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.@DallasPD Calls – November 16, 2012

Dallas Police Calls (via Twitter – @DallasPD)

As with tweetalong/call transcript – The times listed below are the times in which the tweet was received and does not necessarily correspond with the actual time of the call.

11:00 am:  7628: 1200 Compton Street body found in a creek.

Unexplained Death – 1200 Compton Street fb.me/1XPOV9k79

11:25 am:  5840: officers heading to a disturbance where male fighting female in apt complex in the 7900 MD Love Frwy.

11:39 am:  5840: we are taking one into custody for family violence assault. Male Suspect assaulted his live in girlfriend.

11:50 am:  7628: unidentified male found deceased in creek bed 1200 Compton by an officer investigating area for illegal dumping.

02:37 pm:  5840: On a call with male sniffing paint and causing a disturbance at a thrift store at Jefferson and Llewellyn. He says he is hiighh.

02:47 pm:  5840: Suspect is going to City Detention Center for public intoxication.

02:59 pm:  5840:Robbery occurring at 113 E. Jefferson/family dollar. Suspect is demanding money from the clerk. Clerk unable to open register. Suspect fled.

03:02 pm:  5840: officers are driving the area looking for a B/M  suspect tall slim, carrying a gun wearing white cap, sunglasses, black pants and camo boots.

03:10 pm:  5840: another Robbery has just occurred on Zang Blvd. Suspect pointed a gun and demanded money.   Suspect wearing blue sweater and blue jeans.

03:13 pm:  5840: Suspect on Zang robbery is driving a blue PT Cruise. Air-One in the air assisting in search. May have Suspect in sight.


Fourth Anual “Over the Edge” Benefit for Special Olympics via @DallasPD

Source via @DallasPD

4th Over the Edge benefit 4 Special Olympics. SWAT belaying those brave enough 2 rappel over side of bank bldg. pic.twitter.com/yqZTcIS

SWAT assisting rappeller. Going on now @ Bank of America on 12th Street. pic.twitter.com/NinUF0z8

Over the Edge fundraiser going on until 5:30 pm. pic.twitter.com/rOi3OaEy

89 people expected to rappel BOA building. yfrog.us/5fco8ymwzpsucr…

High winds make the rappelling a challenge. pic.twitter.com/hmdHNWB3

SWAT assisting rappelers on the roof. pic.twitter.com/AUZOkjgY

news station interviewing one of the athletes pic.twitter.com/NZofJFT0

Constable Beth Villarreal is going over the edge around noon.

Teaching rappel basics to folks about to rappel from building. pic.twitter.com/rqdd3qB9

Demo of rappel positioning pic.twitter.com/6jK1gs4J

From the roof of the BOA building, rappelers are going 16 stories down. pic.twitter.com/YLZvUm52

Over the Edge is biggest fundraiser 4 Special Olym. Exper. Rappelers and 1st time rappelers are participating. pic.twitter.com/Lb1in4az

Chief Dye of Grand Prairie PD is about to rappel. pic.twitter.com/knySsjWA

Chief Dye and Josh prepare to rappel pic.twitter.com/8wsF2pRO

Chief Dye going over. pic.twitter.com/9RE1QWGS

Staging area where each person outfitted. pic.twitter.com/1WNnLfmV


Dallas PD #tweetalong 06/07/2012

The following is a transcript of the @DallasPD  Tweetalong Friday 06/07/2012.  Everything is written verbatim as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]

[Today’s tweetalongs follows officers on day shift.  Note: Times listed are times when tweets were posted – Not actual times of response.]

9:10 am : I’m at the Quartermaster changing out rain gear I had since ’88 for a wet day in patrol. Tweetalong will start shortly

9:24 am: Fyi…for our followers. Don’t want to confuse you this morning.

9:24 am: We have an officer participating in the tweetalong who is in patrol & we will also have tweets coming from the Safer Dallas Better Dallas.

[Safer Dallas/Better Dallas]

9:26 am: gt. Warren Mitchell will be twitting from patrol.

9:48 am: Southwest officers are working accidents on Ledbetter, Walton Walker, and Burns.

10:08 am: DallasPD is hosting Safer Dallas Better Dallas meeting at headquarters this morning to honor those who helped fund programs to fight crime

10:10 am: 2012 goal for SDBD reached – equipping 14 bait cars

10:12 am: Meeting with investigators to execute a warrant somewhere in Dallas

10:14 am: Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano addresses the meeting to discuss city goals on public safety yfrog.com/h0rnoivj

10:21 am: Crime in Dallas is down 10% today.

10:25 am: There are about 119 overt cameras throughout Dallas. Most are monitored.

10:28 am: Downtown cameras aided in the arrest of suspect robbing a seizure victim at the Greyhound bus station.

10:30 am: GPS technology is in use in the bait car program. Has video, audio and car can be locked remotely.

10:32 am: Every time bait car is disturbed, an alarm is activated in Fusion Center

10:34 am: BMV accounts for 25% of crime in Dallas.

[BMV: Burglary of Motor Vehicle]

10:38 am: 2004 Bait technology first introduced in Dallas. In 2004 there were 15,000+ bmv/auto theft. Now, 7,000 bmv/auto thefts a year.

10:40 am: DallasPD hopes to replicate that success by expanding to bait houses to catch burglars.

10:49 am: Goal is to bundle available technologies and deploy them in high crime areas of Dallas. 27 hot spots have been identified.

11:01 am: Paul Johnson with JLB Partners presents check for $30,000 for crime fighting efforts.

11:03 am: Donors to Safer Dallas Better Dallas to help fund crime fighting technologies yfrog.com/o0ngcflj

11:07 am: Donors have also funded dogs for Narcotics Division – 3 dogs have made significant impact

11:08 am: The 3 dogs are Jan, Andy and Cody.

11:10 am: Officer Xavier Hernandez on one a T3 yfrog.com/nth47ygj

11:12 am: Be on look out for W/f/35 long gray hair wearing hoody carrying sledge hammer threatening people around Frances/Sheldon.

11:23 am: Correction – Paul Johnston of JLB Partners

12:18 pm: Dpd and DFR at the scene of a major accident NB Walton Walker at Illinois.  pic.twitter.com/GEOMaUpu

1:19 pm: Eating lunch and a gentleman came up to thank us for the work we do. Its those small thank you’s that makes the job worth wild

1:31 pm: Shooting at 400 N Willomet in SW Dallas. Comp shot with a pellet rifle. Susp fled wb on Davis St.

3:52 pm: 7736: In case you’re wondering, badge #’s of the media officer tweeting will now be at the start of all dept. tweets.

4:04 pm: 7736: The badge #’s of the media officer tweeting can be found on the dept’s Twitter profile page. @DallasPD

4:21 pm: Dallas Police Department Partners with the Community in an Effort to Reduce Crime fb.me/1dWLs9rCW

Dallas PD Tweets 06/02/2012

The following is a transcript of tweets from @DallasPD  Saturday 06/02/2012.  Everything is written verbatim as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]

[Times posted are the times at which the comments came through twitter & not the actual times of responses.]

10:03 am: Don’t forget to join Chief Brown today at Chief on the Beat at Grace Temple Church 831 W 10th Street ,10a-2p

10:26 am: Rodriguez Family enjoying Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/etNMbSW1

10:35 am: Dallas Police crime fighting dog McGruff interacting at Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/U5r6Loya

10:41 am: Dallas Council Member Delia Jasso ,District 1 enjoying Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/D8HXcE82

10:46 am: Chief Brown,Emily Lopez Fox 4 news,and Levi Williams Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/ucbpJpbG

11:00 am: Chief Brown,Emily Lopez,Levi Williams,and Dallas City Council Delia Jasso at Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/Rzji4TVQ

11:11 am: Emily Lopez of Fox 4 News Speaking at Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/t4mqQk4w

11:16 am: Chief Brown speaking at Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/Hcsmrj86

11:27 am: Chief Williams of the Dallas Police Dept. Southwest Patrol Division speaking at Chief on the beat pic.twitter.com/fHVXNH3D

11:30 am: Dallas County Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia speaking at Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/1k7memLP

11:33 am: City of Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano speaking now at Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/MOucVtPq

11:39 am: Ms. Juhee Baek singing Korean Folkore song at Chief on the Beat pic.twitter.com/128IXMVg

4:18 pm: Dallas Police Swat Team responded to a barricaded person near hillcrest and nw hwy. The subject is in custody.

4:20 pm: Initial report indicates the person had requested to be shot by police.

4:23 pm: The initial call was about a man slumped over his vehicle. When officers arrived he would not show his hands.

4:26 pm: He began yelling “kill me. Kill me. You know thats what you want to do.” Officers secured the area and called swat.

4:29 pm: Once he was taken into custody, officers determined he was not armed and had a physical limitation that prevented him from showing his hands

4:29 pm: The man has been taken in for evaluation.

4:53 pm: Dallas Fire and Rescue responded to a person who was slumped over in his vehicle at Hillcrest and Northwest… fb.me/2arO6tRYA [This is in relation to the above SWAT call] (sorry, there appears to be a problem w/ the link)

5:03 pm: Swat officers used a 40man millimeter imapct weapon to assit in taking the man un custody. This is often refered t0 as a beanbag round.

5:58 pm: Just been notified of a police involved shooting in the 3600 block of Folklore. No officer injured.

5:59 pm: A media relations officer is on the way to the scene to get more information.

5:59 pm: More information will be sent as it becomes available.

6:09 pm: We will be tweeting from the scene shortly.

6:12 pm: There has been an officer involved shooting in the 3600 block of Folklore Trail. No officer has been injured. A… fb.me/1L3jfWPXb

6:23 pm: The police involved shooting occured during a traffic stop. The suspect was hit and has been transported to the hospital.

6:47 pm: So everyone is aware, this is what happens after a police involved shooting…

6:48 pm: Detectives from the Special Investigations Unit and Internal Affairs Division respond to the scene to review the incident……

6:49 pm: A lot of information is not released until they have been briefed.

6:54 pm: At the scene of police involved shooting , media looking on pic.twitter.com/DGFwfmBI

7:04 pm: Sgt. Mitchell updating media on police involved shooting pic.twitter.com/qOB0FiH0

7:14 pm: At the scene of the police involved shooting pic.twitter.com/rtfJQs79

7:20 pm: Officer stopped a veh on traffic at 3600 Folklore. Officer encountered the driver with a gun. Officer fired his weapon to protect himself.

[Stay Tuned for Actual Tweetalongs from the Dallas PD]

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