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Joint #Tweetalong – @arlingtonpd & @fortworthpd – December 20, 2012

Joint Tweetalong with @ArlingtonPd & @Fortworthpd


01:07 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Here we go! Arlington PD is here with us!

01:09 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Fort Worth PD Sargent Criado and Officer Dulworth and Arlington PD Officer McDonnell & Sargent Cook start joint tweetalong pic.twitter.com/nGgJp8lN

01:19 pm:  ArlingtonPd: The joint tweetalong has officially started! We will retweet Fort Worth PD’s calls for your convenience. Enjoy! pic.twitter.com/YA3BuaTx

01:24 pm: FortWorthPd:  Equipment check. Computer log-on. Officer Dulworth is preparing for her shift in North Division.

01:27 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  if you are listening on the scanner Sgt Cook and Officer McDonnell is 860A

01:28 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Thanks to Arlington PD for tweeting with us!

01:29 pm:  FortWorthPD Patrol cars aren’t luxurious. :-).

01:31 pm:  Fort WorthPD:  Patrol units are equipped with a radar – watch your speed. Lo-Jack monitor – in case we get in range of a stolen vehicle Lo-Jack

01:32 pm:  FortWorthPD:  On our way! Responding to a suspicious person or vehicle call.

01:34 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Red “Dispatch” field showed up on our Mobile Data Computer (MDC) to show we were dispatched to this call.

01:35 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Officer Dulworth accepted. Field turned yellow and says “En-route.”.

01:45 pm:  FortWorthPD:   Officer Dulworth spoke with the person – he checks out okay. But great that neighbors are keeping their eyes open and reporting!

01:47 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  As we are patrolling the area we are still looking out for our missing elderly person, Maria . Please contact 911 if you have any info.

01:48 pm: FortWorthPD:  Officer Dulworth’s been a officer 5 years. She loves it!

01:52 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Officer Dulworth says she doesn’t mind getting out in any weather. Enjoys her “rolling office” patrol car. Beats sitting at a desk all day!

02:00 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  We are en-route to an assault in progress call on East side. Suspect is on foot and left the scene.

02:00 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officer Dulworth. writes up her “dispo” or disposition, reporting what happened on the call. MDC tells us by voice, “Your incident has been updated.”

02:03 pm:  FortWorthPd:  I35 W already slow from downtown to Basswood. With all the new developments, two lanes is just not enough. Frustrating.

02:09 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  Officer McDonnell is interviewing one of the parties involved in the assault. The victim has requested EMS  pic.twitter.com/SqfJeCIg

02:15 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Assisted Officer Salinas on a welfare check. Citizen is safe.

02:19 pm:  FortWorthPd:  The MDC shows “Active” calls: officers have been dispatched. And “Pending” calls: needing an officer.

02:24pm:  FortWorthPD;  Officer Dulworth chooses a call in or near her beat to answer. She sees one where an officer is alone and requests to respond.

02:24 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Primary officer is taking a report of the assault and will refer to the detectives.

02:29 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Since we didn’t take the call, but assisted Officer Salinas, Salinas “sets the dispo” or writes up the report. We simply “clear the call.”

02:30 PM:  FortWorhPd:  Our MDC now reads “Av On Radio” in green. We’re ready to accept a call again. Ready to Roll!

02:36 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  we just rolled up on a major accident at Pioneer Pkwy and 360

02:40 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  No one injured in this crash. Awaiting wrecker for the truck.   All parties has insurance. pic.twitter.com/zBXfE4jq

02:54 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  there is a snapped power line on Division St. We are going to check it out. Possibly due to wind?

02:57 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Headed to assist on a burglary in progress in North Division.

03:01 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  Oncor is going to cut the line &replace it w/a new one. No traffic problems. Line in grassy area. Possibly due to high winds.

03:12 pm:  FortWorthPD:   En-route to burglary – assisting.

03:14 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  we are assisting Officers on a domestic on north side.

03:24 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Searching area for burglary suspects.

03:25 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  Officer Curry & Officer McDonnell interviewing complainant. No family violence. Suspect left scene.  pic.twitter.com/AsHyV7na

03:29 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Witnesses described suspects as three young males who left on foot.

03:35 pm:  FortWorthPd:  The officers who were originally dispatched to that last burglary call will finish up.

03:39 pm:  ArlingtonPd: On-scene at a welfare check. A caller was concerned about a neighbor’s welfare. He saw an unusual amount of birds over his house.

03:43 pm:  FortWorthPd:  First officer dispatched to a call “has the sheet” which means that officer will write up the report.

03:43 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  made contact w/the residence and everything is 10-4. He also noticed an unusual amount of birds this morning.

03:50 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Brrrrr. It’s cold out here on tweetalong with the north wind!

03:51 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Beautiful weather today. Did You Know? Officer Dulworth loves to study weather, storms, etc. ? She almost became an Aggie meteorologist.

03:52 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officer Dulworth is a UTA Maverick. She has a B.A. in criminal justice.

03:53 pm:  FortWorthPd:  And Officer Dulworth wanted to be a police officer when she was little. She says this is her dream job!

03:55 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Traffic stop

03:56 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Driver did not use turn signal at intersection.

03:59 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Did you know? Hardened criminals are often discovered through minor traffic stops.

04:01 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Driver cannot find insurance card. But, Officer Dulworth checks and finds that she does have valid insurance. No citation. Warning only this time.

4:04 pm:  FortWorthPd:  FYI: If you have a CHL (Concealed Handgun License), tell the officer right away. Whether you have a gun with you or not.

04:18 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officer Dulworth conducts a traffic stop. The operator was happy to know that FWPD also gives warnings. pic.twitter.com/D5TS2xoc

05:08 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Back in-service after having to perform vehicle maintenance.

05:16 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Enjoying our tweetalong with @fortworthpd finest! @DallasPD need to join us soon 🙂 pic.twitter.com/YiYHaqtf

05:17 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Stopped by Communications to see our 911 operators, our dispatchers and our Police Information Center.

05:24 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  En-route to a disturbance call on north side.

05:32 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  On scene of disturbance call in North Arlington pic.twitter.com/5FE9C0BK

05:39 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  young man had an argument w/his family. Officers are still investigating the call.

05:39 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  En-route to a commercial alarm call right down the street.

05:52 pm:  ArlingtonPd: home builder arrived on-scene. We walked through location and everything 10-4.

06:10 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  assisted officers on an unknown situation.

06:11 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  during the investigation, the elderly man had fallen down and hurt himself. This will be a medical call. pic.twitter.com/1jyuWWdu

06:19 pm:  FortWorthPd:  It’s a safe and quiet night in FW. Gonna head over to the First United Methodist Church at 800 W 5th St for the Candlelight Vigil.

06:42 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Candlelight Vigil for NewTown. Teddy Bears from FWPD for children @FUMCFortWorth pic.twitter.com/9jp3YYJ8

06:44 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Candlelight Vigil is at 1st Methodist Fort Worth for Newtown

06:56 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Our Hispanic Citizen Police Academy Graduation is about to start at City Hall.

07:08 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Congratulations to 34 graduates who completed the 11 week course! pic.twitter.com/T22Sy3rW

07:10 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Arlington Honor Guard presenting Colors at graduation pic.twitter.com/ZlE5xIOK

07:10 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Mayor Price read a heartfelt letter of support to the selectmen of Newtown, CT.

07:13 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Assistant Chief Jaime Ayala is going to present certificates to the 34 graduates tonight of Class #23  pic.twitter.com/nlUAJ9OM

07:14 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Texas State Poet reads a carol entitled Twenty Angels.

07:18 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Texas State Poet reads a carol entitled Twenty Angels.

07:23 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Chief Halstead said three words that give us strength to get us through in these times: Faith. Family. Forgiveness.

07:28 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Academie De Policia Para Residentes Hispanos Otono 2012. Felicidades Clase 23! Gracias de nuevo por su participacion

07:28 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  (English Translaiton):  Police Academy Fall 2012 Hispanic residents. Congratulations Class 23! Thanks again for your participation

07:35 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Welcome to Twitter @PlanoPoliceDept.  Getting ready to leave the graduation ceremony and go 10-8 (In-Service)

07:46 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Congrats again to all our graduates of Hispanic CPA. We run citizen academies on regular basis. Call APD 817.459.5600 pic.twitter.com/XictyXeF

07:51 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  we are en-route to a report of a theft that had just occurred . Suspect took victim’s cell phone in a parking lot.

07:52 pm:  FortWorthPd:  A candle is lit as the names and age of the children and adults victims are read. Cpl. Tracey Knight assisted.

08:04 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  See video of Officer McDonnell on this Theft from person call  youtu.be/wCUWIS37GkA

08:12 pm:  Arlington Pd:  southbound traffic at Matlock and Pioneer Pkwy is closed due to a 3 vehicle crash.

08:14 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Video of crash scene at Pioneer & Matlock. Wrecker on scene. No injuries reported. Clearing call youtu.be/4jz7RY2b1vE

08:27 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Headed to assist medstar.

08:30 pm:  FortWorthPd:  medstar requested assist.

08:40 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Medical call. Elderly man fell & needed medical assist. Medstar attending

08:42 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Southbound Matlock at Pioneer Pkwy is now open. Drive safely

08:47 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Remember to regularly check on your elderly friends\relatives who live alone. Especially in these winter months.

08:49 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  On-scene at an emergency domestic. The suspect made threats to his family.  pic.twitter.com/c87hjgRB

08:51 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Sargent Norman updating Sargent Stout on the details of the emergency domestic. They are still investigating the call. pic.twitter.com/iLT2Y21R

09:11 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officers. Dulworth & Miller arrested an intoxicated man. Transporting to jail.

09:26 pm:  FortWorthPd:  arrest requires lots of paperwork: Jail booking, affidavits, magistrate warnings and more.

09:27 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Jail officers are familiar with this particular man.

0932 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officer Dulworth refreshing Sargent Criado on jail paperwork procedures. 😉 pic.twitter.com/i0eUeGFB

09:41 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  on-scene at a residence to make possible contact with a suspect who was involved in a robbery.

09:55 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Sargent Cook, Officer Peschke & Officer Rodermund make contact with the residence to gather information. pic.twitter.com/1lukwMl3

09:57 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Well that concludes our tweetalong for tonight! Thank you Fort Worth PD for joining in the fun! Stay tune for our holiday jingle…be safe!

09:58 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Happy Holidays From APD Video.  See ya on next one youtu.be/IrbMQe97Jgw

10:26 pm:  If you love @ArlingtonPD Twitter, please Like our Facebook.com/ArlingtonPolice fan page. We are almost at 6,000 likes.

Arlington Police, Fort Worth Police and DFW Alerts Network Wishes you a Happy and SAFE Holiday Season!!

NBC5 Investigates: Distractions While Driving for Police Officers in N. Texas

According to an investigation done by NBC5 – Investigates, There are have been 18 crashes with the Arlington PD and 15 with the Fort Worth PD in the last couple of years.  Other departments across North Texas have also shown a relatively high number of crashes.  These crashes have been mostly due to distractions in the Police Cars – mainly there on-board computers.  Policy changes have been made that severely limit the use of these computers while driving.  One button responses are allowed, but anything more requires that the officer pull over.  In the past many departments simply urged officers to pull over for when texting more than one button responses; Now, it has become enforceable policy for many departments.
Scott Friedman, Eva Parks, Peter Hull, and Shane Allen contributed to the investigation report
Read the Three Part Series:

Distractions Lead to Frequent Police Crashes in Texas

Arlington Police Changing Driving Policy Following NBC 5 Investigation

Fort Worth Police Ban Typing While Driving

Fort Worth Police Looking for Man who Exposed himself to 9 year old girl.


Fort Worth Police are seeking the man who was driving this van and exposed himself to a 9 year old girl on Tuesday October 23.

Photo Credit Fort Worth PD

The incident was said to have taken place at the 2500 block of Marlin Street at about 3:09 pm.  The man was said to have on a blue shirt and was clean shaven.  The van has cargo doors on its back with thin, vertical windows. A ladder sits atop its roof.

Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Hidi Tiwater at 817.348.1157 or Crime Stoppers at 817.469.8477. All tips are anonymous.

Read the whole story via WFAA  – Fort Worth PD seeks man who exposed himself to girl.

#FWPD Officers’ retirements cut according to @fwpoa

Fort Worth Police Officers packed the Council Chambers this morning to await the vote on their retirement cuts.

According to @FWPOA  Bill Leonard of the @FTWChamber gave the Fort Worth City Council inaccurate information based on “assumptions”.


In the end, elected council voted to CUT police officers retirement benefits.


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Fort Worth City Council approves major changes in employee pension

Police Response Lagging In North Fort Worth

Police Response Lagging In North Fort Worth – READ MORE (Link Edit By: JS)

Fort Worth Police Seek Leads on Serial Robber

Fort Worth Police Seek Leads on Serial Robber, READ MORE   (via @NBCDFW)

you can find the Fort Worth Police Website at www.fortworthpd.com  and follow them on Facebook at “InsideFWPD

Fort Worth Police Explorer Program

Copied from the FWPD FaceBook page (Inside FWPD)


Fort Worth Police Explorer Program

What is the Explorer Program?

Exploring is an education and experience based program designed to help young people develop into mature, caring and responsible adults.

The Exploring program focuses on character development and career education. Learning for Life programs help youth develop social and life skills, assist in character and career development, and help youth formulate positive personal values. It prepares youth to make ethical decisions that will help them achieve their full potential. It builds an avenue for public/private partnerships that provides a means to support our mission to protect and serve. As individuals, the youth involved give back to their community by completing hundreds of hours of community service each year. They become role models for their peers and friends and serve as catalysts for positive police relations in our communities.

What Do the Explorers Do?

Explorers provide assistance to the Fort Worth Police Department and the City of Fort Worth by volunteering their time at various community events or activities. Some of these activities include crime fairs, Cow Town brush up, Burglary of Motor Vehicle Awareness program, child safety programs, traffic direction, football games, and parades. Through weekly post meetings that Explorers attend they learn about various law enforcement techniques and practices such as arrest, search and seizure, fire arms safety, crime scene investigations, fingerprinting, handcuffing, building searches, traffic enforcement, and many more aspects of the law enforcement profession.

Ride Out Program (Job Shadowing)

After the required probation period the Ride-Out program allows Explorers to ride along with a police officer and observe them as they work in the field. This is a way that Explorers can experience law enforcement first hand and gain a better understanding of the criminal justice system

Explorer Competitions

Explorers train to compete against other Explorer teams throughout the area, state and even the nation. The Texas Law Enforcement Explorers Advisors Association (TLEEAA) holds an annual event that allows these teams to test their learned skills against one another, with the top participants and teams receiving awards for their performance.

At the state TLEEAA Competition our Fort Worth Exploring Program has received the honors of Agency of the year in 2006 as well as 2008 and has also received Post of the year in 2008.

At the National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference in 2010 our youth in the Exploring program have placed in the top 20 in the 9mm pistol competition as well as taking 2nd place nationally for White collar crimes.

Qualifications to Join

Both male and female young adults are encouraged to join. To be considered, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Age – Minimum age is 14 years old, and has completed the 8th grade can be considered. The maximum age is 21 years old.

School – Be enrolled in school and maintain at least a “C” (70) or higher GPA. They must have a high school diploma or GED if not in school.

Academy – Each candidate must complete an annual physical fitness and job function test. They must also attend and complete the required annual training academy which is held in June of each year.

Personal History

An Explorer cannot have a criminal record, to include arrests or convictions. Traffic violations do not disqualify an applicant unless it is obvious that he/she is a habitual offender. Each applicant is expected to avoid the use of illegal narcotics, alcohol or tobacco products and be sound in their health and fitness. Anyone terminated from employment based on any type of theft or deception is also a disqualifier. Anyone who has a theft offense designated as a Class B misdemeanor or higher will be a disqualifier. Each candidate must pass a background investigation and maintain a neat/clean appearance. A candidate under eighteen (18) years of age must have parental consent to enroll in the program. Our Explorers are required to adhere to our Standards of Operational Procedures in order to maintain their association in the program. After being accepted into the program, you will be required to purchase the uniforms as outlined in the Explorers’ Standard Operating Procedures.

Complete the Explorer Program Interest Form

Semi Truck overturns on I-30 backing up traffic & closing WB ramp unto University Drive

A Semi Truck carrying lumber overturns on the ramp from WB I-30 to University Drive and Backs up traffic.  Fort Worth Police are investigating the accident and say that the ramp will be shut down indefinitely.  Fort Worth Fire HazMat team was called in to siphon off approximately 300 gallons from the fuel tanks which were leaking.

The driver was not injured!!




Home #Safety from the #FWPD

NOTE: The below post is copied from the Fort Worth Police FaceBook pg and credit goes to them!!

***Safety at home***

Install effective locks on all doors and windows and be sure to use them. Never leave your door unlocked, even for a moment.

Install a peephole viewer in your door and never open your door without knowing who is on the other side.

When moving into a new home or apartment, make sure the locks are replaced or rekeyed.

If you live in an apartment, avoid being in the laundry room or garage by yourself, especially at night.

If you live alone, use only your last name and first initial on your mail box and in telephone directories.

Don’t let strangers into your home-no matter what the reason or emergency. Offer to make an emergency phone call while they wait outside.

If you come home and find a door or window open or signs of forced entry, DON’T GO IN!

Never mention that you, a friend, or a neighbor lives alone or is at home alone. In public or on a cell phone, don’t broadcast your plans so strangers can overhear.

Keep entrances well lit. It is not uncommon for a criminal to remove, unscrew, or break bulbs in entryways.

Always have your door key ready so you can enter your home without delay.

When friends or family drop you off at home or work, have them wait until you are safely inside before leaving and do the same for your friends and family.

Something going on at Walmart

Just got home from my quick run to Walmart (on McCart & Sycamore) for TP.  When I got there, there was a large crowd in parking lot @ front of store.  A uniformed Fort Worth Officer was standing outside at the doors.  Unusual, since (if you do see them) they are usually inside by the McDonalds.  Inside, there was another large crowd of people (and lots of noise = mostly chatter of people talking).  As I was getting ready to head towards the front doors, I noticed 2 uniformed officers head into the store, talk to someone.  These same 2 officers headed out about the same time apparently heading to a patrol car (parked just outside the store).

As I was going through the parking lot, I noticed 2 officers heading back to the store and a 3rd pulled out in a cruiser (ahead of me).  He went his way, I went mine….

On the way home I was stopped by a train with an Fort Worth Police Car in front of me.  This guy does u turn over the grass medium, hitting his lights and heads back in the direction of Walmart (No idea if that’s where he was heading or not).  Ohhh  btw apparently there were 2 police cars in front of me, because there was another in front of me after first one took of.

As for what’s going on at Walmart >>>>>  I have no idea


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