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Here are links to bull riding video I took at the rodeo in the Fort Worth Stockyards on 3/30/2012. I have broken them down into small clips for the sake of faster streaming / downloads.




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QUESTION: Is it right to slap the name of a dead person on shirts and hoodies then sell them to people?

Would it be right of friends and family of Zimmerman to slap “I am NOT Trayvon” on shirts and sell them to show their support for him and help pay for any legal fees that he may have because of this case?

How about a third party making “I am Trayvon” and “I am NOT Trayvon” shirts and donating proffits from each to their respective side?

Is it right to “market” the death of another person, regardless of which side you are on?

My response to all of these questions is “NO!” Yet, you see it being done in this Trayvon / Zimmerman case already! What kind of person proffits off the death of a 17yr old kid? Without respect for who was right or wrong in this case, the people (even if its Trayvons parents) selling these shirts are wrong in my opinion.

What’s your opinion?

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The Fort Worth Stockyards is a great place to bring the family. You can get a great dinner at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, shop at Stockyards Station, visit the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, ride a train, and see a rodeo (Fri-Sat at 7:30pm) all in one central location.
So, plan a trip to Fort Worth this summer and we will see you in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards!

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Arlington PD #tweetalong 03/21/2012

The following is a transcript of the Arlington PD #tweetalong Wednesday 03/21/2012.  Everything is written verbatem as it was supplied on twitter [square brackets show mine or others input]

[Welcome to the Arlington PD #tweetalong –  (brought to you by @ArlingtonPD) with Social Media Coordinator Officer McDonnell who is riding along with Officer Strauser to give us a tweeteye view of an Officer’s day!]

Good morning! It’s 7am & we are in briefing. Dayshift has 2 briefings,6&7. Sgts give updates to officers.  pic.twitter.com/PQs75Sud

Sorry folks, Cpl Horton is unavailable today due to an unexpected illness so I am riding out with Officer Strauser!

Officer Strauser was our 2011 Southside Officer of the year!

Officer Strauser worked South side last year and now she works East side since the patrol bid started in January.

Officer Strauser and I are ready to start the day! twitpic.com/8zbdvx

The Eastside of town’s borders are roughly east of Matlock, west of Susan, north of Arbrook and south of Abram.

We are investigating an abandon vehicle in the middle of the roadway.

The car was running with keys in the ignition, no license plates, etc…could it be stolen?

We were able to contact the owner & he could not confirm it was stolen. He sent a tow truck to tow it. twitpic.com/8zc1al

Abandoned vehicle being towed. twitpic.com/8zc2fv

Cpl. Strauser and Officer McDonnell preparing to head to the next call. yfrog.com/nwowktvj

[The vehicle shown in the above picture is one of the newer model Dodge Chargers. Did you know that APD received a 1st place design award for police vehicles last year.]

Patrolling a local apartment complex in Cpl. Strauser’s beat. yfrog.com/hs4skazj

[Working patrol means we drive through the East District and respond to 911 calls or respond to on-view incidents.]

While we are waiting for another call, we are patrolling an apt complex that recently had some burglaries.

Inside look at Cpl. Strauser’s Dodge Charger. MDC is mobile data computer that officers receive calls for service on yfrog.com/gyrfkihj

This is the siren controller and Police radio inside the car.  yfrog.com/nwngfkaj

Just made a subject stop w/a juvenile to see why he wasn’t in school.  yfrog.com/oe77gajj

We contacted mom and she said she is working on getting him to school. We informed her about the truancy policies.

Do you know what to do when being approached by this in your rear view mirror?   yfrog.com/oe77gajj

Law requires you to yield ROW, drive as close to right hand edge or curb & stop until emergency vehicle has passed by you.

For all those who are technical and want to read more on yielding to emergency vehicles, statute is found in TX Transportation Code 545.156

If you are just tuning in, On patrol with Cpl. Strauser. Officer McDonnell tweeting out her patrol shift today. yfrog.com/mn44073671j

Did you know that East Arlington Renewal is a vibrant community group that partners with APD to lift East Arlington up.

Patrolling the streets east of 360 while waiting for our next call.

[At this point we were informed that CPl Strauser is actually Officer Strauser “My mistake with original post. Was thinking about Cpl. Horton who was going to be featured”]

Officer Strauser making Traffic stop for hazardous moving violation north bound 360 at Abram. yfrog.com/h8kmsucvj

Officer Strauser is a 17 year veteran w/APD & has worked on every side of town. She also worked in Crime Prevention for 4 yrs.

The red light at Collins & Arkansas are blinking red in all direction as traffic control is working on the lights. 4 way stop!

Officer Strauser making a traffic stop for a hazardous violation. twitpic.com/8zds7n

Officer Strauser explaining to the violator on how he can take care of the citations. twitpic.com/8zdukb

Every officer has a duty bag. This bag contains everything that we need to perform our job. twitpic.com/8zdx22

We are on another traffic stop with a hazardous violation.

Watch those traffic signs! Especially in construction zones and when it clearly states ‘no left turn’ twitpic.com/8ze5ls

Officer Strauser backing another officer on a traffic stop.

Officers investigating the traffic stop. twitpic.com/8zeg9h

Driver was arrested for warrants & driving while dl suspeded. He had no insurance, so car was towed! twitpic.com/8zeja2

Bonita, going to check on those tennis shoes…. [No, I do not know who “Bonita” is.]

Bonita….there’s still one sneaker!  twitpic.com/8zelvh  [yes, that is a sneaker up in the powerlines.]

Well, it’s break time! Gonna get some barbeque.

Even though we are on break, we are always available for calls for service.

Our facebook page is found at facebook.com/arlingtonpolice

[At this point tweets were turned over to Sgt Cook while Officers McDonnell & Strauser are on a “meal break”.  Officer’s never know when their break will be cut short.]

While Officer Strauser and McDonnell are on break, we will give U a quick virtual tour of APD’s Office of Communication

The Office of Communication, formerly known as the Media Unit starts here at the Ott Cribbs Public Safety Building

As you can see, we post press releases, media advisories, and published articles for employees and visitors to see when they swing by.  yfrog.com/kh1a1dlj

As you first enter our office, you will come through a media and guest waiting area. We keep pamphlets stocked in here  yfrog.com/hwfkifqj

As U can C, we now offer trading cards for January thru March, business cards for unit members, and social media cards yfrog.com/mget4zj

The Office of Communication is led under the direction of Assistant Police Chief James Hawthorne who oversees the Community Support Bureau

The unit supervisor is Sgt. Christopher Cook. Media relations is Tiara Richard. Social media is Ofcr. Zhivonni McDonnell.

Community Relations coordinator and newsletter editor is Cheryel Carpenter. You can find current issue at www.arlingtonpd.org.

Here’s a close up of the three sets of trading cards. January is Dodge Charger at World Series. yfrog.com/mnwxafdj

Feb. card is Entertainment District Tourism Unit. March highlights APD Motors Unit. We will be featuring the Honor Guard for April.

Our office releases one new trading card a month. Please swing by our office to pick yours up or ask an officer on the street.

Continuing with tour…Chief Theron Bowman and photos of previous members who have served in media office. yfrog.com/h62p1stj

The first employee actually assigned to assist with media inquiries was back in early 80s.

[At this point officer McDonnell Thanks Sgt Cook for the tour…”Please continue it as we just cleared our break! We are ready to rock n’ roll!”]

This is the main area of our office. We do interviews, press conferences, and host media and guest meetings in here yfrog.com/mmeo5moj

This is APD’s media backdrop that you might have seen on television. yfrog.com/oeakahbj

Special lighting used for media interviews and conferences. yfrog.com/nzelamaj

We also use a variety of other white and green backgrounds as well depending on the project. yfrog.com/odyavssj

We just got dispatched as backup to a major accident. Backup means that we will be assisting the primary officer on the call.

Police, EMS & Fire work together when responding to major accidents. Awesome Teamwork! twitpic.com/8zfids

After officers arrived on-scene, the beat officer cleared his previous call & told dispatch that he would handle this accident.That’s what we call a good accountable beat officer who is proud to handle his calls in his beat!

[Beats are Officers’ areas of responsibility. Break city down into districts (north, south, east & west); w/in districts r beats.]

Just made an investigative traffic stop. When I ran the lp, it came back to an 83 Cadillac and the vehicle is a 07 Honda.

Officer Strauser seized the license plates and recommended the driver to go to DMV to the check status on her correct plates.

Remember the abandon veh at 740am?! Well our instincts were correct – it was stolen! Owner finally verified it was stolen.

He called in a commercial burglary with a stolen vehicle & now we have to call in a report of the recovered stolen vehicle.

It’s been fun! We need to book the license plates into property & need to call in a supplement to the stolen vehicle.

Thank you for taking a ride on our virtual ride along! A huge thanks to Officer Strauser for letting me tag along 🙂

It was great having all of you “ride-along” with us today. Thanks! Have a wonderful day and see you at the next event.

[Watch for the next #tweet event with @ArlingtonPD]

Molotov thrown into office of Senator Wendy Davis via CBS11

Here is a transcript of what @CBSDFW had posted on twitter today about 6:15pm

(18:10) At 4:02 p.m., a suspect threw a Molotov Cocktail at Sen. Wendy Davis’s Fort Worth office. No one was hurt, more to come.

(18:13) Sen. Davis’s spokesman says a staffer heard a loud thud outside her office, followed by a fire alarm. Davis was not at office.

(18:14) More: Staffer opened Davis’s door, found a bottle aflame on the floor surrounded by waist-high flames. This blocked entry to third floor.

(18:15) Con’t: One Davis staffer hopped over the flames to escape while another grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out fire. Again, no injuries.

picture of the aftermath was provided by @RyanJCormier

Storms in Central & East Texas (incl Tarrant County)

March 20, 2012 03:15:31

A huge storm system is making it’s way Northeast across South Central, Northeast, and North Central  Texas.  Heavy winds, heavy rainfall, and Thunderstorms have hit many areas as the storm continues.  Many areas were (and more continue to be) under Tornado Watches.  Some even under Tornado Warnings.

This video was taken in front of my home in South Fort Worth (just 2 miles North of the Crowley border) right around 8 or 9pm in the evening of March 19.   http://youtu.be/wbEQuZd6zE8

The lightening continues, even now in the wee hours, to light up the sky at times and the following Thunderclap can best be described as sounding somewhat like a not too far off freight train (though there must be a good 20+ miles = 1 sec/1 mile rule).  The rain continues to fall steadily as it was doing in the video.  This is causing flooding in many areas.

I urge you to Stay Safe  as this Storm continues.  Watch for local weather alerts for your area.  some options are:




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