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Here at DFW ALERTS, we try to get you important information in a timely manner.

Our services are free to everyone. That includes our Twitter feeds, Facebook and radio talk show.  As well as our live streams of Traffic, Weather, Accidents and News Events.

What many of you may not know is that we also (funds permitting) go out on the scenes of accidents, fires and where news is happening around DFW. In those cases, we provide you with exclusive photographs, videos and, in some cases, live streaming raw video.

When we are on a scene, we try to have water for law enforcement and emergency workers on the scene. Though, I have not heard of a case where we have refused a bottle of water to anyone who has requested one.

All of these things cost money. Here at DFW ALERTS, we rely on YOU, our followers and friends, to provide the funds and support we need to continue.


Q: How can I send funds to DFW ALERTS?
A: You can make a payment via PayPal to: dfwalertsjs@live.com

Q: I only have $5.00 that I can send, is that enough?
A: Absolutely, ANY amount that you can afford to send is very helpful.

Q: I am not sure about sending money, is there another way I can help?
A: There sure is, we can always use bottled water and small bottles of fruit juices. Also, if your company offers product(s) and/or service(s) you think might be useful to us, contact: dfwalertsjs@live.com and let us know what product(s) and/or services your company can offer. This could lead to your company being listed as a sponsor of DFW ALERTS.

Q: How can my company become a sponsor of DFW ALERTS?
A: Contact: dfwalertsjs@live.com and let us know how much (per month) your company is willing to provide for sponsorship. You can also let us know of products and/or services that your company would be willing to provide.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can help. Please feel free to contact us anytime at dfwalertsjs@live.com


DFW Alerts needs business sponsors. We are currently paying all of our expenses out of our own pockets.

We need sponsors that are willing to provide products,services and/or funds. If you and/or your business can provide any of these item to DFW Alerts in exchange for listing on our blog (with link to your website) and being added to our sponsor tweets, contact us at dfwalerts@live.com. Please use the subject: SPONSORSHIP and let us know what you and/or your company will be able to do to help us.



The DFW Alerts Network blog received 841 views this past week. We sincerely hope that some of those people clicked on your links and visited your sites as well.

We thank you for your sponsorship and what you have done to help us continue to serve the community. Whether your company/organization provides DFW Alerts with Funds, products or services, it all makes a difference.

Jamie Schatten – CAC






Above are example photos of the graphics we would like to add to the “alert car”. The actual graphics may vary a bit, but this gives you an idea.

We desperately need a sponsor or sponsors to fund the use of the alert car for going to the scene of accidents, fires, and the like.

The sponsor(s) would provide funds for fuel, tires, maintenance (pretty much anything to do with the car). The sponsor(s) name(s) / logo(s) will be placed on both rear quarter panels. If one company is willing to be the full sponsor,  they will also have their name displayed on the rear bumper of the car (instead of our website address). All sponsors are also displayed on our website (dfwalerts.WordPress.com) in our sponsor section and, they are made clickable (if sponsor has a website or twitter/facebook page).

Individuals may help us with vehicle expenses by sending funds (via PayPal) to: dfwalerts@live.com with the memo “ALERT CAR”.


DFW ALERTS is seeking companies that would be interested in providing sponsorship to us in exchange for listing on our sponsors page in this blog as well as being listed as a sponsor on our website (not yet completed) and both rear quarter panels of all DFW ALERTS owned cars (back of vans).

Potential sponsors should submit a request to: dfwalerts@live.com. DFW ALERTS will consider offers of funds, products and/or services as sponsorship. If offering products and/or services, please provide the fare market value of same.
We will contact you as quickly as possible (usually within 48 hours) with our decision.
Please note: DFW ALERTS will not accept sponsors who offer “Adult Entertainment” services. Including,  but not limited to, adult websites.

Follow us on Twitter: @DFW_Alerts

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