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Joint #tweetalong with Carrollton PD and Cockrell Hill PD May 24, 2013

Note:  Times listed here are based on receipt of tweet not actual call times.

Photos are courtesy of the Carrollton PD & Cockrell Hill PD (as listed on the photos)

You can follow  Carrollton PD on Twitter @CarrolltonTXPD and on FaceBook: Carrollton Texas Police Department.  Cockrell Hill PD (new website) can be found on twitter @CockrellHillPD and on FaceBook: Cockrell Hill Police


Carrollton PD 06:16 pm: Officers are currently being debriefed by the dayshift officers on what happened throughout the city. Also attending are CPD detectives.

Carrollton PD 06:18 pm: Detectives are sharing crime trends & intelligence on offenders with oncoming officers

Carrollton PD 06:23 pm: Officers are en-route to a disturbance call where the boyfriend reportedly punched the girlfriend in the face.

Carrollton PD 06:36 pm: The male in the disturbance was arrested for Assault Family Violence.

Carrollton PD 06:40pm: Too early for a DWI arrest? Nope! Officers just arrested one at the 4600 block of N.Josey Lane.

Cockrell Hill PD 06:41 pm: Prisoner release, bonded out on Cockrell Hill PD warrants and tickets. (Please excuse the typo.) pic.twitter.com/cppilT83AA

Carrollton PD 06:41pm: The driver will now be offered the chance to provide a specimen of his blood at our jail. If he refuses, the officer will seek a search warrant.

Cockrell Hill PD 06:42 pm: Do you know the difference between bail and bond?

Cockrell Hill PD 06:43pm: Bail is the fine amount owed, once paid, you’re adjudicated and will have pleaded ‘guilty’ or ‘no contest.

Cockrell Hill PD 06:44 pm: Bond is a deposit placed to secure appearance in court. Failure to appear results in another warrant and forfeiture of bond.

Cockrell Hill PD 06:53 pm: Business check: the 7-11 gas station on Jefferson.  pic.twitter.com/ytnR5We4Q7

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Cockrell Hill PD 07:00: Business check: the Valero is very busy! pic.twitter.com/HY7OJLwIpf


Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Carrollton PD 07:07 pm: officers just arrested a patient at Baylor Medical Center who was fighting Baylor Police officers and staff. Patient had warrants.

Carrollton PD 07:09 pm: officers en route to a major accident at E. Trinity Mills and Old Denton.

Cockrell Hill PD 07:14pm: Business check: El Rancho Supermercado. Wonderful place, rich with people & culture. Be sure to visit. pic.twitter.com/rngTUPi0Kw

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Cockrell Hill PD 07:15 pm: The Fiesta Insurance mascot waves hello to greet everyone. pic.twitter.com/tyQspXLsDz

Photo Credit:  Coutesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Photo Credit: Coutesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Carrollton PD 07:17 pm: Officers arrested two adult females who stole items from Wal-Mart.

Carrollton 07:23 pm: Did you know that Part I crimes in Carrollton Year-To-Date are DOWN 20%? Part I crimes include Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Burglary, Theft, and Car theft

Carrollton PD 07:27 pm: Officers en-route to one of our high schools for a juvenile fight in progress.

Carrollton PD 07:31pm: Part I crimes Year-To-Date in Carrollton are the lowest they have been in 5 years

Carrollton PD 07:42 pm: Have you checked out our “Carrollton Top Ten Most Wanted album” on Facebook?

Carrollton PD 07:50 pm: Officers working two minor accidents in different locations in Carrollton.

Carrollton PD 07:54 pm: Texas Transportation Code 550.022  requires drivers involved in a minor accident to move their cars from the roadway if possible.

Carrollton PD 07:54 pm: Often drivers involved think that they need to leave the cars in place for officers. This is incorrect. Both should move off the road together.

{Carrollton PD states that even if there is a dispute between drivers as to cause of accident the cars need to be moved: good question.  “Damage to the cars is not going to disappear and officers simply notate statements and damage and let insurance providers decide what to do.” }

Cockrell Hill PD 08:13 pm: The rain falls as officers check on Primo’s Liquor Store. pic.twitter.com/ENEbdXpoJC

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Cockrell Hill PD 08:16 pm: Any tweetalong updates are sent after a call is finished or by an officer not on the call. Safety first.

Carrollton PD 08:18 pm: Whoa where did these storms come from? I didn’t get the memo. Some of us can’t get wet or be fed after midnight.

Carrollton PD 08:29 pm: Chow break at @ChipotleTweets.

Cockrell Hil PD 08:35 pm: Traffic stop: defective tail lamp, suspended license, expired inspection, vehicle towed, citation issued pic.twitter.com/poxTo9nLiu

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

{As per both Department Policy & City Ordinance Cockrell Hill PD tows on DWLI (Driving While License Invalid)}

Carrollton PD 08:45 pm: We’re clear and ready for calls. Think this lightning is scaring the bad guys. Slllloooowwwww.

Uhhh ohhhh did Carrollton PD just say the “S” Word….  That’s as bad as the “Q” word (>whisper< quiet)

Cockrell Hill PD 08:53 pm: Traffic stop, vehicle had flashing red and blue lights, released with verbal warning. pic.twitter.com/4D6bTXLDoO

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Carrollton PD 09:06 pm: Officer taking a report of a vehicle burglary at the Senior Center at 1720 Keller Springs Rd.

Carrollton PD 09:10 pm: Wal-Mart theft arrests total: 4

Carrollton PD 09:11 pm: Officers were dispatched to Wal-Mart for a theft in progress call. One of the suspects surrendered.

Carrollton PD 09:12 pm: The other chose to run and went to jail tired. pic.twitter.com/fgVGVT3EEV

Photo Credit:  Courtesy Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

{Shout out by @CarrolltonLions 09:26 pm: “We have the finest police force in #Texas! God bless Carrollton PD! Paws up!”}

Carrollton PD 09:28 pm: Look who came for a late night ride-along! MT Carrollton Mayor – @MatthewMarchant pic.twitter.com/7A3cdgb39v

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Carrollton PD 09:36 pm: Officers en-route to a major accident involving a car that hydroplaned on PGBT at W. Belt Line Rd. Be careful in this rain

Cockrell Hill PD 09:48 pm: All quiet in the city as the rain temporarily subsides. Please drive safely.

Carrollton PD 09:49 pm: Earlier car burglary at the Senior Center on Keller Springs was accessed via unlocked door. Phone and radio taken.

Carrollton PD 09:50 pm: Officers just arrested a driver with Carrollton warrants on a traffic stop.

Cockrell Hill PD 10:37 pm: Prisoner release: $563.00 city and $435.00 for @GrandPrairiePD. pic.twitter.com/ujsumZwpFy

Carrollton PD 10:37 pm: Responsible citizens starting to call in on possible DWI’s. Thanks for the help.

Cockrell Hill PD 10:39 pm: Please, please, please lock your cars, take your belongings and hide your valuables. Mention – Carrollton PD: twitter.com/carrolltontxpd…

Carrollton PD 11:11 pm: Officers making traffic stops and looking for intoxicated drivers.

Carrollton PD 11:12 pm: Officers responding to more accidents.

Carrollton PD 11:14 pm: Officers en-route to another disturbance where the male reportedly assaulted the female caller.

Carrollton PD 11:21 pm: Officers just arrested two subjects for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Carrollton PD 11:50 pm: Drivers without headlights on…in inclement weather. Some who have daytime running lights may forget. Please double check.

Carrollton PD 12:12 am: Suspect in disturbance was armed with scissors. Victim was able to escape. Officers had to kick the door to take suspect into custody.

Carrollton PD 12:15 am: K9 “Fax” helped officers by entering the apartment first and searching for the suspect

Carrollton PD 12:16 am: Officers en-route to a major accident on IH-35E N and W. Frankford Rd.  A vehicle has reportedly flipped.

Carrollton PD 12:24 am: K9 Fax is equipped with night vision goggles. pic.twitter.com/u5n5gT9jGM

Photo Credit:  Courtesy Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Carrollton PD 12:39 am: Ok not really but that would be cool. Here’s K9 Fax without camera flash. Some of y’all bought it though pic.twitter.com/81B3qfDn08

Photo Credit: Courtesy Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Carrollton PD 12:35 am: Right two lanes on IH-35E N NB at Frankford blocked for crash investigation. Slow down for first responders.

Carrollton PD 01:08 am: crash investigators & @TxDOT en-route to crash on IH-35E N. Multiple patients transported by FD.

Carrollton PD 01:23 am: Vehicle #1 on IH-35E N crash. pic.twitter.com/woVpOfqh6g

Photo Credit::  Courtesy of Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Photo Credit:: Courtesy of Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Carrollton PD 01:24 am: Vehicle #2 in crash on IH-35E N. pic.twitter.com/s4uM5sDSWF

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Carrollton PD 01:40 am; Earlier driver arrested for #DWI 4600 block N. Josey Lane {6:40 pm} also possessed marijuana and a gun

Carrollton PD 01:42 am: It is illegal to possess a gun in your vehicle while #DWI or possessing narcotics. Driver charged w/ Unlawful Carry Weapon.

Carrollton PD 02:08 am: PD unoccupied patrol car on IH35E crash investigation struck by another car. Driver fled but crashed in Lewisville.

Carrollton PD 02:14 am: No injuries and driver taken into custody for… guess it… #DWI . Another close call for our officers

Carrollton PD 02:29 am: Crash 1800 Keller Springs Rd. Driver hit a light pole. pic.twitter.com/bnSGIWy8y1

Photo Credit:  courtesy of Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Photo Credit: courtesy of Carrollton PD (Carrollton, TX)

Cockrell Hill PD 12:43 am: Always prepared. pic.twitter.com/yMyfFHADmM

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cockrell Hill PD (Cockrell Hill, TX)

Cockre; Hill PD 02:48 am: 3 prisoners booked in on $4,325.90 worth of CHPD warrants; notice $3,800.00 for @BalchSpringsTX warrants. pic.twitter.com/Hiov1sYAWT

Cockrell Hill PD 02:47 am: We’re about to wrap up the Tweetalong. Thanks for following and thanks to @CarrolltonTXPD for letting us join them. Have a great night.

Cockrell Hill PD 02:49 am: You can always stay tuned to our twitter account and our facebook page for updates and information.

Cockrell Hill PD 02:59 am: I posted 15 photos on Facebook in the album “Law & Order: Special ‘Tweetalong’ Unit

Cockrell Hill PD 03:02 am: [suspenseful tone] fb.me/Oj3vKZho

Carrollton PD 03:56 am:   of course we did. One male arrested after climbing onto the roof of Target. @TxDPS 101 helped! {In reply to Twitter follower:  “Just woke up to police helicopter…”move toward the spot light!” CarrolltonTXPD I take it you got the guy? ”

Carrollton PD 04:08 am: Update for those following Target call and helicopter activity….

Carrollton PD 04:10 am: Officers dispatched to a male on roof of the businesses at Josey & Trinity Mills. Officers confirmed sighting & TxDPS 101 help called.

Carrollton PD 04:11: TxDPS arrived on scene & immediately located suspect. Loud hailed suspect to surrender, which he did. Arrested. Thanks TxDPS

Carrollton PD 04:12 am: This concludes our tweetalong for tonight. We appreciate those who followed along & those who will catch up this morning.

Carrollton PD 04:12 am: We hope it gave you an insight into the good work your Carrollton officers do everyday. Check back soon for the next tweetalong

Cockrell Hill PD 04:15 am: Driver ran flashing red light, asked “Where exactly WAS the light? “I didn’t see it at all!” Remember, even a flashing red means STOP.


#AmberAlert: #FortWorth

Via Fort Worth Police Department (@FortworthPD)

Charleisa Ector, 11 yoa 503, 150 Blu Shrt, Blu Caprice
Pls call 8173354222  pic.twitter.com/kZAypCb1FC

February 01, 2013 #TweetAlong w/ @ArlingtonPD

#TweetAlong – A Virtual Ride-Along with @ArlingtonPD

7:31 pm:  Hey everyone. We will get this thing going at 8 pm. Checking out our Tahoe, grabbing equipment, and logging onto computer.

07:59 pm:  While we are getting ready to drive out of the parking lot, make sure you watched “InsideAPD” today youtu.be/WZSOz4N8wcc

8:08 pm:  As we start tonight we want to welcome 22 new Police Officers to APD who graduated from Class 45 today pic.twitter.com/REzpzdjW

08:29 pm:  On-scene on a suspicious person call at a convenience store up north.

08:30 pm:  for those following on the scanner, we are 860A tonight.

08:31 pm:  suspicious persons left the location. They apparently were handing out flyers to people in the parking lot.

08:32 pm:  on our way to a welfare check

08:46 pm:  Neighbor concerned when she could not get a hold of her elderly friend. we were able to get her to open door pic.twitter.com/jweT4uFY

08:47 pm:  We brought @ArlingtonTxFire & EMS with us in case we had to force entry.  She is ok and will be checked out

09:14 pm:  here comes the ‘Q’ word…..it’s ‘q’uiet so far…let’s see what we can get into….

09:31 pm:  we are checking the area for the suspects on an armed robbery in an apartment complex.

09:32 pm:  Apparently, two suspects stole cell phone from victim by displaying a weapon.

09:59 pm:  On scene strange call… Male called us saying he’s locked in his bedroom and can’t get out after having an argument with brother

10:02 pm:  Upon arrival, he was really locked in his room with the door bulging outward from door frame. pic.twitter.com/osanEQAe

10:02 pm:  We assisted in opening the door. He was ok and said he shouldn’t have slammed door so hard. Onto the next call

10:27 pm:  We are taking a quick break to eat. Take a look at “Inside APD” where Officer McDonnell talks about First Responder  Appreciation Day  youtu.be/KJ6W-o9t9Pw (Warning Note:  Tear jerker towards end)

10:58 pm:  Ready for a call!

11:03 pm:  On our way to a suspicious person call

11:10 pm:  There was a vehicle parked at a local park. When officers arrived they contacted a young man who was wrapping a birthday present for his wife since he forgot her birthday yesterday. He also had flowers and balloons.

11:34 pm:  Officer Henze, Sargent Vorpahl, Officer Baskin & Sargent McDonnell leaving west side briefing and ready to work! pic.twitter.com/IQjVH5Is

12:13 am:  on our way to a disturbance

12:29 pm:  call came out that subjects were yelling or fighting at an apartment complex parking lot. Officers could not locate the disturbance.

12:45 pm:  we are at a loud noise disturbance.

01:03 am:  Informed the residence to turn down their music and to take their gathering inside.

01:05 am:  It’s about time to close this out tonight. Quiet nights are good nights. Hope everyone has great weekend. Beautiful weather

01:27 am:  Our next #Tweetalong will be on Fri, Feb 15! Get ready for an exciting night w/our friends from another agency – more details to follow!


I am interested in doing Tweetalong Transcripts  for any Police/Fire Department that does them.  Also @ArlingtonPD does joint tweetalongs w/ other Departments. (The tweetalongs transcripts in link are the ones I’ve done through the DFW Alerts Network). (eMail: eapicoalerts@gmail.com)

Joint #Tweetalong – @arlingtonpd & @TampaPd – January 11, 2013

For more information on the Police Departments featured in this “Tweet-Along” go to Arlington Police and Tampa Police.  Also follow them on twitter (@ArlingtonPD & @TampaPD); On FaceBook (ArlingtonPolice & TampaPD); And on You-Tube ArlingtonPoliceMedia & TampaPoliceMediaRelations)

Two For the Price of One:  This was a joint #tweetalong with ArlingtonPD (APD) and  TampaPD (TPD)

{Note:  Times listed are when the tweets were received (not actual time calls) and are based on Central Time Zone}

{Also Note:  DUI/DWI =  Driving Under Influence/Driving While Intoxicated}

07:14 pm APD:  Welcome Tampa PD followers to Arlington, TX! We are home to the Texas Rangers & Dallas Cowboys w/population of 380,000 pic.twitter.com/im8Ie8Js

07:17 pm APD:  HOWDY @TampaPD, it’s a beautiful night – 64 degrees! Welcome to your first tweetalong!

07:29 pm TPD:  Hi @ArlingtonPD followers! Welcome to @CityofTampa home of the famous Gasparilla Pirate Invasion and #CallMeMaybe Cops!

07:35 pm TPD:  This is Sergeant Fernandez of Tampa PD DUI Unit. The fun is just starting

07:36 pm TPD:  Tampa Police on the way to its first DUI call of the night. 13 arrests last night.

07:45 pm APD:   Headed to public intoxication call!

07:49 pm TPD :  Be safe! {In Response to ArlingtonPD:  “Headed to public intoxication call!”}

07:59 pm APD: Officers responded to several males drinking in a public parking lot. Their vehicle was playing loud music pic.twitter.com/7pb6yMfz

08:01 pm APD:  Officer Alvarez informed the subjects to turn down their music & to go inside their apartment to avoid another disturbance

08:04 pm APD:  En-route to theft in progress call at grocery store

08:07 pm TPD:  Tampa’s first drunk driver heading to jail after a short fight with Officer Uno.

08:11 pm APD:  We were close by to the offense location however suspects left the scene in a black Ford F150. We checked the area.  Officers could not locate suspects after checking the area.

08:17 pm APD:  We conducted a traffic stop for a warrant region hit attached to license plate & expired registration pic.twitter.com/WWUVGnRC

08:19 pm APD:  A region warrant hit means that someone associated with that vehicle has outstanding tickets.

08:22 pm APD:  A BIG shout-Out to our Dispatchers for keeping us SAFE everyday! Thank you!

08:27 pm APD:  The driver was issued 2 citations for no valid license & no child safety seat. We would like to remind everyone to secure kiddos

08:29 pm APD:  Want to find out more about Texas Seat Belt laws and child safety systems. Go to texasclickitorticket.com

08:32 pm TPD:  We’re at the scene of a car crash…no serious injuries or alcohol involved.  pic.twitter.com/csd0KP3O

08:38 pm APD:  Just initiated another traffic stop.

08:40 pm TPD:  Just to verify who Sergeant Fernandez is as the night gets crazy.  via.me/-8pepfg2

08:41 pm APD:  Driver was issued a warning for expired registration.  Also there was a region hit but it wasn’t the driver

09:12 pm APD:  We are headed down south to see what’s going on there

09:16 pm APD:  On our way to a hit and run investigation

09:30 pm APD:  Officers investigating the hit and run with the possible suspects pic.twitter.com/jH4DMcSn

09:40 pm APD:  Watch the video on the hit and run investigation youtu.be/L92UGSG0s3g

09:48 pm APD:  On our way to an investigation!

09:50 pm TPD:  DUI Sergeant Fernandez and his officers are now patrolling known hot spots for drunk drivers. Be responsible. Don’t drink and drive!

10:07 pm TPD:  Check out this vid of one of our recent DUI arrests, while DUI units are patrolling the roadways youtube.com/

10:09 pm APD: Officers received a stolen vehicle hit based upon a Lo-Jack signal. Officers searched the area and could not locate the vehicle {For those not familiar: Lo-Jack is a “Stolen Vehicle Recovery System that can be used by police to track stolen vehicles}

10:10 pm APD: The signal went into Fort Worth  and Fort Worth PD took over the investigation pic.twitter.com/QyIMEDK4

10:20 pm TPD:  Ybor Bars are loading up. DUI units stopping cars everywhere. Keeping it safe.

10:22 pm APD: We are going to take a quick 40…anyone remember what that is?

10:38 pm APD: y’all are so good! Signal 40 means lunch break 🙂 getting quick bite to eat.

10:49 pm TPD:  Tampa DUI Units are currently testing 2 impaired drivers.

10:50 pm TPD:  YES! Any TPD dispatchers tuned in?! {In Response to ArlingtonPD “A BIG shoutout to our Dispatchers for keeping us SAFE everyday! Thank you!”}

10:50 pm APD:  In case you missed the premiere episode of Inside APD weekly news show, watch it now. Be back soon youtu.be/QE_bkyETPzM

10:56 pm APD:  Sargeant Cook tweeting while eating. We are here for y’all…trying to catch up pic.twitter.com/5jkNVEWK

11:03 pm TPD :  Another customer ending her night early. Two more testing. The 10k ride. via.me/-8pjj9k2

11:12 pm TPD:  The night is heating up in South Tampa. Number 3 on the way to jail. Zingo will drive you home.

11:14 pm APD:  We are 10-8…anyone know what means? Drum roll…..

11:20 pm APD: You got it! Back in service

11:19 pm APD: En-route to suspicious person call

11:26 pm TPD:  Corporal Ruiz catches someone driving with no drivers license in Ybor.

11:27 pm TPD:  30% of the drivers driving without headlights are DUI.

11:29 pm APD:   We checked the area and could not locate the suspect vehicle. Complainant called about a vehicle following him.

11:32 pm TPD:  Officers proactively monitoring Courtney Campbell Causeway after receiving tips about possible street racing

11:53 pm APD:  On our way to a burglary in progress on East Side

11:58 pm TPD:  DUI driver stopped for throwing cans at cab driver. He is on the way to jail from ybor

11:59 pm TPD:  DUI arrest count 7 as of 0100. Bars empty at 0300. Drive safe.

12:07 am APD:  Caller stated someone was trying to gain access into a trunk of vehicle. Officers located a subject walking in the general area

12:08 am APD:  We made contact w/subject and determined he was not the suspect. pic.twitter.com/tTOu4QDm

12:21 am APD :  Performing a bar check at a north side bar

12:40 am APD: On-scene on a traffic stop

12:54 am APD:  Subject stopped for not wearing a seatbelt & Standard Field Sobriety Tests were conducted.  He passed the tests & received citation

12:55 am APD:  On a bar check on north side

1:01 am APD:  We do bar checks to make sure they are in compliance and to make sure there is no underage drinking, etc

1:05 am APD:  On-scene on a major accident that was just dispatched

01:17 am TPD:  Five Tampa PD DUI Units leaving jail. Gearing up for the 3am bar rush. Units patrolling the entertainment areas. Take a cab.

01:23 am APD: Here is a quick look of the 2 vehicles involved in the crash. More details to follow in the video! pic.twitter.com/saBHheMT

01:43 am APD: We will tweet out more info about the accident in a bit. We are en-route to an officer who asked for assistance.

01:49 am TPD:  Bar closing. DUI 8, 9 and 10 heading to jail. Two more testing. 6 units looking to stop another DUI. Be safe going home

01:55 am APD:  We responded to a combative subject who was fighting officers. No officers were injured.

02:03 am APD:  Here’s the video update on the DWI crash before we were dispatched on this assist officer call  youtu.be/vB5owl4Rm14

02:15 am  APD:  On-scene on an investigation

02:37 am TPD:  Heading to jail with another DUI.  Tampa PD ending the night with 13 DUI arrests. No DUI crashes.  Goodnight Arlington.

03:04 am APD:  We received a call of a girl yelling for help inside a car near Park Row & Sherry. Upon arrival officers made contact with subjects

03:05 am APD:  further investigation determined that the subjects were playing and intoxicated. They were arrested for public intoxication

03:37 am APD:  well, it’s about that time for us to call it night! Thank you so much for joining us for our joint tweetalong with @TampaPD! Be safe


Alcohol and High Rate of Speed Believed to be Factor in Fatal Crash in Arlington, TX

According to @ArlingtonPD  The Arlington Police Department worked a fatal accident that occurred early on the morning of January 01, 2013.  It is believed that “speed and alcohol were factors in this accident.

The driver was driving South Bound on Park Springs at a high rate of speed when she lost control and slid into a signal light pole.  The driver was not using a safety built and was pronounced DOA.


Arlington PD also worked another Car vs Pole accident  this morning (January 02)

East Bound Abrams at Collins.  In this case an overturned car struck a telephone pole.  Only one car was involved and driver was transported to hospital.  No known information on condition of driver.

Photo property of Arlington PD



APDNYE quasi Tweetalong with @arlingtonpd

Last Night from 7 pm to 1am  Arlington PD (@ArlingtonPD on twitter)  Did a special quasi-#Tweetalong (hashtag #APDNYE) for New Years Eve; Tweeting service calls during the night.  Keep in mind that the times posted on here are the times in which the tweets came through (NOT actual times of call in question).

Note at bottom

7:06 pm:  We will be tweeting out various calls tonight & thought it would be fitting to start out w/this pic  pic.twitter.com/ZACnyJrh  Stay Safe

7:08 pm:  Hope everyone is enjoying New Years Eve. Remember to celebrate responsibly. Plan ahead for safe drive home after the party. Drive Sober

07:15 pm:  Updates to a couple of calls from earlier. A young boy, age 6, was struck by a car on Grace Street earlier this evening.

07:16 pm:  The child was playing hide and seek near a parked car in roadway when his leg was struck by a passing motorist.

07:18 pm:  Child transported to local hospital with NON-life threatening injuries. Motorist who struck child stopped after followed by witness

07:19 pm:  Motorist didn’t realize had struck the boy’s leg.

07:21 pm:  Another call originated in Dallas County involv.citizen who left keys in ignition while running inside store. Guess what happened?

07:23 pm:  Two suspects jumped in the citizen’s pickup and took off. Luckily another witness followed and led us straight to the suspects.

07:24 pm:  We recovered the stolen pickup at Kelly Elliott & Pleasant Ridge & arrested driver and passenger for theft, weapons & other charges

07:26 pm:  Lesson here learned the hard way for this lucky citizen= Turn ignition off, lock doors,secure car even if just running in for a minute

07:30 pm:  Did you know we post Active Police calls on our website? arlingtonpd.org – Right hand side. They only update once hour after 6pm {for officer safety}

07:41 pm:  Here’s rundown of some calls right now: Shots fired investigation down South. Crash near Mayfield & Daniel & also IH 20/New York

07:45 pm:  Celebratory Gunfire is prohibited by law. Violators can face stiff jail time. What goes up must come down.

07:53 pm:  Interesting fact: Half of all vehicles stolen in Texas are result of drivers leaving their keys in ignition. Roughly 50,000

08:07 pm:  Another shots fired/fireworks call down South just came in. Even with rainfall earlier, fireworks are NOT allowed in city limits.

08:10 pm:  Ever wonder how Arlington PD prioritizes calls for service that come in? Calls can come through 911, non-emergency, self-initiated by officer

08:11 pm:  Dispatch prioritizes calls based on classification system. Emergency calls are toned out with loud beep and involve life safety events.

08:13 pm:  Priority 1 calls are handled next and typically involve disturbances, major crashes, assaults, and other serious incidents

08:15 pm:  Priority 2 & 3 calls are less serious in nature. Arlington PD divides city into 4 Districts (N/S/E/W). Districts are divided into sectors.

08:17 pm:  Inside sectors are beats where multiple Officers are assigned. We now profile Weekend Meet Your Officer on Facebook.com/ArlingtonPolice

08:24 pm:  BOLO (Be On The Lookout) Possible intoxicated driver blue Chevy Trailblazer north bound Collins from Green Oaks Call 911

08:25 pm:  Ever wonder what the penalties are for getting caught driving drunk?  pic.twitter.com/DAIbrFoS

08:28 pm:  So lets walk You through a typical stop. 1. Be prepared to show your driver’s license & proof of financial responsibility (Insurance)

08:30 pm:  2. Officer will conduct an investigation which may include driving behavior, driver cues, & field sobriety tests

08:31 pm: 3. If an arrest decision is made, you are transported to jail. Your car is towed. Officer may ask for breath or blood specimen.

08:33 pm:  4. Under “no refusal” Officer may seek a blood search warrant to determine your BAC (Blood Alocohol Count)

08:35 pm:  5. If you refused, your driver license will be automatically suspended for 180 days (6 months!).  That’s just a start to your problems!

08:37 pm:  6. 1st DWI Offense-Criminal fine up to $2,000, 30-180 days jail, loss of driving privileges, and surcharges…. Oh yes, and attorney fees

08:48 pm:  Current calls for service attached.  pic.twitter.com/3aeCVbIG

09:02 pm:  Countdown 3 hours till 2013. So how is everyone celebrating? Out dining? Watching TV? At friend’s house?

09:08 pm:  Major accident (crash) dispatched near Debbie Lane & Collins Street. Officers en route.

09:29 pm:  Receiving several shots fired/Fire works calls across the city. There is absolutely no good reason to celebrate by shooting a gun.

09:47 am:  Updated list if Active Calls  pic.twitter.com/pImwym3R

09:51 am:  Just received a disturbance call where female is at a business & has been honking car horn for 30 minutes.  WOW!! pic.twitter.com/ElfIHH9c

09:52 pm:  Major accident North bound Watson before Park Row. Single car into a pole. Pole is down.

10:15 pm:  We are very happy to report no DWI arrests from 7 pm to 10 pm.

10:57 am:  Here’s our friends out west tonight on NYE @LVMPD Be safe! Hope weather is good. It’s foggy and chilly here  pic.twitter.com/6uUqFZea

11:02 pm:  Updated calls for service. More specific details shortly on some of these calls  pic.twitter.com/YmBpDGTJ

11:07 pm:  Update on honking horn call. Arrested for public intoxication.

11:11 pm:  Working 4 DWI calls from 10 pm until now, two of which involved crashes.

11:12 pm:  Couple fireworks calls and shots fired investigations.

11:34 pm:  Major crash reported west bound IH 30 near SH 360

11:36 pm:  Another crash reported west bound IH 20 near Bowen involving two vehicles.

11:40 pm:  Arlington PD currently working 31 calls for service across City ranging from loud music disturbance to to major crashes.

12:00 AM:  Happy New Year to all our followers. We hope everyone has a safe and prosperous 2013.  pic.twitter.com/QYldu902

12:54 am:  ChooseYourRide:  (One) young man chose our ride just now. Caused two separate crashes on IH 20. Under Arrest

12:58 am:  ChooseYourRide:  Another man chose our ride by driving impaired to East District Police Station. At least he chose good place to stop

01:05 am:   ChooseYourRide We have a few people choose our ride. We have processed 7 DWI’s since 10 pm. Thanks everyone who made right decision

01:16 am: Good night all. If you still have to travel, drive safe.  #TWeetalong this Friday starting at 7 pm with lots of videos. Happy New Year!!

New Years Eve is now over and a New Year has begun…  Hopefully everyone made smart & safe choices during the celebrations.    Whatever choices you made, you can always begin now by making smart choices to not Drink and Drive.  Drive Safe, not just during holidays but, at all times day or night!  Stay Safe Everyone and Happy 2013.

Joint #Tweetalong – @arlingtonpd & @fortworthpd – December 20, 2012

Joint Tweetalong with @ArlingtonPd & @Fortworthpd


01:07 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Here we go! Arlington PD is here with us!

01:09 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Fort Worth PD Sargent Criado and Officer Dulworth and Arlington PD Officer McDonnell & Sargent Cook start joint tweetalong pic.twitter.com/nGgJp8lN

01:19 pm:  ArlingtonPd: The joint tweetalong has officially started! We will retweet Fort Worth PD’s calls for your convenience. Enjoy! pic.twitter.com/YA3BuaTx

01:24 pm: FortWorthPd:  Equipment check. Computer log-on. Officer Dulworth is preparing for her shift in North Division.

01:27 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  if you are listening on the scanner Sgt Cook and Officer McDonnell is 860A

01:28 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Thanks to Arlington PD for tweeting with us!

01:29 pm:  FortWorthPD Patrol cars aren’t luxurious. :-).

01:31 pm:  Fort WorthPD:  Patrol units are equipped with a radar – watch your speed. Lo-Jack monitor – in case we get in range of a stolen vehicle Lo-Jack

01:32 pm:  FortWorthPD:  On our way! Responding to a suspicious person or vehicle call.

01:34 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Red “Dispatch” field showed up on our Mobile Data Computer (MDC) to show we were dispatched to this call.

01:35 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Officer Dulworth accepted. Field turned yellow and says “En-route.”.

01:45 pm:  FortWorthPD:   Officer Dulworth spoke with the person – he checks out okay. But great that neighbors are keeping their eyes open and reporting!

01:47 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  As we are patrolling the area we are still looking out for our missing elderly person, Maria . Please contact 911 if you have any info.

01:48 pm: FortWorthPD:  Officer Dulworth’s been a officer 5 years. She loves it!

01:52 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Officer Dulworth says she doesn’t mind getting out in any weather. Enjoys her “rolling office” patrol car. Beats sitting at a desk all day!

02:00 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  We are en-route to an assault in progress call on East side. Suspect is on foot and left the scene.

02:00 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officer Dulworth. writes up her “dispo” or disposition, reporting what happened on the call. MDC tells us by voice, “Your incident has been updated.”

02:03 pm:  FortWorthPd:  I35 W already slow from downtown to Basswood. With all the new developments, two lanes is just not enough. Frustrating.

02:09 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  Officer McDonnell is interviewing one of the parties involved in the assault. The victim has requested EMS  pic.twitter.com/SqfJeCIg

02:15 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Assisted Officer Salinas on a welfare check. Citizen is safe.

02:19 pm:  FortWorthPd:  The MDC shows “Active” calls: officers have been dispatched. And “Pending” calls: needing an officer.

02:24pm:  FortWorthPD;  Officer Dulworth chooses a call in or near her beat to answer. She sees one where an officer is alone and requests to respond.

02:24 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Primary officer is taking a report of the assault and will refer to the detectives.

02:29 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Since we didn’t take the call, but assisted Officer Salinas, Salinas “sets the dispo” or writes up the report. We simply “clear the call.”

02:30 PM:  FortWorhPd:  Our MDC now reads “Av On Radio” in green. We’re ready to accept a call again. Ready to Roll!

02:36 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  we just rolled up on a major accident at Pioneer Pkwy and 360

02:40 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  No one injured in this crash. Awaiting wrecker for the truck.   All parties has insurance. pic.twitter.com/zBXfE4jq

02:54 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  there is a snapped power line on Division St. We are going to check it out. Possibly due to wind?

02:57 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Headed to assist on a burglary in progress in North Division.

03:01 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  Oncor is going to cut the line &replace it w/a new one. No traffic problems. Line in grassy area. Possibly due to high winds.

03:12 pm:  FortWorthPD:   En-route to burglary – assisting.

03:14 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  we are assisting Officers on a domestic on north side.

03:24 pm:  FortWorthPD:  Searching area for burglary suspects.

03:25 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  Officer Curry & Officer McDonnell interviewing complainant. No family violence. Suspect left scene.  pic.twitter.com/AsHyV7na

03:29 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Witnesses described suspects as three young males who left on foot.

03:35 pm:  FortWorthPd:  The officers who were originally dispatched to that last burglary call will finish up.

03:39 pm:  ArlingtonPd: On-scene at a welfare check. A caller was concerned about a neighbor’s welfare. He saw an unusual amount of birds over his house.

03:43 pm:  FortWorthPd:  First officer dispatched to a call “has the sheet” which means that officer will write up the report.

03:43 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  made contact w/the residence and everything is 10-4. He also noticed an unusual amount of birds this morning.

03:50 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Brrrrr. It’s cold out here on tweetalong with the north wind!

03:51 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Beautiful weather today. Did You Know? Officer Dulworth loves to study weather, storms, etc. ? She almost became an Aggie meteorologist.

03:52 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officer Dulworth is a UTA Maverick. She has a B.A. in criminal justice.

03:53 pm:  FortWorthPd:  And Officer Dulworth wanted to be a police officer when she was little. She says this is her dream job!

03:55 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Traffic stop

03:56 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Driver did not use turn signal at intersection.

03:59 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Did you know? Hardened criminals are often discovered through minor traffic stops.

04:01 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Driver cannot find insurance card. But, Officer Dulworth checks and finds that she does have valid insurance. No citation. Warning only this time.

4:04 pm:  FortWorthPd:  FYI: If you have a CHL (Concealed Handgun License), tell the officer right away. Whether you have a gun with you or not.

04:18 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officer Dulworth conducts a traffic stop. The operator was happy to know that FWPD also gives warnings. pic.twitter.com/D5TS2xoc

05:08 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Back in-service after having to perform vehicle maintenance.

05:16 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Enjoying our tweetalong with @fortworthpd finest! @DallasPD need to join us soon 🙂 pic.twitter.com/YiYHaqtf

05:17 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Stopped by Communications to see our 911 operators, our dispatchers and our Police Information Center.

05:24 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  En-route to a disturbance call on north side.

05:32 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  On scene of disturbance call in North Arlington pic.twitter.com/5FE9C0BK

05:39 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  young man had an argument w/his family. Officers are still investigating the call.

05:39 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  En-route to a commercial alarm call right down the street.

05:52 pm:  ArlingtonPd: home builder arrived on-scene. We walked through location and everything 10-4.

06:10 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  assisted officers on an unknown situation.

06:11 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  during the investigation, the elderly man had fallen down and hurt himself. This will be a medical call. pic.twitter.com/1jyuWWdu

06:19 pm:  FortWorthPd:  It’s a safe and quiet night in FW. Gonna head over to the First United Methodist Church at 800 W 5th St for the Candlelight Vigil.

06:42 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Candlelight Vigil for NewTown. Teddy Bears from FWPD for children @FUMCFortWorth pic.twitter.com/9jp3YYJ8

06:44 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Candlelight Vigil is at 1st Methodist Fort Worth for Newtown

06:56 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Our Hispanic Citizen Police Academy Graduation is about to start at City Hall.

07:08 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Congratulations to 34 graduates who completed the 11 week course! pic.twitter.com/T22Sy3rW

07:10 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Arlington Honor Guard presenting Colors at graduation pic.twitter.com/ZlE5xIOK

07:10 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Mayor Price read a heartfelt letter of support to the selectmen of Newtown, CT.

07:13 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Assistant Chief Jaime Ayala is going to present certificates to the 34 graduates tonight of Class #23  pic.twitter.com/nlUAJ9OM

07:14 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Texas State Poet reads a carol entitled Twenty Angels.

07:18 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Texas State Poet reads a carol entitled Twenty Angels.

07:23 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Chief Halstead said three words that give us strength to get us through in these times: Faith. Family. Forgiveness.

07:28 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Academie De Policia Para Residentes Hispanos Otono 2012. Felicidades Clase 23! Gracias de nuevo por su participacion

07:28 pm:  ArlingtonPD:  (English Translaiton):  Police Academy Fall 2012 Hispanic residents. Congratulations Class 23! Thanks again for your participation

07:35 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Welcome to Twitter @PlanoPoliceDept.  Getting ready to leave the graduation ceremony and go 10-8 (In-Service)

07:46 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Congrats again to all our graduates of Hispanic CPA. We run citizen academies on regular basis. Call APD 817.459.5600 pic.twitter.com/XictyXeF

07:51 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  we are en-route to a report of a theft that had just occurred . Suspect took victim’s cell phone in a parking lot.

07:52 pm:  FortWorthPd:  A candle is lit as the names and age of the children and adults victims are read. Cpl. Tracey Knight assisted.

08:04 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  See video of Officer McDonnell on this Theft from person call  youtu.be/wCUWIS37GkA

08:12 pm:  Arlington Pd:  southbound traffic at Matlock and Pioneer Pkwy is closed due to a 3 vehicle crash.

08:14 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Video of crash scene at Pioneer & Matlock. Wrecker on scene. No injuries reported. Clearing call youtu.be/4jz7RY2b1vE

08:27 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Headed to assist medstar.

08:30 pm:  FortWorthPd:  medstar requested assist.

08:40 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Medical call. Elderly man fell & needed medical assist. Medstar attending

08:42 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Southbound Matlock at Pioneer Pkwy is now open. Drive safely

08:47 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Remember to regularly check on your elderly friends\relatives who live alone. Especially in these winter months.

08:49 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  On-scene at an emergency domestic. The suspect made threats to his family.  pic.twitter.com/c87hjgRB

08:51 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Sargent Norman updating Sargent Stout on the details of the emergency domestic. They are still investigating the call. pic.twitter.com/iLT2Y21R

09:11 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officers. Dulworth & Miller arrested an intoxicated man. Transporting to jail.

09:26 pm:  FortWorthPd:  arrest requires lots of paperwork: Jail booking, affidavits, magistrate warnings and more.

09:27 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Jail officers are familiar with this particular man.

0932 pm:  FortWorthPd:  Officer Dulworth refreshing Sargent Criado on jail paperwork procedures. 😉 pic.twitter.com/i0eUeGFB

09:41 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  on-scene at a residence to make possible contact with a suspect who was involved in a robbery.

09:55 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Sargent Cook, Officer Peschke & Officer Rodermund make contact with the residence to gather information. pic.twitter.com/1lukwMl3

09:57 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Well that concludes our tweetalong for tonight! Thank you Fort Worth PD for joining in the fun! Stay tune for our holiday jingle…be safe!

09:58 pm:  ArlingtonPd:  Happy Holidays From APD Video.  See ya on next one youtu.be/IrbMQe97Jgw

10:26 pm:  If you love @ArlingtonPD Twitter, please Like our Facebook.com/ArlingtonPolice fan page. We are almost at 6,000 likes.

Arlington Police, Fort Worth Police and DFW Alerts Network Wishes you a Happy and SAFE Holiday Season!!

#SilverAlert #Arlington #Texas Maria Arrocha – 82 y/o Hispanic Female


82 year old Hispanic Women with Alzheimers from Arlington, Texas has been missing since 9 am December 18.  If you have seen or have any information.  Please contact 9-1-1 or the Arlington Police Department.

Read Nixle Report

Watch   Interview with daughter on You Tube via Arlington Police Media

Update:  We have not heard anything to say that Maria Arrocha has yet been found.  Though chances are now quite slim, we still hold hope that she is safe.  Please continue to share for now and help us help the ArlingtonPD get the word out.

Copy of eMail recieved by Alexandra Allred

Below is copied from an eMail sent out by Alexandra Allred, author of Damaged Goods.  She recently attended a meeting  to discuss environmental health risks in Texas.

We look forward to having Alex on our show in the near future to discuss her book as well as her recent trip to Washington D.C.

You can find Alexandra Allred FaceBook Page at Alexandra Allred – Author


Dear Friends –
If you know someone who has cancer, asthma, autism, upper respiratory issues and/or care about children’s health and air quality … here you go.
Tonight I went to a much-dreaded ATSDR meeting.  Those new to this …after the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) failed the people of Texas and health issues peaked, the federal branch ATSDR stepped in.  Tonight was the first of a three-part study.
It was a two + our meeting and I’ll make it really short.

  1. Final conclusion was there are health risks.  But the studies were also clouded with “no data provided” as until very recently the cement plants were actually allowed to provide the data.  (huh?)  So, in the neighborhoods where one environmental expert called a “sacrifice zone” because of all the cancers/leukemia’s/birth defects and autism, there was NO DATA.
  2. However, the cement plants (who showed in big numbers and tried to pretend to be regular concerned citizens), lobbied hard to make the point that sick people could happen anywhere.  True …
  3. At one point a cement rep stood and said that they’ve “turned off outdated” kilns and implied better technology was on the way… until someone in the know asked what the technology was … well, we just turned the kilns off.  Ahhh.
  4. We were told no more hazardous waste burning … now it is just “industrial waste” but when we asked to know the specifics of what is in industrial waste, they would NOT give answers.  We persisted and asked ATSDR and they did not know.  We then asked the ATSDR – the feds – to demand to know as its public health and were told that probably “wasn’t going to happen.”  Asbestos will be one of the things burned.  Holy crap.
  5. No data was provided for many of the “tests” so it was frustrating to have non-information about public health when we were there for information but the ATSDR is working to get new and current data.  It doesn’t help for those hurt in the past but it is good to hear that more tests will be conducted.  Following the meeting, several people contacted me to say they have high levels of lead in thier blood … so this information WILL be passed along to the proper authorities.  The biggest problem is the ATSDR doesn’t have information to make a fair and proper assessment.  In due time …
  6. One conclusion: “Sensitive people” are susceptible to heart issues, heart attacks, asthma, cancer, other issues … when asked who is sensitive, it is unclear.  Children, pregnant women and elderly are obvious but this is still undetermined since we know that many people do not know they are “sensitive” until a cancer diagnosis comes.
  7. On national average – 1 in every 100,000 has cancer.  In Midlothian, 1 in every 5,000 and that is not an accurate number because we know the numbers are now higher.
  8. Greatest co-exposure (a term we learned means being exposed not just to one chemical but multiple, like lead, mercury, benzene, arsenic…all burned together in Midlothian) to those who live in Cement Valley, possibly around Holcim and Ash Grove cement plants.
  9. Issues of concern to Federal Govt in Midlothian: thick white dust, which is reported on cars, in houses, everywhere. Asthma, Cancer, autoimmune disease, eye and skin issues, respiratory diseases, and sinus problems are above normal.  These issues were noted problems in Boulder, CO and Chanute, KS where there are also cement plants and data was collected.
  10. ATSDR found that surrounding neighborhoods have children with LOWER I.Q.s due to excessive lead and mercury exposure.  This is verified by a school official who talked about the number of high school student who barely score above mentally retarded.
  11. ATSDR hopes to look at what the cement plants called “fuel choices.”  Translation: what they CHOOSE to burn and expose us to.
  12. Finally, when a resident asked the ATSDR why they didn’t come out in 1994 when first asked before the HIGH number of children/adults were exposed and harmed – many in cement valley all dead – the lead scientist said, “I can’t change the past but hope to move forward.” We do know that families who lived in Midlo between 1997 to 2008 had the most harmful exposures.  No surprise – children born here or babies/toddlers developing during those years were exposed and at greatest risk for autism, mental retardation, physical disabilities, asthma, cancer, upper respiratory diseases, heart disease, tumors, learning disabled, lower IQ, seizures, skin issues, eye issues.

There were great moments of frustrations as the scientists are severely limited in providing more information because for decades no data was collected or it was “negatively biased.” How many times did we hear, no data provided … leaving many to ask then how they can speculate or ensure health.  On the flip side, the cement plant reps were so obviously (and repeatedly) trying to make the point that people get sick anywhere. (They really don’t care about children or adults, public health or quality of life.  This is a game to them.)  Meantime, I did stand and asked if the ATSDR could stop Ash Grove from building a quarry site 500 yards from an elementary school and they said …. No.  It is a state decision.  How nice.

These are just three reports that came out in the last 30 days and Midlothian is discussed:



Michelle went with me and was so frustrated but I have to say, despite the non-answers and/or negative news, I am glad I went.  Each time I go, I learn more about data gathering, how bad things really, how fragile the human body is and to what lengths big industry will go to make $$$.

We have to keep demanding that the EPA, TCEQ, ATSDR, politicians (at local and national levels) and industry dedicate themselves to public health, education and giving a rat’s ass about your neighbor.  That eye cancer or loss of life could come closer to home than you want.

As for me … another reminder of why I need to get out of this town.


Just a Thought….

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