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#HeatSafety Tips from @info4disasters

Here are some great HeatSafety Tips from @info4disasters

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids even if you do not feel thirsty. Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol.

Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing. Avoid dark colors because they absorb the sun’s rays.

Slow down, stay indoors and avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day. Postpone outdoor games & activities. Use buddy system & take frequent breaks if work outdoors.

Check on your animals frequently to ensure that they are not suffering from the heat.


More Heat Safety Tips



Heat Index in the triple digits over the next couple weeks

With the temps in the high 90’s and heat index reaching numbers like 104 & 111 degrees.  It is important that we keep in mind those who can be the most adversely affected by this heat.  These would be very young children, the elderly and pets.  Here are some things to keep in mind!!

1) Do NOT leave young children or pets alone in the cars even to just “run into” the store.  That “minute can extend out to 2 or 3 (and escalate from there).  Firefighters remove kids from truck in parking lot

2) Make Sure your pets have plenty of water available to drink

3) Dehydration is a major issue especially in the very old & very young.  Encourage your children to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  This should be done in small quantities frequently.  How Much Water Should Children Drink Each Day?

4) The elderly can succumb quite quickly to high heat.  During a power outage they are among the most vulberable.  Get to know the elderly in your neighborhood and check up on them from time to time. During a power outage check up on them frequently…  Make sure that they get the necessary help they need.  Heat Stress in the Elderly

5) If you have a pool (or there’s one nearby) chances are your kids will be in it.  Pool Safety: 13 Steps to a Safer Backyard Pool (and checkout this link for kids – Pool Safely: Kid’s Corner

I’m sure there are many other tips that could be given, but I’ll leave it at this…..

As I always say #STAYSAFE


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