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Updated: Two small quakes, including one near N. MacArthur and W. Rochelle, rattled North Texas Saturday night. CLCIK HERE FOR COMPLETE UPDATE



Posted on September 30, 2012 at 11:21 PM

Updated today at 11:26 PM

2.1 magnitude earthquake

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DALLAS — For the third time in two nights, North Texas has been shaken by an earthquake.

The epicenter of Sunday’s 2.1 magnitude tremor was near the intersection of Fort Worth Avenue and Interstate 30 in West Dallas, striking at 10:41 p.m.

The Sunday quake was centered 3.7 miles east of a 3.1 magnitude quake in Dallas on Saturday night. That one came just four minutes after a 3.4 magnitude event in Irving.

Within minutes, the WFAA Facebook page received dozens of comments, many from people who did not feel anything… but others who did.

“Felt it out here in Irving again between Story and Beltline,” wrote Samantha Newton on WFAA’s Facebook page. “A lot weaker than last night’s … feels like I am back in Cali, LOL!”

“Felt it in Las Colinas,” added Lillian Winfoeld. “It was a light shake; nothing like last night.”

There were no initial reports of damage or injuries.

ArlingtonPD #Tweetalong 09/29/2012 – Night Shift

I have gone through and lengthened abbreviations, however everything below is based on actual tweets from the Arlington PD.  Be sure to follow them on twitter at:  @arlingtonpd  and on FaceBook:  ArlingtonPolice.

Just a reminder:  The time-stamps are based on time that tweet were received and not time of actual call.  For officer safety tweets may be delayed


08:34 pm:  Walking in the front doors of the Ott Cribbs Public Safety Building in North District  pic.twitter.com/0E1Fez6g.   This is our front lobby area at the North Police District. pic.twitter.com/8fV6Vq72

08:35 pm:  Sgt. Christopher Cook & Officer Zhivonni McDonnell walking in front doors going to get a Police Tahoe pic.twitter.com/u7IjPMYq

08:36 pm:  Front Desk Officer Charles Hanks greeting us as we walk in the door. pic.twitter.com/F4uXLizR

9:00 pm:  Ok. We checked our car and lights and logging on. We are unit 860 tonight pic.twitter.com/ye21ikLu

9:01 pm:  Officer. McDonnell will be tweeting from passenger seat. Light rain still falling in North Arlington pic.twitter.com/ERAb48hP

9:11 pm:  we are backing Sgt Piña on a traffic stop in North Arlington.

9:19 pm:  On scene with Sgt. Piña on traffic stop in North Arlington  pic.twitter.com/7srqNsO7

09:26 pm:  This traffic stop has now turned into a DWI investigation. We can’t say it enough…don’t drink & drive pic.twitter.com/fSu6ijhe

09:27 pm:  DWI Officer Nathan Bishop conducting the DWI investigation tests.  pic.twitter.com/SwyKrdJT

09:29 pm:  The subject is performing a portion of the field sobriety test.  pic.twitter.com/FeCUrYY1

9:30 pm:  Officers record DWI investigation stops on dash camera for evidence.  pic.twitter.com/q3psS1GA

09:34 pm:  Driver is continuing the sobriety tests. pic.twitter.com/rWwY6hcF

09:35 pm:  Subject is bring placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated.  pic.twitter.com/e9LgtUQh

09:42 pm:  About every 20 minutes in Texas, someone is hurt or killed in a crash involving alcohol according to TX Dept of Transportation.

09:43 pm:  You can read more at dot.state.tx.us/safety/tips/in… which outlines the law in Texas.

09:46 pm:  On our way to a tree falling in roadway and that is possibly affecting power lines

09:55 pm:  Large tree fell over but power lines appear to be ok. It’s blocking driveway.  pic.twitter.com/2JLH3vVG

10:04 pm:  we are currently on a bar check in North Arlington. Officers routinely perform checks to make sure they r in compliance w/TABC (Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission)

10:18 pm:  DWI Officer Stacie Brown, McDonnell, & Sgt. Cook checking permits and ensuring no over serving of patrons  pic.twitter.com/7idLOwts

10:24 pm:  the rain has not dampened the crowds here in North Arlington. Please remember don’t drink and drive! pic.twitter.com/b72wp5YU

10:37 pm:  we just initiated a traffic stop. Sgt Cook making contact with driver. pic.twitter.com/eZud9Ows

10:39 pm:  we requested a DWI unit en-route to our location. pic.twitter.com/TLcsKoAf

10:43 pm:  Field sobriety testing being conducted on driver.  pic.twitter.com/lyVHV54N

10:45 pm:  A picture of the in car camera system and computer. Green lights at bottom are siren/light controller  pic.twitter.com/1gO8VBcE

10:51 pm:  View of traffic stop scene. Finishing sobriety testing.  pic.twitter.com/4gc88qL6

10:52 pm:  Driver being arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  pic.twitter.com/T5XCZsl9

10:53 pm:  This is our 2nd DWI contact we have had in less than 2 hours. Again, have a designated driver pic.twitter.com/RPUCGdfG

{it’s class B offense but by the time u add up the fines, lawyer fees, etc, it can add up to $17,000 according to TXDPS}

11:26 pm:  en-route to a suspicious person call.

11:31 pm:  We were disregarded..it was the owner of the property

11:42 pm:  Did anyone feel an earthquake? A lot of social media reports are claiming there was one close by? Sgt Cook and I didn’t feel it

11:44 pm:  Our COP Mobile out and about on this rainy night. Thank u for being our extra eyes and ears! pic.twitter.com/m31E8VcW

11:46 pm:  we hope our neighboring communities are ok

11:47 pm:  Roads are very slippery. We just had 2 crashes that went out on north side of town. Please drive careful!

12:01 am:  on-scene on a ‘fight’ call. We checked the parking lot &could not locate the fight. Everything quiet at location pic.twitter.com/0JMAkMZy

12:14 am:  On-scene at a suspicious vehicle call on east side.

12:19 am:  we were disregarded…

12:30 am:  Rain still coming down. This car just hydroplaned off East bound 30 near SH 360. Slow down. pic.twitter.com/2bR0Rcue

12:44 am:  Rolled up on a minor accident in East Arlington. pic.twitter.com/JXdY6kWt

12:45 am:  Officer. McDonnell speaking with one of the persons involved in a minor crash on Pioneer near 360  pic.twitter.com/8Lkq91C9

01:29 am:  Rolled up on a disturbance in East Arlington where females alleged someone trying to fight them #tweetalong pic.twitter.com/QijMVPGV

01:40 am:  Ended up being a party w/underage drinking. Remember you can receive a minor in consumption citation & b mandated alcohol class

01:42 am:  En-route to a disturbance call

01:59 am:  Disturbance at bar where several people (were) fighting. Traffic stop on a car fleeing location. 3 suspects detained pic.twitter.com/z7lTC1UG

02:20 am:  All 3 suspects going to jail based upon the outcome of disturbance call. Officers briefing the Sergeants pic.twitter.com/T2o0BK9H

02:35 am:  taking a quick break to eat at a late night establishment with Sgt McDonnell pic.twitter.com/YgbPrHvS

02:40 am:  Report of someone throwing empty beer bottles from a car wash in North Arlington on radio

03:34 am:  En-route to an assault in progress call!

04:10 am:  it was determined that the suspect will be receiving a citation for Offensive provocative contact pic.twitter.com/WgNwc7Db

04:15 am:  Well it is about that time for us to go home. Thank u so much for hanging with us tonight! Be safe out there 🙂

04:16 am:  Our next tweetalong will be on Tues, Oct 2 for National Night Out! If u have a party plz let us know so we can stop by and say hi! Night!+

3.4 Mag. Earthquake Strikes DFW

At approx. 11:05 PM on Sat. Sept. 29th a 3.4 Mag. earthquake struck approx. 2 miles north of Irving,Texas. We were relayed reports that residents in Coppell,Texas were shaken awake by the earthquake.

Hundreds of reports rolled in from Euless, Irving, Coppell, Dallas, Bedford and other cites that were within the range of the shockwave as it traveled out.

We thank everyone that provided reports from your city.







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Radar of Vernon/Wichita Falls area


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