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2015 I-30 Rollover Accident – DFW Alerts Dashcam

This video was taken by the DFW Alerts News Dashcam as our  vehicle passed the rollover accident on I-30 near the Beach Street  exit.


5-5-15 @ 9:39PM CDT


Nine Vehicles Set on Fire Overnight , get the full story: CLICK HERE

Corpus Christi Battalion chief visits Fort Worth Fire Department

Corpus Christi Battalion chief Mickey Flores visited the Fort Worth Fire Department to learn more about a program that may help those who frequently need to call Emergency Services for help, but don’t actually need an ambulance

Solution In The Future For Frequent 911 Callers (via KRISTV News)

Fort Worth Police Looking for Man who Exposed himself to 9 year old girl.


Fort Worth Police are seeking the man who was driving this van and exposed himself to a 9 year old girl on Tuesday October 23.

Photo Credit Fort Worth PD

The incident was said to have taken place at the 2500 block of Marlin Street at about 3:09 pm.  The man was said to have on a blue shirt and was clean shaven.  The van has cargo doors on its back with thin, vertical windows. A ladder sits atop its roof.

Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Hidi Tiwater at 817.348.1157 or Crime Stoppers at 817.469.8477. All tips are anonymous.

Read the whole story via WFAA  – Fort Worth PD seeks man who exposed himself to girl.

Fire Erupts at Woodhaven Apartment Complex in Fort Worth

Read a couple of the news stories below

Star-Telegram‘Heavy fire’ erupts at Woodhaven apartment complex

WFAA Channel 8: Two-Alarm Fire Damages Fort Worth Apartments
I cannot say for sure, but I believe the fire may have ended up being a Three-Alarm

Police Response Lagging In North Fort Worth

Police Response Lagging In North Fort Worth – READ MORE (Link Edit By: JS)


  Tonight I went inside a building located in the Fort Worth Stockyards that is rumoured to have some restless spirits wandering its halls and shops.

  I started off taking some photographs then, I took a little video. The video did not turn up anything of interest. The photos however, were a different story.

I’ve posted the photos below, judge for yourself:


Ghostly Cowboy leaned against the wall?


Shadowy masses


The shadowy mass by chair changes shape


Appears to be a person sitting with their back against the display.

It should be pointed out that there was only me and one other camera man (who was beside me) in this building when these photographs were taken.

Note: You may have to save these photos and enlarge them to see the details I see.

New DFW Connector Bridge

New DFW Connector Bridge To Ease Confusing Commute – READ MORE


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