our way to a disturbance

12:29 pm:  call came out that subjects were yelling or fighting at an apartment complex parking lot. Officers could not locate the disturbance.

12:45 pm:  we are at a loud noise disturbance.

01:03 am:  Informed the residence to turn down their music and to take their gathering inside.

01:05 am:  It’s about time to close this out tonight. Quiet nights are good nights. Hope everyone has great weekend. Beautiful weather

01:27 am:  Our next #Tweetalong will be on Fri, Feb 15! Get ready for an exciting night w/our friends from another agency – more details to follow!


I am interested in doing Tweetalong Transcripts  for any Police/Fire Department that does them.  Also @ArlingtonPD does joint tweetalongs w/ other Departments. (The tweetalongs transcripts in link are the ones I’ve done through the DFW Alerts Network). (eMail: eapicoalerts@gmail.com)

ArlingtonPD #Tweetalong 08/16/2012


Due to some unforeseen difficulties I am later than usual in posting this transcript.  Because of this, I was not able to put the time-stamps on that I normally do.  Keep in mind that the time-stamps (when included) are based on when the twitter post (via @ArlingtonPD) was posted and not the actual time of the call.  Posting of tweets by ArlingtonPD are delayed for the sake of officer safety!

Be sure and visit the Arlington PD on-line at:  http://www.arlingtonpd.org


In-Service. If you are listening on scanner we are 860 on the radio pic.twitter.com/urLaOAim

We are en-route to a major accident that occurred earlier this morning at 8:16 am involving an overturned Lumber Truck.

just arrived on scene at lumber crash. The west exit/entrance ramps to 30 from Six Flags Dr closed pic.twitter.com/fKi9Pyeb

The west bound on ramp to I 30 from Six Flags Dr could be closed for 4 hours pic.twitter.com/RvUAuBBE

Sgt. Cook is interviewed by @NBCDFW reporter, Mola, about the major accident. pic.twitter.com/RxBOP2te

As you can see, hundreds pieces of lumber across roadway. pic.twitter.com/EEwIEALh

investigation revealed 18 wheeler commercial vehicle exited E bound 30 to 6 Flags Dr. Driver too fast and load shifted

the commercial vehicle overturned and lumber load spilled across W bound lanes striking a van and Jeep

Here’s one view of van and Jeep pic.twitter.com/etUlht5T

Fortunately no injuries reported. Driver of commercial vehicle will be cited for unsecured load and speed

Here’s another angle of the accident showing the vehicles on top of the lumber. pic.twitter.com/HDlsPhNd

The west bound on ramp to I 30 from Six Flags Dr could be closed for 4 hours pic.twitter.com/RvUAuBBE

Traffic update on this crash. You cannot access E or W bound IH 30 from west bound Six Flags Drive. Could be 4 hours to reopen

Motor officers directing traffic E Arkansas between 360 and Browning for road construction. Expect delays pic.twitter.com/32Ysi6V1

We just received a BOLO (be on the look out) for a reckless motorcycle driver speeding s/b Cooper and Eden.

Officers routinely receive BOLOs throughout the day on driving behavior.

quickfact: Did you know that Arlington has our own jail? It’s located on west side of 620 W Division pic.twitter.com/gIwaDkbk

quickfact: Did U know U can always see who is in jail and what their charge is? Go tohttp://arlingtonpd.org/jail/

Dispatched to an attempt to locate a misdemeanor warrant suspect from Denton County. Unable to locate pic.twitter.com/uHzhvgm5

Lunch time! Eating at a popular local eatery near the main police station – Babes Chicken. pic.twitter.com/CHYu7e0p

we are en-route to possibly a burglary in progress call on north side. Details to follow!

Just dispatched to a burglary in progress with good witness information that identified suspects pic.twitter.com/jJl6Tt19

Officer McDonnell gathering information from Officer Boyd on this burglary call pic.twitter.com/5e59sdeT

Officer McDonnell reporting suspects knocked on an Apt. door and then kicked another down and forced entry pic.twitter.com/MCJsYRLT

As officers were arriving, 3 suspects were taken into custody for burglary habitation. Great police work by North District

several items of personal property were recovered and will be released to the owner. pic.twitter.com/D3EyqkrW

Victim just arrived home and identified his property that was taken in the burglary. He has just left to go get a haircut

As soon as victim sat down to get haircut ArlingtonPD called him to tell him what happened and to come identify his property

Suspect vehicle will be towed to the City Pound. pic.twitter.com/AkA9ww8e

This is the door that the 3 suspects kicked in to gain entry into the Apt. pic.twitter.com/orQdDVKO

Detectives Perdue & Delbiaggio securing the property and working closely with the patrol officers. pic.twitter.com/jGwKKjMW

Suspect getting a ride to our City Jail! Awesome teamwork goes out to our patrol officers and detectives! pic.twitter.com/li1c4RVC

we are en-route to a vehicle pursuit on the south side of town.

vehicle pursuit has ended and we will be on-scene soon to fill ya in with all the details!

Just arrived on scene at the vehicle pursuit. South bound 360 at Debbie pic.twitter.com/lng9ftOO

This car was stolen earlier today from North Richland Hills. Officer located it near Watson and Sublett pic.twitter.com/u0FzOtIp

Suspect vehicle had 2 televisions in the back seat. pic.twitter.com/hb89JbxK

Corporal Hernandez brushing for fingerprints on the car. Both suspects bailed out but were caught pic.twitter.com/D1shPzyY

After stolen car spun out the female driver and make passenger ran and were caught near the Sonic pic.twitter.com/ihzGXOEN

Both suspects in custody. pic.twitter.com/h6ZPtHAC

Tarrant County Constable Pct. 7 assisted in apprehending suspects. pic.twitter.com/gvbTYOJ1

Mansfield Police Chief Fowler stopped by to check on the pursuit and to see if we needed any assistance. pic.twitter.com/ZfEzSEmw

Female driver of stolen car being led off to jail. Great work with APD, Mansfield PD and Tarrant Constable pic.twitter.com/BAmbiyfK

Constable Garnett assisted in capturing the male suspect. He is always willing to lend a helping hand! pic.twitter.com/5Lb79M6L

Officer Strauser was the first responding officer who caught the female suspect! Great job! pic.twitter.com/slpDElp9

several Officers wished Officer Buddy Evans good luck on his retirement. Thank yo9u for your 20 yrs of service! pic.twitter.com/DXVHXxT1

We are en-route to an indecent exposure call. Stay tuned for details! …..

Made contact w/subject. Admitted he was not clothed while out front. Still figuring out what’s going on pic.twitter.com/bl6e5W5f

EMS will check subject since he admitted to being on some medication. Investigation will continue pic.twitter.com/U56JgmaY

thanks to all of our followers today. We will see ya on our next #tweetalong ….it will prob be on a Fri night!


ArlingtonPD “Tweetalong” Award Acceptance

Arlington PD was chosen to receive the 2012 Best of Texas Award for the “Most Innovative use of Social Media”  See our short blog Here


Assistant Police Chief James Hawhorne,  Officer Zhivonni McDonnell, and Seargant Chris Cook headed down Austin, TX to receive this prestigious award.  Read the tweets below:

3:27 pm: We made it to Austin! pic.twitter.com/f93hFMBY

3:53 pm: Ast Police Chief James Hawthorne, Ofc Zhivonni McDonnell & Sgt Chris Cook anxiously waiting for the ceremony to begin pic.twitter.com/gchdiHDb

4:20 pm: Todd Sander director for Center for Digital Government addressing the Award Ceremony crowd. pic.twitter.com/o0t63TsK

4:24 pm: APD was chosen to receive the most innovative use of social media award out of Texas with our tweetalong concept pic.twitter.com/CHNQqpYM

4:40 pm: We are almost up….. Drum roll please. 🙂 pic.twitter.com/9nocApwz

4:47 pm: Officer Zhivonni McDonnell accepting the 2012 Best of Texas Most Innovative Use of Social Media Award – Tweetalong pic.twitter.com/sK6dwbqt

4:53 pm: Thank you to all our followers. Our next tweetalong is Saturday the 21st from noon- 6 pm pic.twitter.com/uAwQhwTZ

5:04 pm: Heading back to Arlington with award in tote. Thanks again for the continued support and following! pic.twitter.com/npFqwirR

ArlingtonPD to receive 2012 best of Texas Award for their use of Social Media

Photo Credit:  @ArlingtonPD

@ArlingtonPD’s Sgt Chris Cook & Officer Zhivonni McDonnel are on their way to Austin, TX to accept  the 2012 Best of Texas Award for the Most Innovative Use of Social Media.  They are being recognized for their Tweetalongs.  They will be tweeting live from the ceremony starting at 4:15pm (CST) and a transcript of the event will be posted here under Tweetalong > ArlingtonPD

Arlington Texas 4th of July Parade, 2012

A good time was had by those who came to those who came to enjoy the festivities and watch  the July 4th parade  in Arlington, TX this morning

The Vanaceks enjoy their first parade.  Keith is owner of the Down Town Arlington  McDonald’s

Five year old twins, Jack & Joel said there favorite part was the “motorcyclists”

Motor officer Ray McDonald of the APD enjoys the parade & festivities with his family

Arlington’s Citizen on Patrol were apart of the parade

Fore more photos of today’s parade and Festivities in Arlington check out the photo album on the ArlingtonPD FaceBook page.

A Huge THANK YOU to Arlington Police officers for safeguarding the public during today’s festivities

Arlington Police would like to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the barbecues, fireworks, family and friends!

And Remember STAYSAFE!!!

(photos courtesy of ArlingtonPD)

Arlington PD gives press release on Graffiti Crime

{NOTE!!  We at @DFW_Alerts do  not take sides, but simply report what we see/hear.}

{In posting the below article, we are neither speaking for nor against Gay Rights, Gay Pride, or related but simply reporting on the act of graffiti}


@Arlington PD gives press release in response to hostile messages left in an Arlington Neighborhood on June 10, 2012.  In attendance was: Will Johnson – Acting Police Chief,  Thomas R. Anable – President of Fairness Fort Worth , &  Chris Cook – ArlingtonPD Seargant.

A video surveillance capturing suspects in the act of the vandalism was obtained. This was key in identifying the suspects.   All suspects will be charged with graffiti 1,500-20,000 which is a state jail felony in Texas.

According to Sgt Chris Cook (of the ArlingtonPD) the criminal episode was reported as a “hate crime” to the FBI using the UCR process.

Says Acting Police Chief Will Johnson:

Nothing is more disturbing to a police chief, to a police dept and community than Experiencing a crime that was committed for no reason than hatred.  Our commitment from the initial stages of this investigation was to provide equal protection to all 13 of our victims. The evidence allowed detectives to identify 5 suspects and obtain arrest warrants for those involved in this criminal act these suspects range in age from 16-18 years of age and are a mix of female and male suspects.

The cornerstone of Arlington’s crime fighting strategy is community engagement. We are committed in Arlington to preventing crime, especially crime directed toward an individual for no reason than hatred.  This type of behavior will NOT be tolerated. They will be fully investigated & to the extent possible prosecuted to the full extent of law

Says  President of Fairness Fort Worth Thomas Anable:

The citizens of Arlington should be proud of the police dept.  We are looking forward to working with our dept and with the city of Arlington.  The way the Arlington Police Dept. handled this situation is text book perfect, I can’t stress it enough.
Links to photos via @arlingtonPD

APD  preparing for a Press Conference at 10 am in reference an update on the graffiti offenses pic.twitter.com/9bfk6zHJ

Media setting up for the press conference pic.twitter.com/hJgSnuV2

Sgt Chris Cook welcoming the media and giving them background of the offense pic.twitter.com/23pijIiS

Acting Police Chief Will Johnson: pic.twitter.com/KFdhol7d

The president of Fairness for FTW, Thomas Anable: pic.twitter.com/fQIervSJ

Read the story from @StarTelegram   Here

Arlington PD #tweetalong 06/11/2012

The following is a transcript of the @ArlingtonPD  Tweetalong Friday 06/07/2012.  Everything is written verbatim as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]  Times listed are times in which tweets were posted – Not actual times of resonse.

[Japanese media rode along during this tweetalong with Officer McDonnel and Sgt Cook to highlight Arlington Police Department’s use of social media from an international perspective.  They  saw an Associated Press Story on Arlington PD recently and flew in from Los Angeles]

9:27 am: Noboru, Mayumi & Hiro from the LA Bureau of NHK, Japan’s sole public broadcaster & largest media outlet, are our guests

9:35 am: Mayumi was researching the use of social media in Law enforcement & read the Star-Telegram article @patrickmwalker1, bit.ly/JtrouY

9:36 am: They were very interested in our #tweetalongs & made a trip down to good ole Texas to experience a ride out w/Sgt. Cook & Ofcr McDonnell

9:37 am: Thank you to our followers for making our #tweetalongs so much fun and we look forward to another exciting day with y’all! Are ya ready?!

9:38 am: Ofcr McDonnell, Sgt Cook, Noboru, Mayumi & Hiro are all set to go for our #tweetalong! pic.twitter.com/HQEIu6mz

9:52 am: Onscene at a major accident on Cooper Street.

9:56 am: Ofcr. McDonnell briefing Japanese media on this two car crash. A small passenger car vs. station wagon pic.twitter.com/JJMYhG0A

9:58 am: Heavy front end damage on small passenger car. No life threatening injuries however. 1 party transported pic.twitter.com/T2H0KZeD

9:58 am: we are at a 2 vehicle accident on northbound Cooper Street and California.

The accident was at the 2800 block of S Cooper Street. The crossroad is 1100 California Lane.

10:14 am: performing a traffic stop on S Cooper St for a brake light violation. She will be issued a verbal warning. pic.twitter.com/llsoztLz

10:25 am: Sgt Cook briefing our Japanese Media guests on an incident that occured this past Sun. pic.twitter.com/nGAwbEF8

10:49 am: light at Americana and S Cooper St is out. Traffic unit is Onscene working on it. pic.twitter.com/acVi6acA

11:06 am: performing a traffic stop w/b I20 at Park Springs. pic.twitter.com/N4CfrbN7

11:07 am: driver of the vehicle received a citation for speeding. He was going 79 mph in a 60 mph.

11:10 am: Sgt Cook issuing the citation. pic.twitter.com/TERPXjp0

11:13 am: @NBCDFW NBC Arlington reporter Mola talking to Noboru abt how twitter & social media helps our local media pic.twitter.com/w9YNVNeg

11:19 am: enroute to an investigation call in south Arlington.

11:34 am: vic was stabbed in the leg & sus fled the scene. At this point investigation will continue on what occured pic.twitter.com/pxuCidxj

11:54 am: Noboru is providing interview on why the Japanese media flew down to visit with APD on social media pic.twitter.com/zrSf8rEp

@NBCDFW Mola working hard in this heat! http://pic.twitter.com/sZ9qQTug

12:03 pm: Well folks. Everyone is getting hungry so gonna stop in for some Hibachi at Nagoya Japanese eatery near Parks Mall

12:37 pm: Getting a lesson on chopsticks from Noboru. They are enjoying their visit. pic.twitter.com/B0k9W86C

12:41 pm: Lunch almost ready. pic.twitter.com/uiMa7Rqo

12:43 pm: We will be back in a few… pic.twitter.com/qU3I5VLr

(Lunch Time)

2:02 pm: we are Onscene on an investigation where an officer needed assistance on east side.

2:05 pm: Ofcr. McDonnell interviewing a person in relation to this investigation. pic.twitter.com/CPzwEBWZ

2:06 pm: Sgt. Yowell briefing the Japanese media that this call is unrelated to a burglary investigation from earlier pic.twitter.com/KAQTD6Cu

2:24 pm: we stopped vehicle with expired inspection on East side. pic.twitter.com/lGt5iXi3

2:45 pm: driver was cited for no insurance, exp inspect & no valid dl. He didn’t have any ID on him so we had to investigate who he was.

2:58 pm: Sorry folks, the #tweetalong is going to be over an hour early. We have lots to do with our Guests with behind the scenes stuff at APD!

2:59 pm: thank u so much for following us! C ya in less than 2 weeks! As always, be safe out there!

More TweetAlong:

4:14 pm: We caught up w/Police Chief Theron Bowman who is now interim DCM over Neighborhood Svc. He spoke to media pic.twitter.com/os5A5Re5

4:17 pm: The Japanese media were very grateful in being able to meet with Chief Bowman at conclusion of event today pic.twitter.com/ZE44rREi

4:39 pm: Asst. Police James Hawthorne interviewing w/Japanese media on the significance of social media. pic.twitter.com/pTCM0NRv

4:42 pm: Ofcr. Zhivonni McDonnell speaking with @wfaachannel8 @MarcusMoorewfaa on social media and tweetalongs pic.twitter.com/RHCm5KRV

[@patrickmwalker1 asked: What do Noboru, Mayumi and Hiro think about the #tweetalong? What has their reaction been?  Answer from @ArlingtonPD:  so far it is very interesting. Every step is very amazing.

Arlington PD #tweetalong 05/22/2012

The following is a transcript of the @ArlingtonPD  Tweetalong Friday 05/22/2012.  Everything is written verbatim as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]

9:24 am: Sgt Cook & Ofcr McDonnell are all set to go for our Tweetalong! Enjoy! pic.twitter.com/25z04SAL

9:47 am: Dispatched to Bowen Square Apartments reference a male slumped over the steering wheel.

9:48 am: Upon arrival, person was located actually sleeping in the truck but does not belong in this complex pic.twitter.com/IeEMunRk

9:50 am: Suspect was taken into custody for several misdemeanor warrants out of Arlington pic.twitter.com/kKXrlQYO

10:11 am: Backing up Motor Officer Heisel who made traffic stop for speeding. pic.twitter.com/9VrjwOaK

10:15 am: we are enroute to a disturbance on west side.

10:27 am: on repos it is a civil matter. When officers arrived there was no disturbance & repo service left the loc pic.twitter.com/tMN9Td3Y

11:06 am: Dispatched 2 residential alarm in South Arlington neighborhood. Homeowner left his back door slightly open pic.twitter.com/5IIgm0p8

11:07 am: when a door is unlocked or left open, officers will make entry into the house to make sure there is no one at the loc.

11:08 am: homeowner arrived after officers cleared the home. Homeowner left the back door open by mistake.

11:09 am: China, the dog, greeted us as we made entry into the home. pic.twitter.com/5NppH44s

11:26 am: Quick lunch at a local Arlington cheesesteak shop. Be back in a few. pic.twitter.com/9vsvLeOc

12:38 pm:  Just performed a traffic stop on I20 and gave them a warning for speeding.

12:58 pm: Dispatched to a theft in progress at local Walmart. Loss prevention provided suspect description along with suspect vehicle desc

1:04 pm: Officer located the suspect vehicle leaving the scene and stopped it on Little Road pic.twitter.com/ZMBrmQuO

1:11 pm: Based on investigation both suspects arrested for theft. Ofcr. McDonnell securing one suspect pic.twitter.com/xJ5y7e5l

1:15 pm: Sgt. Cook explaining suspects took several items without paying and refused to stop for loss prevention pic.twitter.com/xlakQwxl

2:04 pm: Sgt. Cook & Ofcr. McDonnell getting tour of Moritz Animal Wellness Center. pic.twitter.com/S8EqdE8n

2:05 pm: Arlington has a beautiful animal facility. We will highlight one community aspect each tweetalong pic.twitter.com/PkBUUI34

2:06 pm: Ofcr McDonnell receiving information on what happens when an animal is found or abandoned. pic.twitter.com/7AtRSLK2

2:10 pm: anyone interested adopting a ball python? Contact Animal Services at 817-459-5898 pic.twitter.com/jzfyu5GA

2:10 pm: a golden brown rabbit will be ready for adoption tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/SIfTruYs

2:12 pm: they have all kinds of animals! There’s even a ferret ready for adoption later on today! pic.twitter.com/8pYW4bi9

2:13 pm: Even a 22 lb cat 🙂 pic.twitter.com/l3DPJLb6

2:15 pm: Luke needs a home. He was adopted twice already. He is full of energy and is a big lap dog! pic.twitter.com/PaMILPqP

2:16 pm: a kitten hanging around waiting to be adopted. pic.twitter.com/SlbkW2fw

2:18 pm: Jackie & Brittany meet their potential dog they may want to adopt. pic.twitter.com/eTb2Zmvp

2:19 pm: super cute! One brown eye and one blue eye dog for adoption. pic.twitter.com/OFTBYqp8

2:20 pm: animal services is running a special until May 27…adoption fee for $45.00 pic.twitter.com/9Dul1wvd

2:21 pm: we are enroute to a disturbance on east side off of Matlock.

2:23 pm: we were disregarded from the disturbance.

2:31 pm: just rolled up on a major accident on Pioneer/360. Minor injuries and clearing roadway now. pic.twitter.com/anvVXC2Z

3:15 pm: we are currently on an investigation off of Truman on north side.

3:19 pm: Driver received citation for expired inspection, registration & no insurance. pic.twitter.com/1ubDVLAU

3:20 pm: In Arlington if u r stopped and have no insurance w/prior convictions we will tow ur car.

3:22 pm: Sgt Cook is performing an inventory of the veh before it is being towed to safe guard personal property. pic.twitter.com/nLkph7bb

3:26 pm: The vehicle will be taken to the pound. He will need to provide current insurance to retrieve the veh. pic.twitter.com/WtZrAMhG

[Word is the Driver pulled into someone’s driveway and pretended “he” knew them]

3:49 pm: Thanks everyone for joining us on our tweetalong! We had fun and we will keep u informed on when our next one will be!

[Thank you to Sgt Cook & Officer McDonnell]

Arlington PD #tweetalong 05/03/2012

The following is a transcript of the @ArlingtonPD  Tweetalong Friday 05/03/2012.  Everything is written verbatim as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]

[Today’s tweetalongs follows officers on day shift (7am – 4pm) Note: Times listed are times when tweets were posted – Not actual times of response.]

7:08 am:  North side briefing starts at 7 am sharp. Officers are getting briefed by Sergeant Richard Grimmett. pic.twitter.com/1KreS4eW

7:09 am:  Lieutenant Mike Holguin makes several announcements to the Officers before hitting the streets pic.twitter.com/XwxZqKLr

7:12 am: Typical patrol day includes briefing, getting keys to assigned car, checking equipment, and going “in-service” which we call 10-8 on radio

7:13 am: Officers getting their keys to their vehicles for the day pic.twitter.com/f0UvI1LZ

7:17 am: Officer Armstrong and Police Service Assistant Cortez issuing keys. pic.twitter.com/aXtew54P

7:23 am: Field Training Officer Kantzos training Officer Robles this morning. He is in his last training phase. pic.twitter.com/zqDGoqdu

7:25 am: Sgt. Cook and Officer McDonnell heading out on the Tweetalong today. Hope you enjoy the ride. pic.twitter.com/xwdvRC7V

7:26 am: PSA Cortez has been w/the dept for over a year. Her duties include traffic control, offense rprts, etc. pic.twitter.com/f3G3BQT2

8:12 am: Remember ‘click it or ticket’! Passenger received citation for not wearing his seatbelt. pic.twitter.com/LXaG9NPB

8:26 am: We stopped a veh reference an expired inspection. Driver was cited for no valid driver’s license pic.twitter.com/MUz5DPGr

8:29 am: Motor Officer Garcia stopping violator for alleged 49/35 on Collins. We just stopping by checking on him. pic.twitter.com/Q6NWxOeT

8:52 am: Vehicle was stopped for exp inspection and driver was issued a warning pic.twitter.com/U758IkmK

9:26 am: Dispatched to a suspicious person call, possibly smoking marijuana. When officers arrived there was no one at loc

9:27 am: After the call we were flagged down by apt mgr ref a suspicious male walking around complex. Made contact w/male- no offense

10:07 am: Assisted officers on a domestic call ref a female arguing with a male. No offense

10:12 am: We were enroute to an investigation call where a gun was possibly involved. Officer determined it was a Grand Prairie offense

10:25 am: We were redirected to apartment complex on West side where a 4 YOA and 2 YOA child were found walking unattended.

10:27 am: Officer McDonnell talks to the kids. The Apartment manager located the children and they are safe in the office pic.twitter.com/jCyQhJ2y

10:27 am: West District Officers will continue to investigate this call and locate parents.

10:41 am: West District Officer briefing supervisors on this child call. pic.twitter.com/iYBk3ApJ

10:55 am: Preliminary details… 4 YOA little girl found by resident walking common area of apt. complex. When we went to where child….

10:57 am: …lives, we located a second little girl age 2. The 4 year old said she was babysitting. We are attempting to locate parents.

11:21 am: We are still at this call with the kids. The officers are in contact with the mom and are still investigating.

12:32 pm: Children are safe and CPS just arrived on scene. They will determine the welfare of the children

[Good Job Officer McDonnell & Srgt Cook]

12:47 pm: Officer McDonnell did several interviews with @FOX4 @NBCDFW @wfaachannel8  pic.twitter.com/WZbVfVDR

12:54 pm: Taking a quick lunch break at Spring Creek.

[Officer McDonnell and Seargant Cook on Lunch Break]

1:55 pm: Sent to 911 hang up at suite at Cowboy Stadium. The tenant said he misdialed with his fingers pic.twitter.com/jYzQsXtk

[if you do misdial, always stay on the line to inform dispatcher. We still have to respond but details are better – via @arlingtonPD]

2:06 pm: Motor Officer D.Sheriff getting the 411 on Twitter. He just signed up to be our 3,000th follower. pic.twitter.com/s7ws7oCd


2:35 pm: Doing a community contact with Principal Erma Nichols at Turning Point High School pic.twitter.com/ck9tWulG

3:38 pm: We R investigating a call that came out as a kidnapping call however trying to determine if it’s an assault call or kidnapping

3:39 pm: East District officers interviewing a witness to determine what exactly is going on.

3:43 pm: location where the incident occured pic.twitter.com/eFFzwfQB

3:46 pm: Officers gathering details about what took place pic.twitter.com/EcYrhoBb

4:16 pm: Ofcrs loc the Vic. It was determined it wasn’t a kidnapping but it was a domestic, possibly a dom assault pic.twitter.com/NRCwCoEL

[Did you know that domestic assault calls are one of the most dangerous calls officers go on?]

4:19 pm: Good job Officers for thoroughly investigating the call pic.twitter.com/o7NBYHN2

4:25 pm: Well, it’s about time for us to go 10-7 (end our shift). Thank u for following us on our tweetalong! C y’all on our next one, May 22

[Thank You to Officer McDonnell and Seargant Cook of the ArlingtonPD for providing this tweetalong]

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