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Not only will you get 40% savings at thousands of locations nationwide, we have negotiated a discount on club membership (regularly $25) for the readers of our blog. Now readers of our blog can get their Great American Savings Pass, good at thousands of locations nationwide, for just $15.
If you are interested in getting your very own Great American Savings Pass, please contact savingsnow@outlook.com Subj: GA Savings Pass . And, let them know that you are interested in more information on the discounted GA Savings Pass for DFW ALERTS NEWS readers.
You can ONLY get this discount by mentioning DFW ALERTS NEWS. Otherwise the membership is $25.

Discount: Mention DFW ALERTS for a 10% discount on any sandcandle in the store.
Location: In La Plaza in the Historic Fort Worth, TX Stockyards

Hero Energy Shot:
Discount: Free shipping on 4-pk or larger when you use promo code: dfw. (promo-code must be lower case) GO TO SITE

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