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Michigan/Alabama College Football (photo courtesy @ArlingtonPD)

Officer Zhivonni McDonnell and Sergeant Chris Cook of the Arlington Police Department were at the Michigan /Alabama College Football game in Arlington, TX helping to keep everything in order & safe.  Here are some of the photographs (with tweets) taken during the evening’s activities.
A huge thanks to Sergeant Cook; Assistant Chief Ayala; Lieutenant Brown; Officer McDonnell; Detective DeWall; and Dispatchers Runyan, Schell,  Lawyer, and Alba who were on hand at the big game tonight making sure everyone was safe and behaved themselves.

Photos are courtesy of @arlingtonpd


Traffic Management Center open to keep traffic flowing efficiently & spot any trouble spots that may arise. pic.twitter.com/wzujm0kQ

who is ready for some college football?!?!?! pic.twitter.com/sDM8oVdy


SB Collins & Randol Mill around 3:30 pm pic.twitter.com/dcN5FWQM


Michigan fans are steadily coming into the stadium pic.twitter.com/RM5gGDBI


Crossroads Bar-B-Q smoking up some great brisket by Eddie Dean. pic.twitter.com/AC0TuBRY


Lots of Alabama fans arriving pic.twitter.com/s24dbe4s


Alabama fans traveled 12 1/2 hrs for the big game today. Southern hospitality at its best! pic.twitter.com/jtcNiapi


@SeattlePD Sgt. Elias in Arlington attending game pic.twitter.com/x5h0d93F


Michigan fans singing and having a good time! pic.twitter.com/MRPMQ6AW


Welcome 1996 & 1998 National College Michigan Hockey Champions! pic.twitter.com/e4x1ZEgf


Friendly rivalry between Michigan and Alabama fans! pic.twitter.com/pfd5YVOO


Rows and rows of RV’s line up parking lot 14 filled with fans pic.twitter.com/eDNU6CmA


Over 1,000 fans are celebrating at Fish Bone Grill across from the stadium. pic.twitter.com/jlm6AvfH


Collins and Randol Mill traffic still heavy at 6pm.  Arlington PD requested those coming to the game use alternate routes. pic.twitter.com/6nBgbuIT


All the way from Michigan to root on their team! pic.twitter.com/T9EOuSgI


Officer McDonnell and Sergeant. Cook handing out stickers to the kiddos. pic.twitter.com/cdxcXG7k


Arlington PD sky tower overlooking parking lot 12 pic.twitter.com/OkeTa994


Traveled from South Texas to root for Alabama. Very gracious to the hospitality Arlington has to offer pic.twitter.com/CLghp562


College friends from all over the United States gathered today to watch their ‘Roll Tide’ beat Michigan. pic.twitter.com/vf62NOOn


Assistant Chief Jaime Ayala serving as Commander for the big game pic.twitter.com/tnTNemnJ


Enjoying the fan experience in Arlington Texas. pic.twitter.com/F0j6coMb


Rootin’ for Michigan! pic.twitter.com/K8tswiR7


Enjoying the pre-game activities – go Alabama! pic.twitter.com/BXRdoVIy


Officer McDonnell & Sergeant Cook connecting with visitors to our Great City and ensuring they have a great fan experience pic.twitter.com/Rk9Sg17L


They have got to be Michigan’s #1 FANS!! pic.twitter.com/N06vp1lf


All the way from San Francisco to root for their team – Michigan! pic.twitter.com/E65JIOCX


Professor Charles Doering from the University of Michigan showing his school spirit. pic.twitter.com/4FKInpz6


Alabama fans from Birmingham are enjoying the festivities outside the stadium. pic.twitter.com/yNxqXidG


See, who says Michigan and Alabama fans can’t be in the same family? pic.twitter.com/tOFxsL5G


Detective Dara DeWall and Dispatcher Gwen Runyan working in Traffic Command for tonight’s big game. pic.twitter.com/pOdSNQ6l


Lieutenant Scott Brown serving as traffic commander for Michigan and Alabama football game. pic.twitter.com/YVn7ZMiP


Michigan fans staying hydrated by drinking lots of water in this 100 degree weather. pic.twitter.com/xDitwDVd


Dispatchers Dans Schell, Johnna Lawyer, & Lupe Alba working the inside radio channels for officers pic.twitter.com/aKv78Zev


We ran into thousands of fans who are excited to play this game in Arlington in best stadium in world. pic.twitter.com/t9t58jff


To see more photos from Arlington PD’s Officer McDonnell and Sergeant Cook check out their FB photo album – Alabama & Michigan Fan Experience 9.1.12

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