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Photograph: FWFD – Fire Station 29

I posted this short blog on my personal weblog Jottings and Writings, but seeing as how it highlighted FWFD Station 29 I figured I should post the link to the story here.

Project 366: Photo-A-Day July 11, 2012 – Fire Station 29

Semi Truck overturns on I-30 backing up traffic & closing WB ramp unto University Drive

A Semi Truck carrying lumber overturns on the ramp from WB I-30 to University Drive and Backs up traffic.  Fort Worth Police are investigating the accident and say that the ramp will be shut down indefinitely.  Fort Worth Fire HazMat team was called in to siphon off approximately 300 gallons from the fuel tanks which were leaking.

The driver was not injured!!




“United We Stand” – Boot Sculpture (Fort Worth Fire Station 8)

I wrote this blog a while back (in April 2012) for my personal blog (jottingsandwritings), but it really belongs here.

While giving a ride to someone I had run into when going to pay my rent, I drove past Fort Worth Fire Station #8 and saw something that caught my eye.  Of course,  I had to go back and take a picture.   I have to say that it wasn’t quite as easy as simply as turning around and going back however…  I am not familiar with that area of town and had gotten turned around several times; Then there was the fun of where to park so I could get up close enough to get a good picture.  No parking spots on the streets, nearby parking lots full (or restricted), and parking in front of bay doors of firestation – ummmm generally not a good idea.  I was, however, finally able to find a good spot and get a couple of picture.

Of course having gotten the pictures, I had to get the story behind it and did with the help of Timothy Hardeman PIO for Fort Worth Fire Department (find them on twitter and on FaceBook)

 Artist  Title  Year  Media  Location
 Eric McGehearty   United We Stand   2006  Bronze Sculpture  Fire Station 8

You can learn more at Fort Worth Public Arts  (scroll down to the area of Fire & Police)

I was told that the boots shown are called “Hip Boots” because they unfold to cover the upper part of the legs.  They were worn by firefighters in the past (I am not certain if they are still in use today).


#FWFD #Station26: Standing Ready to Serve



And Night

They stand ready to serve.

To go where ever they are called

No Matter what the time

Ready to “Protect The Wood”

Ready to provide a “Safe Place”


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