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Blog Talk Radio – Swingman with Alex Allred & Captain Marshal Allen

Today we had, Alex Allred and Captain Marshall Allen (of the Fort Worth Fire Department), the authors of the book Swingman on our Blog Talk Radio Show.  You can listen to the show Here.

The book highlights  Captain Allen’s early years and how he was shuffled from home to home with in the foster care system when, time and time again he was rejected due to ethnicity.  It talks of his struggle with depression and how an accident, that left him a quadriplegic, changed his life forever.  The book also talks about how Captain Allen & Alex Allred came to meet and how Ms. Allred (who knows a good story when she sees one) came to write what would become a book about Captain Allen’s life.

Captain Allen is truly an amazing and incredible guy who reaches out to help others,   through his own difficult experiences.  He continues to work with the Fort Worth Fire Department and to motivate others.

Swingman is a book that you will definitely want to read.  It is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and can also be gotten on Kindle .

Alex Allred and Captain Allen are currently working on another book called “How To Be A Man” which is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2013.

Authors of Swingman to be on DFW Alerts Blog Talk Radio November 07 at 2pm

Come join us at 2pm: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dfwalerts/2012/11/07/dfw-alerts-news-weather-and-traffic


Captain Allen hasCaptain Marshall Allen and Alex Allred the authors of the book “Swingman” (also made into a documentary about the life of Captain Allen after a “freak” bike accident left him paralyzed) will be on  our Blog Radio Show (November 07, 2012) at 2pm.

been with the Fort Worth Fire Department since about 1970 working as a swingman (a person who goes from station to station as needed).  He says that not everyone likes to do the job as swingman, but for him – He Loved It.  After his injury, Captain Allen continued to work for the Fort Worth Fire Department making it up the ranks to captain.  He is also a motivational speaker.  he hopes to be an an inspiration, particularly to young men, on how to conduct oneself and “How to be a Man”

If you would like to call into the show to speak to Captain Allen or Ms. Allred or ask a question you may do so at:  646-716-8898 (Because of limited space on phone lines, we ask that you only call this number if you wish to speak to the authors or ask a question).

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