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Are we worth $5 a month?

There have been a  few people out there who have  stepped up and done what they could to help DAN out and to those we say  – Thank you.

We Still need more help though.

If every follower could donate $5 there we would be enough to correct this equipment failure issue we’ve been having and have some left over for the next issue.  We realize of course that not everyone can give $5 every month, but even $1 a month can make a huge difference in our ability to continue to provide you with the information we do!!

The DFW Alerts Network is not a large company with money at our disposal.  Nor do we have major sponsors or backers providing us with the funds necessary to keep this going.  It is made up of only a few of us doing what we can out of our own (dwindling) back pockets.  You may think that there is no cost in doing what we do (after all aren’t we just tweeting and ReTweeting??) But even just “tweeting  requires having “equipment” to be able to tweet from (phone, laptop, something).  But it’s not just about tweeting, it’s also about getting out there and actually reporting on what’s going on (not just ReTweeting the news from other people).  In order to do that we need working vehicles and the gas to get to where the news is.  We also need the ability to take pictures & videos of these events.

We do this for you, our followers….  Don’t you think we’re worth a $5 a month or even just a couple $$???



As you may know, we recently had a major equipment failure. It keeps us from direct contact with Twitter™ and our email.

We need your help,  If you can spare $5 – $25 you can help us fix our equipment issue. Go to: http://www.gofundme.com/siqkk and donate what you can.

Follow us on Twitter: @DFW_Alerts






Above are example photos of the graphics we would like to add to the “alert car”. The actual graphics may vary a bit, but this gives you an idea.

We desperately need a sponsor or sponsors to fund the use of the alert car for going to the scene of accidents, fires, and the like.

The sponsor(s) would provide funds for fuel, tires, maintenance (pretty much anything to do with the car). The sponsor(s) name(s) / logo(s) will be placed on both rear quarter panels. If one company is willing to be the full sponsor,  they will also have their name displayed on the rear bumper of the car (instead of our website address). All sponsors are also displayed on our website (dfwalerts.WordPress.com) in our sponsor section and, they are made clickable (if sponsor has a website or twitter/facebook page).

Individuals may help us with vehicle expenses by sending funds (via PayPal) to: dfwalerts@live.com with the memo “ALERT CAR”.

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